The Challenge

'Hi, Gary and I have just signed up for Loch Ness Marathon its on World Cerebral Palsy Day we're going to do it for Amber, fancy it?' Three things you should know 1) The above was said in a phone call from my sister Cheryl who is famous for signing up for races and not… Continue reading The Challenge


Great Scottish Run 2018- Support Runner

I first ran this race last year with my friend running her first half marathon, I was badly undertrained, I had been out late at a work leaving night the night before and it poured with rain from start to finish. This year was a little different...   again, I ran with a friend running her first half… Continue reading Great Scottish Run 2018- Support Runner


Great Scottish Run • A-Z of problems

On Sunday I ran Glasgow Half Marathon, part of the Great Run Series, I signed up for the race when I was in the midst of my Marathon training and loving running more than anything (even Prosecco) and I finally had a goal, other than just crossing the finish line, I wanted that sub 2hr!!… Continue reading Great Scottish Run • A-Z of problems

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Notes to self…

•DO NOT take a 2 month break from exercise... the return workout will kill you HURT like a mofo. •When you struggle to run 4 miles without stopping on Wednesday DO NOT then agree to join the running group for a 9 mile trail run on the Saturday, especially when your current trail run experience… Continue reading Notes to self…

Running, The Journey to 26.2

Stirling Scottish Marathon

**WARNING** 1.This post is LONG and boring if you are not interested much in running. 2.This post is probably also going to be a bit..all over the place... as 5 days on my memories are fading rapidly. 3. You might want to grab yourself a cuppa. SATURDAY I woke up extremely nervous, I had been… Continue reading Stirling Scottish Marathon

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The Marathon is not on Race Day

The marathon is... 300+ miles over 5 months of training runs, dedicating time 4-5 days a week to running, long runs that get longer every week, adjusting your diet, testing race nutrition, testing kit, hydrating, running hills, speed training, adjusting your pace, driving routes to make water drops the night before a long run, muscle cramps,… Continue reading The Marathon is not on Race Day