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Fit Friday(Saturday)-Week 5 

I had a pretty hectic weekend and by hectic I mean, too many late nights and too much  alcohol. I had a family Golden Wedding party on Saturday then Kevin’s final race on Sunday.  In case you are interested Kevin ended up 2nd in his championship not bad for a rookie in my opinion but then I am somewhat biased.  Obviously this achievement required some celebrating… In the form of.. Me drinking far too much prosecco.

I woke up on Monday a little worse for wear but decided to go a hike with my friend and her dog.  They go every morning with some of her other friends and their dogs too.

Just over  5 miles and mostly uphill during which I was often being jumped on by a fully grown German Shepard, not much fun when you are my stature.  It was great to be outside for a change, it was a gorgeous morning and it definitely cleared up the fuzzy prosecco head.

I had the day off work so I took a yoga class.  I really want to get into Yoga and I really liked the teacher but she only takes classes at my gym during the day when I’m usually at work. She does have her own place in town but I really don’t want yet another membership.

Tuesday – I was back at work so headed out to 6.30 am Group PT  only 2 of us turned up so rather than the circuit she had planned Fiona asked what we felt we needed help with and gave us both one-to-one.  I worked on my upper body strength and abs, this is where I am weakest.  Pull Ups are my new most hated excercise.

After work I decided to go to Fee’s group class in an effort to undo the damage of the weekend.

The dreaded… Deck of Cards

Spade- Burpees

Club- Press Up

Heart- Squats

Diamond- Sit Ups

Facecard- plyometric lunge

Aces- 1 min excercise of Fiona’s choice…Low plank hold, plank leg raise, mountain climber, plank punches.

I’m not sure why I dislike the deck of cards workout, it’s not any more difficult or any different excercises?! However there is less rest time so it’s probably that!

Wednesday-I woke up to go to group PT and could barely move.  My whole body was aching not so much DOMS but more that achy feeling when you have flu.

I went to work but felt completely drained all day.  After work I went home, had a warm bath and was in bed by 7pm.

Thursday– I felt a bit better but had no energy so had another rest day.

Friday– I made it to Group PT at 6.30am feeling much better and the full group made it.

We did a Tabata style workout.

20sec work 10 sec rest, each station 4 times.

Wall Balls, High knee run, Wall Balls, Squat Jumps

Kettlebell Swings, Squat Thrusts, Kettlebell Lunges, Mountain Climber

Explosive Jacks, Box jumps, Plank Press, Box jumps

Burpees, Snatch (left arm), Press Up, Snatch (right arm)

It was a really good workout but I did feel like it was my first workout after having weeks off not just 2 days!! Ouch!

Saturday… Yes, this post is late because I’m adding today’s workout.  I just felt I didn’t do enough this week.  I headed to the gym this morning to do some cardio,  I wasn’t even on the treadmill 15 minutes before I was bored.

 The free weights and floor excercise area was completely empty so I decided to do a workout there.

I bought Kayla Itsines -Bikini Body Guide over a year ago and have done a few of the workouts here and there but never the full 12 weeks.


 I decided to do this workout because I’m just finishing week 3 of my own 12 week challenge.  I enjoyed it so might try and incorporate it into my routine next week.

My eating has been a bit all over the place I really haven’t had much appetite all week almost everything I did eat was clean but again I had (too much) alcohol at the weekend.

Hopefully, that is all the celebrations over, well, at least for the remainder of the 12 week challenge and I can get back into it.

I bought a new workout outfit today to keep me motivated. It’s from New Look, typically I love Nike sportswear but they can be expensive.  I got this top and leggings for £28.00.  Bargain.


Thanks for reading 😊 Have a great weekend ❤️

Angela xo

5 thoughts on “Fit Friday(Saturday)-Week 5 ”

  1. I always struggle with running because I find myself getting bored too 😔 I did start mountain biking which keeps things interesting though!


  2. Also, good luck with your PT! Keep up the good work and motivation. Keep in mind that while you may not think you’re going enough, you’re still going which isn’t bad!

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  3. You’ve been doing awesome the last few weeks with staying on top of working out! Or maybe it hasn’t been a few weeks- I can’t remember. But I was impressed by your last week too! I only went to the gym twice this past week and ended up going for an enjoying weekend at the cabin and not working out at all. I love getting new workout clothes! I haven’t bought any in SO long, but I’m going to have to invest in a few tank tops to fit over my belly since mine are starting to look a little silly. Maybe that’ll motivate me more! Maybe next week your appetite will be back to normal and there won’t be so much alcohol, haha. But at least you probably had a good time 🙂


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