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Fit Friday -Week 2

I had great intentions of posting something non-fitness related midweek but Friday sort of snuck up on me quicker than ever this week…not that I’m complaining, It’s the weekend!!!

I’m really bad for not staying hydrated but Kevin’s sister bought me this water bottle for the gym which I’m loving.  It’s making me drink more water too which is always a good thing.

No caving in with the chocolate cravings this week.  I did have a chocolate digestive with a cup of tea before bed last night.  Everything in moderation and all that 😉

Difference: -1lb

Saturday – 5km run(30min)

Sunday – REST  -Kevin was racing (car not legs) watching him definitely got my heart rate up so not exactly a rest day!

Monday – 5km run (30min) I was booked into a class but it was a gorgeous night and since our summer has been AWOL this year, I thought I’d get my Vitamin D before it was gone again.


– 60min group training

It was one of the girls in the group 34th birthday so Fiona, our trainer set us out a birthday workout for us..  Ouch! Fingers crossed no one in class turns 50 any time soon!!

Wednesday – 5km- I was just heading out for a run when I bumped into two of my friends walking their dog and kids, I ended up walking with them.  A very slow walk so probably shouldn’t even count this as excercise. Ha

Thursday – REST

Friday – 60 min group training.

 I finally managed to get up early to workout BEFORE work. Yah go me!! Although I did walk about like a zombie for the rest of the day, overdosing on caffeine but I got to come home straight from work and CHILL.

Goals for the week

Meal Prep -I am always running late and just grab whatever it easy for lunch, I’m hoping to plan and prepare my lunches in advance this week.

Morning workouts – I’m going to try to go to all 4 6.00am group training sessions…..’try’ being the main word!

Do you prepare meals in advance? 

Are you currently trying to reach a weight or fitness goal?
Thanks for reading 😊 Have a great weekend ❤️
Angela xo

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