FIT Friday -Week 3

On Monday I started a 12 week  Challenge.

Fiona has about 30 of her clients doing it.  Our challenge is to work out 4-5 times a week and eat clean. She had us email her photos and have to send progress photos every 4 weeks.  My photos were far from flattering but there is £100 for the best progress up for grabs so I sent them in.

I gain weight around my tummy and hips, so I’m hoping to see a flatter tummy(maybe a little ab definition) and most definately would like smaller hips!

I done a Group PT session everyday this week and noticed some progress in my strength.  Also I joined my sister to a BodyBalance class on Monday, a BodyPump class on Wednesday and a BodyAttack class tonight. I have to admit my body is feeling tired now.  I’m hoping a soak in the bath I’m running should help relax the muscles a little.

On the eating front I’m okay-ish.  My meals are usually pretty much clean eating anyway it’s the treats I have had to cut out and the tea and coffee.

On Thursday it was my sisters birthday and I managed to escape the birthday cake as well as the jam scones that were handed around the office today for Fat Friday.  Tomorrow might be a different story as we are going out for dinner and drinks in Glasgow.  I’m hoping to choose the healthiest option on the menu and have no alcohol, we’ll see how that works out.

Have you ever challenged yourself like this? 

Thanks for reading 😊 Have a great weekend❤️

Angela xo

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