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The Marathon is not on Race Day

The marathon is…

 300+ miles over 5 months of training runs, dedicating time 4-5 days a week to running, long runs that get longer every week, adjusting your diet, testing race nutrition, testing kit, hydrating, running hills, speed training, adjusting your pace, driving routes to make water drops the night before a long run, muscle cramps, tightness, niggles, injuries, foam rolling and sports massages.  

…race day is just the finish line

The marathon is the mental battle…

I can’t do this!  I can’t even run a 2 hour half marathon!  I’m too slow!  I’m not even a real runner!  I can’t do it! Why am I struggling on a 4 mile run when I managed 15 miles just 2 days ago? I’m at the back of the group again! I’m done in! The injured runners are passing me! I can’t do it! The older people are faster than me! I can’t do this! I can’t look at that 20 miles on my programme it scares me!  26.2 miles is a really long way! Why did I sign up for this! I’ve missed a training run I’m never going to do it! I’m too tired to run today!

…and overcoming it when you run 20 miles with energy left in you to continue and your head is finally screaming YES, YES, YES YOU CAN DO IT!

The marathon is watching your body change..

I have lost some upper body strength, the definition in my arms gone and my abs are hidden under a layer of fat, my tummy is more round thanks to ALL the carbs and from me being extremely nieve thinking I could eat everything in sight because I’d be running it off later.  My thighs are bigger, my legs are stronger.  I have ugly dead skin on my feet from blisters on blisters, all ten have survived but my toenails are cut to a millimetre of life, I have marks from chafing in VERY delicate areas,  there’s a white band on my wrist where my Garmin sits. My face has taken a beaten from the ever changing weather and I have aches and pains to rival my 90 year old neighbour.

…but loving it more than you ever have because you’ve watched it do amazing things week after week.

The marathon is running in Scottish weather…

It’s true in Scotland we see all four seasons in a day whatever the season but training from November to May means running in the dark, in snow, on ice, against head wind, tail wind and blow you of the kerb wind, rain in all directions and most recently the sunshine.  You’ll have suffered overdressing and stripping layers mid run or under dressing and coming home blue and shivering.

….I think our finishers T-shirts should read I TRAINED THROUGH STORM DORIS. 

The marathon is dealing with the pains and niggles..

I was no exception to this, I didn’t lose toenails, suffer shin splints or even migraines like some of my run buddies did but I had my fair share of pains.  There was an issue with my foot that I feared was a metatarsal stress fracture which randomly disappeared.  Followed by trouble with the IT band at my left knee, I’ve had it before but never as painful as I felt on the last mile of our 17 mile long run thanks to an almighty steep decline from the Ochil Hills.  I could barely walk that last mile and it threw me out for my 18 mile run.  I thought then it was game over for me.  I was already slow but to miss a week or so of training so near the end would definitely ruin my marathon. 

…and realising that you are pushing your body further than you ever have of course it’s going to complain.

The marathon is accepting what you can’t control…

The dodgy knee/IT band did not mean I was out but I do have to run slower than I would have liked this means any time goal I had was quite simply disregarded and my goal became crossing the finish line.  I found this hard to accept as my running group are still all aiming for the same time goal we set at the beginning of training.

The weather, well we can barely even predict the weather here and unfortunately it can have a huge impact on how your race goes.  I’ve had to abandon many a training run because I’m soaked to the skin or it wasn’t sunny when I left but now my shoulders are burning.  It’s a case of dealing with what elements are thrown at you on the day.

Some runs are good and some runs are bad, I myself am pretty inconsistent and can’t ever pinpoint what causes a bad run, unfortunately sometimes even race day just isn’t a good run day.

…you’ve just got to go with the flow.

The marathon is ignoring the doubters and not comparing…

I know a lot of good runners who are not running the marathon, some of whom are judging people that are running the marathon… For being bucket listers and not real runners, questioning why we would bother to do it if we know we won’t get a good time, not training sufficiently blah, blah, blah.  I’m a bucket lister because I’ve learned through training that this distance is probably not for me.  For this race I’m also a charity runner.  I won’t get what a runner considers a ‘good time’ and I’m ok with that.  I’m running in a race but I’m not racing there’s a difference.  I compete with myself and no-one else.  I run with a group of girls who can all run faster than I can and I wish them nothing but the best and can’t wait to see how well they do and I know they all wish the same for me.

…26.2 miles is an achievement regardless of how long it takes. 

Good Luck if you are running this weekend.  

I have scheduled this post to publish as I cross the start line (…except I actually forgot to publish it…) So you can read it while I’m pounding the tarmac around Stirlingshire with Liz McGolgan and Zola Budd…well they’ll be pretty far in front of me, ha! 

My goals for my first (and last) marathon…

A. Sub 4hrs 30 minutes ūüėā the knee claimed that one.  A(2) Cross the finish line, hopefully sub 5hr but not putting pressure on myself.

B. Do not die, poo or pee myself.

C. Enjoy the atmosphere, maybe take a selfie or two.

D. Smile for race photos and not be ugly crying in my finishers photo.

Ahhhhhhhhh it’s RACE DAY! 

Thanks for reading ūüėä

Have a great day‚̧ԳŹ

Angela xo

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Sunday Run Down #14 ¬†Solo or Disco?

Last week, Mandy, our group run leader, sent us out a message that she wanted us to run this weeks long run (16-20 miles) SOLO and with no music!!! The team all laughed when I replied that I run SOLO every damn week, about half a mile behind the group.  I was being funny but it’s kinda true, ha!  Some of the girls from the group suggested we do ours together…in secret.  Of course I agreed.  Here’s how this week went down..


Rest.  Because I’m the laziest person training for a marathon. Ever! 


3 miles.  I was booked in to a Hot Yoga class but ended up late at work and missing it, my programme said 5 miles but it was late so I only done 3.


3 miles. I ended up at work late again and couldn’t go out with Mairi and Emma.  Instead I ran with Kevin we only did 3 miles.


I went to the gym with my sister intending a 3 miler on the treadmill and then some weights.  Unfortunately my hatred for the treadmill seems to have grown and I couldn’t stand it after just 10 minutes! So I just done some weight training.


Rest.  Prepping for Saturday’s long run. HYDRATING!!


20 miles.  We met at Lynne’s at 9am and she told us she’s been having IT band pain all week, instead of running she was going to cycle.  She was AWESOME, she had her Bluetooth speaker in her backpack, blasting banging tunes and encouraging us on with ‘whoops and yeehas’ as she cycled along side us.  We call her Esh but she is now known as Esh’s Mobile Disco.  So much fun!!

As for the run.  It was great, slightly slower than our usual group runs so a pace that suited me.   I had no issues mentally or physically at all really.. until around mile 13 where my already tight hamstrings felt even tighter, by mile 15 my legs felt fatigued and tight ALL OVER, that left knee IT band was hurting but I kept going because the group were great and Esh’s mobile disco was just too much fun (I totally would have given up had been running solo). The last mile was slow and painful.  I was so glad to be done.  I’m not sure why it was so tough at the end, our last 20 miler had killer hills and I felt great at the end, this one was mostly flat?!?  

Guys, this was my last LONG training run, halle-freaking-luyah!!!!!! Our long run next week is 12 (you know you’ve come a long way when 12 miles isn’t a long run, ha) then it’s 8 and then it’s the BIGGIE!!! Fingers crossed the tapering leaves me with fresh legs!

I was so sore after this run that I cancelled meeting my friend Lynsay in town.  Instead I lay in a bath for an hour…  I only got out because the water got too cold! Later I watched boxing with Kevin, then totally crashed out at 11pm.  I love boxing (missing my boxing class so much!) but I have to admit I get a bit anxious watching and my stomach flips whenever someone takes a big hit!

I found this photo hilarious because you can’t even see me in it (I’m behind Lisa in the orange) not even my feet?! Haha #teammidget 


Rest.  I met with some of the girls going on Kevin’s sisters hen weekend for lunch to organise some fun stuff and then hung out with my sisters and nieces. The legs feel ok today, tight at the back of my knees but I’m hoping some foam rolling later should help.

Total weekly miles: 26

Weeks until marathon: 3

The BLING was been unveiled this week…

I kinda love it, here’s hoping I cross the finish line!!

Do you like watching boxing? 

How was your week?

Thanks for readingūüėä
Have a great day‚̧

Angela xo

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Sunday Run Down… Unlucky #13¬†

As I start writing this, Mary Keitany has just crossed the finish line in London in 2 hours 17 minutes (her chip time hasn’t been announced yet).  INCREDIBLE!! That’s a minute or so off my first HALF marathon time, haha! I’ll be doing well if I manage the marathon in DOUBLE that time! So inspiring!

I ended last weeks training on a high when I managed to complete my first 20 mile run, a confidence boost that made me feel like 26.2 miles was actually possible.  This week…


My legs felt tired and I ended up working late so I missed my bootcamp class, I went to the gym after work but was just too tired and ended up not doing much at all.


2 miles.  I got up before work to go for a run but my legs still felt tired so I was home again with only 2 miles on my Garmin. Ugh


7.5miles.  I ran with Mairi and Emma after work we managed a 7.5 mile but my legs felt like lead the whole run, I was so grateful of a rest half way when Emma had to make a pee stop at Waitrose.

[The elite mens winner Daniel Wanjiru just took the ribbon and club runner Josh Griffiths has just finished 13th overall qualifying him for World Championships, fastest Briton…amazing!]


Bootcamp.  My legs felt strong so I was hopeful the fatigue had finally gone.

[I’m getting tearful watching marathoners stories….why am I soooo bloody emotional and why is everyone one of them sooo amazing!!]


Yoga.  I did Yoga after work, I was NOT very flexible so took to some foam rolling when I got home.

[I got side tracked by sunshine and my sisters…Its now 5pm and all the marathoners are probably/hopefully finished!]


12miles.  It was such a beautiful day and the group chose a route that we haven’t done before which turned out to be gorgeous but I just wasn’t feeling it today.   From go, my legs felt heavy and I wanted to stop, I was slow.  One of the girls in the group has a slight injury so I ran at the back with her but battled with my head so much not to stop, eventually at 10miles my head got the better of me and I walked, I told Lynne to keep going, that last two miles were a mixture of walk/run with me hating myself for letting my head beat me!!  Did I peak too early last week?

[Its now 7.30pm and I’m in Nando’s waiting to collect food]


REST.  I watched the first few hours of London Marathon and then spent the rest of the day with my nieces and sister.  My brother-in-law who is also running the marathon, injured his knee today and thinks he might pull out, Kevin hasn’t run for two weeks (he has ITB pain too) and I just noticed Mandy(group run leader) posted this…

Who knows what next weeks training will bring?

Miles this week: 21.5

Weeks until marathon: 4 ….argh 4 weeks!

Did you watch any of the London marathon? Were you running? 

Thanks for reading‚̧

Have a great day ūüėä

Angela xo

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Sunday Run Down #12 Bruises, Bruno and a Breakthrough 


I’m getting so bad at posting these on a Sunday. Oooops!¬† My race number arrived in the post on Saturday this is becoming very real!


I had my second sports massage at 5.30pm, Mondays are cross training days but Caroline advised not to exercise for at least 24 hours prior to the treatment so it was essentially a rest day…although my legs were beat up! It wasn’t as sore all over as the last time but certain areas needed a lot more work and those hurt A LOT, ¬†again I was left with some bruising.¬† However, with the exception of the bruises being sore to touch, my legs actually felt great straight after! ¬†**they are still bruised 1 week later and really hurt from foam rolling last night!


8 miles. I was advised not to run for 48 hours after the treatment but I knew I was busy on Wednesday as was my run buddies Mairi and Emma and Thursday just felt like leaving it too late, so I broke the rules…ooops! I must confess my legs felt like lead for the first 3-4 miles and I considered just turning back a few times. ¬†After making a stop for a minute or two to speak to a fellow runner my legs improved and by the time we finished the run they actually felt good.


Rest.  I went to a Bruno Mars gig with my sister, he was awesome. who doesnt love Bruno? and who said marathon training ruins your social life? Ha!

Our seats were in the clouds but we danced all night!


Rest. I had planned 5 miles with Kevin but after work I just felt awful. ¬†I am too old for late nights, I also had that embarrassing interview at work that day! I’m still cringing!


Rest. ¬†At least this rest day was actually scheduled on the programme. Ha! Today was about prepping for our 20 miler, hydrating and carb loading.¬† I’ve been looking at that 20 miler on the programme with fear since I was given the programme late last year, today was no different, in fact I was probably more scared because it was actually here, the recent IT band issue and missing that 18 miler.


Breakfast : melon and grapes 

Lunch: prawn salad 

Dinner: Pizza Hut Chicken Supreme cheesy bites pizza & jalape√Īo poppers (shared this with Kevin, not exactly a healthy way to carb load but I just really wanted pizza!)

Water: 2litres (that’s a lot for me, I’m sooo bad at hydration)


20.5miles. I did it, I actually freaking did it!! The first 5/6 miles were absolutely brutal as we climbed uphill, it was warm with the odd strong gust of wind.¬† I knew after the hills at the start that it was a pretty flat route and I think that’s what kept me from turning around also Nigel our group leader ran the hills with me even though I was really slow, he was a star! ¬†The group split up and I was at the back with a couple of others as usual, but we regrouped a few times as Nigel had left water at miles 7 and 16. ¬†He even left us all some Mini Eggs as an Easter treat¬†which was so nice of him and each stop just seemed to spur me on even more!

I had an embarrassing fall at mile 11 but thankfully no injuries, ¬†then a bit of a dodgy tummy at mile 17 but it disappeared without any emergencies..phew, the knee niggled but nothing too bad and my determination¬†to finish seemed to overpower any thoughts of needing rests! The sun was shining and my head was just in a really good place it felt effortless! ¬†I really don’t like the sound of bagpipes (I know, I’m so unpatriotic) but when I passed a wedding in Dunblane at around 17 miles¬†they sounded amazing and made me smile. ¬†I caught up with, chatted and passed a couple of girls from the group in the last 4 miles. ¬†When I reached Helen at mile 18 she said she was so glad to see me and had been about¬†to burst into tears as she was really struggling. ¬†I stayed with her and we got back to the shop together.

I finished strong and felt like I had more in me, for the first time ever in my training, I thought I CAN DO THIS!!!


Breakfast: (7.45am) muesli & semi skimmed milk & wholemeal toast with peanut butter. 300ml water.

Pre-run: (8.50am) nature valley protein bar -half of (couldn’t finish…nerves)

During run:  between 1-1.5 litre water, half bag of jelly babies and couple of mini eggs. I forgot my gels but obviously didnt need them!

I just wish I know what went so right, haha! Mondays massage? Over indulging in rest days? The sunshine? The hydration or the pizza? The slower pace?

Fingers crossed I can replicate this on the day!!

small person 2nd from right…thats me!


Rest. My legs felt ok, the knee was painful at times on stairs but nothing major. I had a day with family, I thought I would want to eat everything in sight but we went out for a family meal and I struggled eating my starter.

I earned a few!


Weekly Totals

Miles: 28.5

Weeks to go: 5

Embarrassing moments: 2

Are you training for anything?

I hope you all had a lovely Easter Weekend if you celebrate.

Thanks for reading‚ėļÔłŹ

Have a great day‚̧

Angela xo

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Sunday Run Down #9 Running, Sunshine, Drake..a week that came up Trump

Remember I said I need to be strict with my marathon training, well this week wasn’t that week….

MONDAY  – should have done cross training 

Rest.  After running Alloa Half Marathon on Sunday, although my legs felt great I decided to have a rest day.  I had to work late as I had a cheeky little day off on Tuesday…

TUESDAY should have run 4 miles

Spa Day.  Extreme rest day.  Kim, Danielle and I have had this booked since the start of February.  We got an offer on itison for Trump Turnberry.  Mixed feelings as we’re not Donald Trump supporters, a lot of Scottish people really dislike him so we were a little weary about posting where we were on social media.  (We ended up sharing because the view was pretty epic, even although the photos didn’t do it justice!).  DT may not be world leader material but the guy sure knows how to make nice hotels.  Our package was a treatment, full spa access and afternoon tea with prosecco.

Being off alcohol, I decided to drive. FAIL. It was SNOWING on Tuesday Morning.  It’s also a 2hr drive (Liz I drove there and back, that’s the most I’ve driven in a day.  Ever! Haha) my car is old, I spend 14 minutes in my car a day, I don’t look after her, at all. I  didn’t even realise the CD was stuck in the CD player (George Ezra has been in there for 14 months) Danielle brought a CD to play for our road trip we eventually removed George Ezra the last 30 mins of the home trip, haha! Now her cheesy pop songs CD is stuck.

Wednesday Morning banter
We arrived at Turnberry Spa at 11.30am and were shown around before heading to get changed for our treatments.  I opted for a back, neck and shoulder massage which was bliss, I wish it had lasted longer and I might have dozed off for a minute.  Post treatments we sat in the relaxation room where we chatted and drunk grapefruit infused water before heading to the pool, we spend the rest of the day in and out of the pool/jacuzzi and lying on loungers, feeling like we were somewhere exotic, looking at the view blessed with sunshine and no snow. There was a blizzard at home!!

At 3pm we headed to the main hotel for afternoon tea which was gorgeous.  We had such a lovely day and just laughed so much.

AWKWARD photography BUT that VIEW THOUGH!!!!

Sure you can have my prosecco… I’ll have ALL the cakes

WEDNESDAYshould have run 8 miles 

I planned to get up early and hit the gym before work for some treadmill miles but I ended up staying with my sister the night before to help with the twins, after work I went to a Drake gig… I’m pretty sure had 20 years on most of the people there and I really could have been doing with some wine but I still had the best night with my sister we even managed to get ourselves into a VIP lounge.  Donna thinks it was because we looked really old and like we needed a seat, she’s probably right, ha!! She was delighted it had one of these..

should have run 5 miles

8 miles.  It was good run.  I ran with Mairi, i was more tired at the start than the end of the run, we made a pit stop half way so Mairi could use the toilet in Waitrose but my legs must have needed the rest because they felt much better when when we got going again!! It’s so light at night now which makes me soooo happy.  I might start running home from work now.

FRIDAYshould have run 8 miles

Rest.  The programme scheduled an 8 mile run but I knew we were planning 17 on Saturday morning with the run group and I wanted fresh legs so I gave myself another rest day…  treat yo self!


17 MILES 16.43 MILES.  Tom who was leading the group had run 29 miles on Friday (ultra marathon prep). So he advised this run would be slower than normal (Halle-freakin-luyah!!!) what he failed to tell us was that it would be hilly, really, really bloody hilly.  As usual the first 3 miles were a mental struggle for me, one of the girls turned back at 2.5 miles and for a split second, I genuinely thought about leaving with her.  I didn’t.  I trundled on with the group who were going at a much slower than normal pace but only because it was a pretty steep climb. At around 5 miles we all felt like we’d ran 10 and I honestly was getting so frustrated with the climbing.  Every turn I was expecting a decline but no…more hills!! I started to notice a slight discomfort on the outside of my left knee and although there weren’t many it felt worse on decline.  At mile 8, We were heading off road and Amanda who was also feeling pain in her knee decided she would head back to the shop again I thought about going but my knee wasn’t painful as such and other than that I felt great, the sun was shining and the views were amazing!!! 10.5 miles we stopped for a group photo then finally we were heading downhill.. rapidly, it was so steep I was actually scared I was going to fall and a few times I felt shooting pains down the side of my left knee.  Mile 12 was back on the flat, my knee felt fine again and I felt great, the pace was slower than normal which was good, I felt like I could have run forever.  It’s amazing what a little sunshine can do!  At mile 14 we realised we were going to be a mile short for the 17 so we headed off the main road for a run around the loch at the University except when I headed up the hill to the university I felt a pain again in my knee, I slowed to a walk which made it worse, I walked, jogged and stopped to stretch my leg all the way around the loch (1mile) then I decided to leave the university grounds and head back to the shop really annoyed as I knew I’d be 0.5 to a mile short.  I practically walked the mile back to the shop as the pain just got worse, I limped, I walked, I stopped and limped, then walked until I realised that once the initial 30 seconds of severe pain was over running was actually much less painful than walking.  Having had IT band issues when I was training for Edinburgh Half Marathon I knew exactly what it was.

I iced my knee when I got home and rested for a few hours before heading out to enjoy the sunshine with a trip to Balloch, Loch lomond Kevin.., we’ve got to make the most of it, while it lasts.

Knee feels a bit better but still painful going downstairs and the first few steps when walking.

Found a cute place for lunch..

He didn’t want to be in the picture

Then took a slow (dodgy knee) walk by the Loch side..


FYI -Swans are evil

should be REST DAY

Rest.  It’s Mothers Day today so I’ve had a day with all the family.


I’m going to rest tomorrow too and see how my knee is before running on Tuesday.  Fingers crossed!!!!

Weekly miles: 24.43

Total rest days: 5ūüė≥

Weeks until marathon: 8ūüėĪ

Thanks for readingūüėä

Have a great day ‚̧

Angela xo

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Run Down #8  Alloa Half Marathon 

My training programme was supposed to be… Cross train Monday, 5 miles on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, rest Friday, Saturday and RACE Sunday.

My week went like this…. Sports massage¬†on Monday, thought my legs were broken on Tuesday, ran 5 miles in agony on Wednesday, Rest day, rest day, meet run group….for brunch and RACE Sunday.

I was really nervous for this race. ¬†I kept trying to tell myself it was just part of the training programme, but that god awful 15miler the Saturday before really got to me. The weather forecast was high winds and heavy rain, this run is hilly, has a 5 mile straight and killer hill at 10 miles, it doesn’t need bad weather too!!! ¬†I also felt a tremendous amount of pressure to get a sub 2hr or even a 2hr finish. I’m one of the slowest in the running group but that’s what everyone else was expecting to do. ¬†I ran Alloa 2 years ago (my first ever race) taking 2hr15 so a sub 2hr was a big ask and judging by my last two long runs 13miles was taking me around 2hr10. ¬†I knew there was no way I could make up 10 minutes or knock a minute of my my mile time but still I felt like I had to.

I hadn’t trained well this week, Mother Nature delivered her monthly gift the night before (sorry guys) so I felt crap and I hadn’t slept well because I locked myself out the house(don’t ask!) and to start the race they played Westlife -Raise Me Up ..what the actual…? That song is sad, that song was played at a friend of mines funeral, that song does not get runners pumped for a race. ¬†I started crying. Haha I wasn’t even over the start line and I was crying. ¬†On the plus side I’d ate well and there was NO rain or wind, it was cold but there was actual sunshine.

‚ÄĘThis may be a bit all over the place, I meant to write this on Sunday when it was fresh in my head


Kevin was gone in a Flash at the start line and I struggled to get through the pack trying to stay with Emma and Amanda. Mile 1 was dodging and chatting and it felt good also I didn’t fall. Whoop. I fell at mile 1 last time! My Garmin buzzed at mile 1 …8.02, I thought it must be wrong all I’ve been doing is fighting the crowd. Mile 2 …8.09, I thought ‘Sh*t, I’ve set off too fast, I can’t keep this up!’ Mile 3…8.25 I knew I’d start to slow.

Mile 4 ¬†I couldn’t see any of my run buddies, I was on my own. I decided to stop looking at my watch because I find clock watching off putting. Oh did I mention earphones were banned, because they only close half of the road, earphones were banned for runner safety. ¬†No run buddies and no tunes.

Thankfully the crowds were out, it was cold as well but there were so many spectators braving the chill, cheering on friends and family.

There was no water left at the first water station, I didn’t even realise there was a water station until I seen all the bottles lying on the ground, I heard a few people complaining but I was fine I didn’t need water at that point, but that is pretty bad I mean I was still on schedule for a 2hr finish so I was probably middle of the pack and already no water left?!!

I took a gel, I had two in my butt pocket on my tights… it was hot, eugh. ¬†NOTE TO SELF: Do not keep gels in butt pocket.

I felt like the next few miles flew by there’s a 5 mile straight right along the hillfoots that kinda messes with the head, it also brought quite a strong head wind, the sun was pretty bright and felt like it was burning the side of my face. Wind burn on the front and sunburn on the side…I’m going to look fab at the end of this!!

I got water at mile 6, and decided to hold onto it incase there wasn’t any at the next one but after about half a mile it was annoying me so I binned it.

I actually don’t remember much but I had a few flaky moments where I wanted to walk but tried to just slowed the pace right down. ¬†I passed a little boy in a wheelchair holding his hand out for high fives, I gave him a high five then I started crying. Again! Wtf is wrong with me?!

I got speaking to a girl when she asked me if we were close to 8 miles. ¬†I looked at my watch, damn you woman I didn’t want to look at my watch. I saw the distance and time in that glance and being a mathematical genius** I realised I’d have to ram up the pace drastically to hit a 2hr finish – i knew that wasn’t going to happen. She asked me another 4 times what time we were at and what distance. Annoying m, but it was nice to have someone to talk to.

On the mile 10 -hill of doom, I looked at my watch 1hr 45….ugh, I bet Kevin would be finishing soon if not already. ¬†I spotted Amanda walking, I slowed down when I got to her to make sure she was OK, she said she was fine just had started off too fast and was feeling it now! ¬†She ran with me for about a mile then she walked some more and told me just to go.

At 11.5 miles I slowed to a walk too, I’d said I’d up the pace for the last 3 and here I was toddling along. ¬†I got going again and before I knew it the 400m board was in front of me Halle-freakin-lujah!!! I decided to sprint finish because I forgot I was in public (sprint like Phoebe Buffet), then I realised the finish was further than I thought, haha, I can’t stop now I’d committed and people were cheering me on, my friends, my Mum, Dad, my sister, Kevin. ¬†I saw a guy I went to school with just a few feet in front of me I put a target on his back, passed him and



I was (and still am) a little gutted, I should have done better but still a PB that’s 6minutes off my last time at Alloa. ¬†I still felt that runners high but I also got the fear, I cannot imagine turning around running that distance again. ¬†I’m officially freaking out about this marathon, I really need to be strict with training now. ¬†ITS 8 WEEKS ON SUNDAY!!!

Shout out to Kevin who did an awesome 1.47.29 a new PB for him too and my girl Emma who smashed it 1.55.16 beating her last time by 25 minutes!!!!!

The organisers have taken a lot of slack over the water shortage (there was none left when I finished either) and I realise this is a serious situation with regards to runners health but they do such a good job organising and this has never happened before so I can’t help but feel bad for them. They posted an apology on Facebook!
Thanks for readingūüėä

Have a great day ‚̧

Angela xo

**I’m definitely not a mathematical genius, I took a shortcut on a run once that had me run an extra half mile and a few weeks ago on our long run I started sprinting and said to Amanda ‘OMG I just checked my watch I’m only 0.2 of a mile away from a 2hr half marathon’ she said ‘Angela were just coming up to 12 miles not 13’ -doh

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If you read my training updates you’ll know the last few weeks have seen my legs tire and stiffen… a lot.. ..I’ve been running for bloody weeks now, I mean I kinda feel like Forrest Gump..except I go home and go to work…so nothing like Forrest really, haha.  A combination of increasing the long run mileage and spending 9hrs+  completely sedentary in the office, throw in my lack of stretching/foam rolling…. stiffness is to be expected.

A friend in my running group suggested I try a sports massage, there’s a place in town doing a marathon runner package,  4 treatments for ¬£100 – 3pre and 1post marathon treatment.  She’d had one and said she felt like she had been given new legs.   I decided to take her advice, because new legs!!!

After a couple of Facebook PMs back and forth… On Monday evening I found myself in the waiting area of SMART (Sports Massage And Remedial Therapy) in town.  It had a clinic crossed with a spa feel about it.  The walls proudly displaying awards,  certificates and pictures of Olympians and Commonwealth athletes who’d had treatments by the girls at SMART.   Actual athletes… why the hell I was here? I mean I’m barely even a runner…  just at that thought, Caroline, my therapist, popped out of her treatment room, apologised for running over her time and asked me to fill in a form with all my details, describing any pains or injuries.

Before I could change my mind Caroline was in the waiting area introducing herself properly and welcoming me into her treatment room where we discussed the treatments, my stiffness and any pains or niggles.  She had me do a couple of movements on the massage bed to test my hip flexor tightness, range of motion etc.  My hip flexors were TIGHT, desk job struggles!! 

Caroline began by lightly massaging my hamstrings to warm them up before getting deeper and turning masseuse to masochist, haha just kidding but I won’t lie it was painful.  I think I have a pretty high pain threshold (I mean I smashed my face on concrete once and didn’t feel a thing!)

Every muscle was really tight (according to Caroline) and hurt when she tried to massage the deep tissue.  I could have asked her to stop but I guess I thought the firmer the better, no pain no gain and all that,  right?  My glutes, well,  I think they are actually dead, (I need a new job, the desk and chair is killing me!).  I can’t explain the pain of having an elbow pushed into your butt cheek with someone’s full strength but believe me when I say this…it hurt like HELL!!!  A forearm rolling pin run up your quad muscle, OUCH!  The strongest thumbs in the world flattening out your calves….my eyes were watering and my teeth were gritted but 15 minutes over the scheduled hour and Caroline was finished torturing me.


After the massage she explained some excercises for me to do and talked me through a few things she recommended I try with a foam roller.  Which she then also sent me via Facebook when I got home so I didn’t forget.

 I drove home feeling like my legs had been brutally beaten up, does anyone tenderise their steaks with a mallet?…that’s what happened to my legs! 

In bed that night my legs actually felt really loose, light and floaty.  Result!

When I got up in the morning though my legs felt badly bruised and sore to touch, there were actual bruises on my upper thighs on both legs (the photos didn’t do the bruises justice so I haven’t shared them).  I was advised not to run for 24hrs  (48hrs if I felt really sore) so I missed my 5 mile run on Tuesday.  On Wednesday though I met Mairi and Emma for a 5 miler and it was tough, my legs were aching so bad I had to slow right down at the end.
The bruising is fading and the my legs feel good today but I haven’t been for a run since Wednesday and I’m running a Half Marathon tomorrow, here’s hoping I feel the benefits to make the pain worthwhile ….eeek!

Have you ever experienced a sports massage? … please tell me you felt the benefits after the pain…even if you didn’t just tell me you did!!

Thanks for readingūüėä

Have a great day ‚̧

Angela xo