Angela-isms, Running

Notes to self…

•DO NOT take a 2 month break from exercise… the return workout will kill you HURT like a mofo.

•When you struggle to run 4 miles without stopping on Wednesday DO NOT then agree to join the running group for a 9 mile trail run on the Saturday, especially when your current trail run experience is ZERO

•DO NOT drink a bottle of prosecco the night before said trail run

•Or Oversleep and skip breakfast the morning of said trail run.

•Probably best to NOT wear brand new, never worn, one minute old trail shoes either.

•DO NOT believe a running coach when he says 9 miles …he means 11 miles and no not everyone likes BONUS MILES.

•DO NOT believe the same running coach when he says ‘this is the last incline, all downhill from here’ ….LIES!

•DO NOT take a bite of peanut bar/breakfast whilst running uncontrollably moving your legs as fast as you possibly can down the steepest hill you’ve ever run down.  Choking hazard.

Oh I know what you’re thinking… surely someone can’t do all those silly things in one day, well, what can I say, I’m talented when it comes to epic fails that was just the running part….

•DO NOT fall asleep in the bath that you got in to warm up and end up freezing.

•DO NOT forget to rinse hair after conditioning.

•DO NOT have a wardrobe clear out when you are having a particularly ‘fat’/’hate everything’ day.  I now have NO clothes that do not look like pyjamas.

•DO NOT leave mobile phone on car roof and drive away

and finally…

•DO NOT sleep with contact lenses in.

Saturday was a full blown struggle!

Do you ever have those days, when you oversleep then everything just goes to sh*t?  

Thanks for reading🤗

Have a great day❤️

Angela xo

44 thoughts on “Notes to self…”

  1. Wow, you had a bad day. I’m really sorry. But, although everything you said is indeed tragic I can’t agree with you on one point. A bottle of Prosecco on Friday did certainly not add to your Saturday woes. I think it may have gone worse without it. In fact, you may have had a bad Saturday in part because you stopped at one bottle of Prosecco on Friday. Or you shared your bottle. For shame. There is never such a bad day that a sufficient amount of Prosecco can not improve.

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    1. Haha, You could be right! one more bottle would have meant I couldn’t have possibly made the run, had an extra hour in bed, ate breakfast and enjoyed a relaxing day with little to no mishaps. More Prosecco is always a good idea!

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  2. Is it bad that I might be a little sad if you didn’t have these types of days once in a while–they bring such humour into my life when I get to read about them!! PS-you’re a badass for getting up for that trail run–would not have happened if it was me! x

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  3. Oh no! I was biting back a smile but then I got to “DO NOT have a wardrobe clear out when you are having a particularly ‘fat’/’hate everything’ day. I now have NO clothes that do not look like pyjamas.” and I laughed out loud.

    And now, obviously, I am going to hell. Sorry!

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    1. Haha, if it had been on Saturday you would have gone straight to hell without passing Go and collecting €200 but I didn’t post this until I could laugh about it myself so you’re good! 😊
      My work wardrobe now consists of a dress that I accidentally bought from the maternity section in Topshop and kept because it helps disguise the food baby!

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  4. It isn’t schadenfreude when the person writing it makes you laugh is it?
    There is a saying in northern Ontario (and other parts of the world I suppose) that goes something like “that’ll learn you.”
    Thanks for sharing your tragic day.

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    1. Yes it is schadenfreude when you laugh at some else’s misfortune… always happy to provide amusement!
      Yeah they say that here too, ‘that’ll teach you!’ a phrase my mother over used when I was a child haha!

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  5. Oh the prosecco… I know that pain. I had 10 miles one time, drank a bottle the night before and called it at 6, which I was super lucky to have completed, lol.

    Hopefully things are better for you today, 😃

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  6. Ohh no!! I’m sorry about your bad day(s)… Especially the phone and the clothes – everything else seems slightly more humourous, especially with your writing style! I guess oversleeping will help with the muscle soreness (more rest?) 😂

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  7. Wow! That sounds like a horrible day! Luckily its over and hey, at least you can get a new wardrobe now! Lol.

    I almost went hiking with brand new hiking boots, once I got to the site, I took them off and immediately put on my older pair on.

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    1. Lol, new wardrobe – silver lining!! You are wise, he wouldn’t let us go on the run if we didn’t have trail shoes… I should have gone home then!


    1. Yeah I’ve decided trail running is not for me, my days have been much less dramatic since!
      A war wound of a scratch across the screen but still working, thankfully!!!

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  8. This is freaking hilarious (I mean sad). You are totally winning at the losing game. But you’ve also gotten a great post out of it! I can totally see doing some nonsense like getting to bed at 2am to run at 5am. Also, I stopped working out for a few months and yes, it kills.

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  9. I had Lasik, but you just gave me nightmare flashbacks of sleeping in contacts. Jon sleeps with his in every night and I don’t get it. My eyes felt like they had glue in them when I did that. I also leave my phone on top of my car all the time. The other day, I drove away with my glasses on my car. Thankfully Jon was home and I called him to go look for them in the street. He found them before they got run over. But I set everything on the roof while I buckle Jackson in so it just happens.

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    1. I don’t get it either, my eyes feel like they are on fire when I sleep with them in! I’m glad I’m not the only one, I don’t actually usually put stuff on the roof but I have been recently…well until the phone incident and I did have loads of stuff so I get it that it happens with a baby!


  10. ‘Do not leave mobile phone on car roof and drive away’. I needed this tip like a year back 😂.
    Also, I once placed my phone on the trunk of a random car while playing street-football/soccer because, who likes the extra weight while running around, ya? Turns out that the car owner drove off and my phone (miraculously and probably) stayed on his trunk till God knows when. Never found the phone 😭

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