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Apologies for the intentional clickbait,  Mr and I are still happily married and completely faithful to each other, however, I do have a confession to make... I have been cheating... On this abandoned little space of the internet with a younger, cuter, speedier model.  Instagram. [hangs head in shame] If you don't follow me on… Continue reading Infidelity

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Travel Adventures • Tartaruga

My Italian is sparse. In fact, I could probably limit it completely to: formal pleasantries, well known Italian food and drink options and luxury shoe designers.   I suppose, it is a little ignorant to visit a place without learning much of the native tongue but part of my love of traveling is learning new words and personally I find Italians so… Continue reading Travel Adventures • Tartaruga

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My Girls…

I feel like I've started every post this year by apologising for yet another blogging hiatus.  Honestly, I haven't even logged on to WordPress even to say Hi or show some love to my favourite bloggers. Can I even still call myself a blogger? ...was I ever really a blogger? Speaking of favourite bloggers, two of mine,  Katie  and Cat were visiting… Continue reading My Girls…

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Just a Little Chaos

I am a terribly, unorganised person.  It's actually ridiculous the predicaments I've gotten myself into purely because I failed to prepare. 'Fail to prepare, prepare to fail'. I've turned up at a wedding without the wedding gift - so embarrassing,  I've also had to go to work wearing a sweaty sports bra and almost trainers… Continue reading Just a Little Chaos

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Snow Business

Prepare yourself for the biggest shock in UK history... IT SNOWED! Haha joke, the biggest shock is that the company I work for CLOSED every branch in the Red Weather Warning zone(Scotlands Central belt) Closing for weather, that is unheard of!! I was sent home on Wednesday just before 3pm and my branch remained closed… Continue reading Snow Business

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The Office – Ep4 – The New Girl…. or Lady

Remember way back in July I mentioned that I was being moved to a new branch at work? Well it happened.  On the 4th of Sept 2017. I know, I know, I'm only telling you about it NOW but in my defence I was waiting until I had fully settled in to my new surroundings… Continue reading The Office – Ep4 – The New Girl…. or Lady

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Can’t cook, won’t cook

I am a self confessed foodie.  I LOVE food, I love trying new foods and I have a very long list of favourite's because I could never choose just one! Considering my huge love of food, I strangely don't like cooking.  I'm not terrible at it, but I'm not great either. I can follow a… Continue reading Can’t cook, won’t cook