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I haven’t done any running for what feels like forever.  Running, for me, requires a lot mental strength, something I seem to lack completely right now.  I just can’t seem to get in the zone at all.  Instead I’ve been loving  aggressive, adrenalin pumping, testosterone boosting workouts. Yes I said testosterone boosting and yes I’m a girl.

You can still find me grinding at Fee’s Fitness.  Group PT has become a bootcamp as its so busy just now with lots of new members getting bikini ready for the summer.  The 6.30am classes are not too much busier than usual so I try to stick to those.  The classes are always fast paced and I love that Fiona mixes it up everyday so we never know what to expect.  This morning we did a circuit with lots of weights tomorrow could be HIIT using only body weight, but whatever we do it’s always tough and I always sweat buckets!


An example of a workout at Fee’s Fitness.

That’s me at the back with red top on mid kettlebell swing by the looks of it

Do you sweat? I swear there are girls who go to these classes that don’t break a sweat? What is with that? So unfair!

Image:This Girl Can

I’ve been going to a weight lifting class at my local gym.  I’m very much a beginner, what I’m lifting is pretty pathetic compared to everyone else in the class but I am progressing, albeit very slowly.  A slow paced workout but it’s just as tough and hugely satisfying, like running, there’s that personal satisfaction when you hit a PB or master the clean and jerk, you just can’t help but feel the  If you don’t lift already I suggest you give it a go.  It’s not just for boys!


This is where I lift.

That brings me to my new most favourite workout.  Ever.  I LOVE BOXING and I don’t mean boxercise I mean my friend and I go to boxing training at a local MMA gym (think old school boxing club, but in a brand spanking new gym) the session we go to is all guys, guys who actually compete and I will admit the first class was daunting but the guys are all awesome, always tell us well done, help us out and give us tips.  The workouts are absolute killer I can hardly type this and I finished boxing hours ago.  I am 100% against violence but I never imagined punching something (a bag or pad) would feel so good.  I literally feel like I’m in a Rocky movie everytime I put my gloves on. In reality I probably couldn’t fight my way out of a paper bag but meh I’m learning!  If you want a good aggression releasing workout you should try boxing.  It’s not just for boys!!

Image : This Girl Can

  Where I throw punches.

Random: Tonight at boxing I noticed one of the guys has a tattoo on his leg of Ron Burgandy, everytime I spied it I laughed.  Anchorman is a funny movie but,  would you? Just for the banter! Oh maybe I could get Buddy the Elf. Ha!

My Weekly Routine


Bootcamp 17.40-18.30


Bootcamp 06.30-07.20 & Boxing 18.30-20.00


Bootcamp 06.30-07.40


Bootcamp 06.30-07.40 & Weightlifting 19.00-20.30


Bootcamp 06.30-07.40


Personal Training with Fiona 09.00-10.00 OR Spin 09-10.00


Rest Day….I usually really want to workout though!

Sometimes I’ll change it up a little but for the most part this is what my week looks like in workouts.

I also wanted to tell you all about my arm busting, first Personal Training session.  Now, I like to think that I work hard in classes, Fiona is always pushing us she walks around making sure we aren’t slowing down or taking sneaky ‘tying my shoelace’ breaks or using ‘too light’ weights.  A personal training session with her was no comparison.

Round 1

With 7kg dumbbells in each hand

Box step up x20

Bench press x20

Walking lunges 2x floor length ( roughly 30 lunges)

Squat press x15

That wasn’t bad…

Repeat with 8kg DB…oh the pain!

Repeat with 10kg DB…..I’m dead!

Round 2

Bench press 25kg bar until unable to…WHAT?

Plank Row (10kg DB) x20

Repeat x3

Round 3

TRX pulls x20

Deadlift 30kg x5 ( I didn’t bother telling her that I could deadlift more, my bad)

Repeat x3

Round 4

We’ll do some cardio to finish she says….

Cardio punches for 30 seconds

Sprints for 1 minute

Repeat 4 times

I felt like my arms had been ripped off my body, I was shaking and I stopped the car twice on the way home because I thought I might throw up, thankfully I didn’t!

I know most people, especially you crossfitters will think that workout was a piece of cake, Kevin reckons it would be. I’m just starting out with all this strength training. I was always a cardio girl, if I was using weights I guess I didn’t push myself much and used the excuse that I was small so I should only lift small. I used the smallest kettlebell, wallball and dumbells for months before Fiona started to really kick my butt and push me to move up them.


Have you added anything new to your excercise regime recently?  

Do you feel intimidated doing things that are considered masculine?

Check out THIS GIRL CAN for awesome girl power and motivation.

Thanks for reading 😊

I hope you are well and have a great day ❤️

Angela xo

9 thoughts on “Feminist Fitness”

  1. I wish I could take as many classes as you do! That’s like $80-120 per studio a month here and they have ClassPass for $120 to go to any of their studios, but they’re only in major cities and I don’t live that close to Boston.

    I’ve been lifting weights on and off for the past 6 years now. It’s great, I absolutely love it! I do it on my own, I do wish I had a lifting buddy who could spot me though. I’ve been doing yoga on and off for the past 4 years, it’s just too pricey to afford going all the time. I LOVE power vinyasa in a hot studio, really gets you going! I did rugby for a bit back in university, that was fun. I REALLY want to do boxing and there’s a chain of studios but I don’t want to spend the money on it right now. I did a boot camp strength training type of thing with a personal trainer, that was okay. My thing is that they didn’t have the heavier weights that I could do since I’ve been lifting for so long. But my upper body got a ton more toned and I loved that! I may want to try crossfit at one point, but it’s far too overpriced and I seriously don’t get the obssesion with it.

    That’s a packed schedule you have! It’s great! You’re going to get seriously toned!


    1. So expensive!! I pay £45 for Fee’s Bootcamp, the gym I do weightlifting at is a council run gym that I’ve been going to for years and can’t bring myself to give it up it costs £20pm as I have a joint membership with my sister but I only go to that one class there (occasionally I go for a swim) they do lots of Les Mills classes but I prefer Fee’s. The boxing gym I have been going pay as you go which £5 per class but we got free passes a couple of times. So I spend £80 a month which is around $115, I think!
      I really want to do hot yoga but nowhere near me does it I went once when I stayed at a friends and loved it but it’s like an hour from where I live so not worth it, I wish they did it closer!
      Yeah you’d probably be the same at my Bootcamp she doesn’t have huge weights either but she is all for low weigh high rep routines, where as at lifting we do the opposite! Crossfit is so expensive here too and the guy that runs it in my town is Fiona my trainers ex-husband so I’d feel awkward going there as I’ve become good friends with her!

      If I just step away from the chocolate I might actually see some definition. Sighs!!


      1. I wish it was that cheap here! I’d be going to sooo many classes at different studios! Going to three studios alone without a ClassPass type of deal adds up to $250-300 a month! My gym is actually cheap at $10 a month, my area has a few of them like that but you can’t find them everywhere within the US. The average gym membership is $60-80 a month. I had a friend visit from Australia and afterwards she was like, yeah I understand now why Americans are so much in debt. Corporations just runs too much here.

        That’s a bunmer about hot yoga! It really helps to open you up and for healing. Hahaha, you’ll still get toned with the chocolates. You’re just starting out, wait a couple of months and you’re going to be flexing all the time!


  2. Haha I can’t wait to be flexing!! My gosh that is so expensive, most gyms here are around £50 per month there are some that are more exclusive that are really expensive but I don’t even look at those!
    yeah my cousin in Australia read my last post where I complained about the price for the cinema. She said she can get 3 people to a movie for what my ticket cost! Don’t even get me started on the price for houses, GRRRR!


  3. great weekly workout lineup, girl! love that you vary it and go to classes that really boost your energy levels and get you to work so hard — i miss that. i used to workout with a trainer and do some small group (and sometimes larger group) classes, and although i’m a run-lover by nature, i did so enjoy those classes and def feel the lack in my life right now. thankfully the gym in my apt building has kettlebells so i still push myself with those at least 1-2 times a week, but this post made me want to get back into high-intensity workouts with groups. i’ve done a little boxing as part of the classes but not much – always looks like a great workout as well. nicely done!


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