Run. Walk. Snap


You may remember I told you I had signed up to run my first ever full Marathon.  Although I’m not the best runner I had a full year to go and thought I’d have plenty time to get up to speed (pun intended) .Well, now I have around 8 months till marathon day and I have barely done any running since signing up.  I just can’t seem to find my mojo.

Reading blogs and posting here on WordPress has always been a huge motivation in my running journey so that’s exactly where I headed to find the kick up the butt I needed.  I read some blogs and came across the idea of running and taking snaps as you go, a gentle run/walk.  I thought for people like me who have lost their running mojo it would be a great way to ease yourself back in, having fun and also a way to take note and appreciate whatever your town or nature around you has to offer.  I decided that’s exactly what I’d do head to town and ‘Run, Walk & Snap’.  Apologies I really can’t remember where I read this so I can’t give the credit due for the idea.

I also received a sign from the universe when I then stumbled across Worldwide WordPress 5k (#wwwp5k) a lightbulb lit up above my head…I would combine both. 

I live in the town of Stirling, my mistake, the City of Stirling, city status was granted in 2002 as part of the Queens Golden Jubilee celebrations, although to me and to most it’s a town.  Originally a medieval fortress town.

I’ll be honest, I really enjoy travelling, learning about different cultures, traditions, architecture and history but I have never really had any interest in Scottish or British history (how very unpatriotic of me) it’s full of stories of violence, war, poverty, monarchy and battles of power its a real life Game of Thrones (well minus the dragons and hocus pocus).  In fact the season 1 episode 1 scenes at Winterfell were filmed  in Stirling at the nearby and much smaller castle in Doune. #GoTfacts

Everyone loves King and Queen stories but I imagine it was a very difficult time to live in for the working class people, saying that, one of our Queens had her head chopped off by her cousin who thought she was a threat to her own throne in England… I guess no-one was safe!

Anyway on with my run. 

Ironically the day before was a gorgeous day, super sunny but with an autumnal chill.  I  considered waiting for the next sunny day to get some good photos but I’d have missed the window for #wwwp5k and I could have been waiting until April(no joke, summer is over) so I thought it would be more  genuine to just show you what Scotland looks like 99.999% of the time. WET.

I ran around part of the old town known to the locals as ‘the top ae the toon’ (the top of the town)if you ever find yourself in Stirling it is in fact the highest part of the town, around the castle area.  Excellent for hill training, it was actually a killer for the calves and glutes.

So here’s my 5k in photos, castles, kings, terrible selfies and some realtime bi-polar Scottish weather..

Also, apologies for the hat it was covered in fluff from a scarf, but it didn’t look as bad in real life as it does in the photos.

Don’t worry that’s not a real wolf.  It’s wooden.  Rumour has it that vikings who were planning to ambush the town accidentally trod on a wolf pups foot, it yelped for its mother who howled to the pack then all the wolves howling woke up the town and the royals alerting them to the ambush, stopping it before it happened.  That’s why that particular part of town is called Wolfcraig…who knew.  I’ve only lived here for 33 years. 

The Castle gates

Knight in shining armour anyone? Think they missed a rather delicate area from his armoury…ooops!

My face just can’t hide my feelings about the weather.  That thing you can see standing on the top of the hill in the distance is Wallace monument (who has seen Braveheart?  They actually held the premiere of that movie here in Stirling Castle.  Terrible movie)

That yellow eye sore is part of the castle that had the stone cleaned a few years back and now it looks ridiculous, you can see the yellow bit from miles away.

Can you see the head above the door. This is the Tolbooth which was once the jail. I’m not sure if the head is supposed to be the king or god with a disapproving look on the entering criminals or just a reminder as you enter that you will probably lose your head for stealing that chicken to feed your family of 12. 

The Tolbooth is now a music and arts venue.

Prison gates don’t look like this anymore.

This jail eventually became a military prison.

At the top of the hill is the church that my sister was married in back in April

This was once a hospital.

King Robert the Bruce he defeated Edward, King of England a while back, so we kind of like him. Haha jokes!! (Battle of Bannockburn 1314 seen at the end of that terrible movie mentioned before)

Don’t quote me on this as I mentioned Scottish history is not my thing but I overheard some American tourists (and I vaguely remember learning this in School) this church, The Church of the Holy Rude (my sisters wedding church) opened in 1129 is one of only 2 standing churches to have held a royal coronation, King James VI in the 16th century.  Westminster Abbey is the only other.

This is a bit of a random photo of a steep little bit of hill that I once struggled to climb in heels and today I pulled a muscle running up.  I’ll be avoiding it in future!

I even got some action shots, my crazy sister does some voluntary work handing out leaflets and giving information for the Tourist Information Centre (she used to work there) so she offered to take some snaps as I ran past her spot then she wandered around and managed to get a few of me when she finished too.  In return I treated her to a lunch at The Boozy Cow a new burger place that’s opened in town. Healthy is all about balance after all😉

Wait till you see her work outfit…

Top hat and tails. Haha. She’s supposed to be a Victorian gentleman.  She doesn’t even care, she does this for fun, cause she loves speaking to tourists and old people.  Seriously, she cracks me up!

Donna made me stop running here, she said it was a really nice photo, really it was because it looked like there was a steeple on my head.

I had so much fun doing this, looking at things I haven’t before and running a route I’d never ran before.  I usually run on more rural country roads with just trees and horse poop to look at.

I can’t wait to read other people’s #wwwp5k let me know if you took part?

Have you ever played tourist in your hometown?

Thanks for reading 😊

Have a great day ❤️️

Angela xo

The Office – Ep1 -Beehave


I work in an office with 4 other women, occasionally, our managers work from our office but for the most part it’s just the 5 of us.  

Generally we get on really well but sometimes it can be hard work, working so closely with women, hormones, emotions and all that jazz.  I’m pretty quiet and tend to stay out of arguments or bitching sessions when they occur.  Like most work colleagues we probably spend more time with each other than we do with our families, its bound to happen from time to time.

Most of the time it’s enjoyable,  we laugh, a lot!! We talk about anything and everything.  There are some topics I believe shouldn’t be discussed in polite conversation but it turns out it’s ok to in our office…religion, politics, money, Sex…okay maybe not so much actual sex chat, two of the women are ages with my mother after all (cringe) but there’s definitely more than a few sexual innuendo’s thrown in the chats on a daily basis.  Mostly our chats are just the most completely random topics.

People from other departments are always getting caught up mid way through our random conversations which will either have them leave the office laughing or running out blushing.  

Our google search histories (mostly mine as I’m the google queen)  is actually quite embarrassing.  

How did we survive before  Google? Did we know nothing? <<< (we’re bffs if you just thought of Jon Snow).  Before Google how would you find out what was number 1 in the charts on the 19th August 1973?!

Here’s an embarrassing office Google search related story.  One of the IT guys logged onto my PC remotely when he was trying to sort something for me.  I’m not sure why he looked at my history, probably just being nosey, but the last thing I had ‘googled’ was can astronauts have sex in space?  I died of embarrassment trying to explain to him that the girls had been talking about Space Live a documentary that aired for a week live from International Space Station and we wondered if, you know the astronauts could get up to anything, six months is a long time!! 

**FYI There’s no evidence that they can’t but apparently it would prove to be quite difficult (Newtons Law, gravity or lack of , blah, science stuff, blah…) I find it difficult to believe that no-one has tried it though, even if only for scientific purposes.

Recently things have been pretty stressful in the office, we actually do some work too believe it or not!   So the office banter has been kind of dull lately and I could feel a little bit of tension in the atmosphere between a few of the girls.  

That is until I got this new shirt last week, which by the way I thought was really freaking cute.  

A few people had said it was nice.  Then this one guy from the sales team came into our office and he said ‘Nice shirt Angela, did you get stung when you bought that?’ The office went into an uproar, the sales guy who said it was practically hyperventilating from laughing so much.  I laughed too it was funny but c’mon you don’t laugh at your own jokes, well not that much anyway.  Haha.  That was it for the whole day I heard bee joke after bee joke, I’m pretty sure he was googling them because there is no way he made them up by himself, it was just too funny.  He even made the Receptionist call me to ask where the hive was as pest control were in to remove it, she didn’t have a clue that it was a joke as she hadn’t seen my shirt.  EVERYONE asked if I was ‘buzzing for the weekend’.  We all laughed so much all day, needless to say I haven’t worn the shirt since. Haha. 

It’s all good being laughed at though, it broke the atmosphere in the office AND I came in the next day to some treats.  Queen Bee socks and a peanut Lion Bar (because chocolate addiction) for my trouble.  Ironically I was wearing a leopard print top that day. Haha

Maybe I’ll start a regular post on our office chat of the week!

Anyone else had to stop using Google due to embarrassment? 

I’m going to Buzzzzz off now🐝

Thanks for reading 😊

Have a great day ❤️️

Angela xo

Past Adventures • Airport Dash


My sister reminded me this morning that exactly 8 years ago today we shared a memorable travel mishap.  Donna has a knack for remembering dates and random things (usually embarrassing things that you’d rather forget) but I have to be honest even for me and my terrible memory, this one was unforgettable!

The three of us were heading off on a 4 day sisters trip to the Big Apple.  Cheryl and I had been before but it was Donna’s first visit.  Excited was an understatement.

Being the oldest, Cheryl took charge as official trip organiser much to Donna’s dismay (Donna was at Uni studying tourism at the time, so, obviously that deemed her a professional traveller).  I was just glad I didn’t have to take responsibility for anything, just turn up and have a great time!

August 25th 2008

Mum was driving us to the airport when Cheryl put a pause on our shrieks of excitement and demanded we surrender our passports.   Stating that ALL documents should be in her possesion,  she had organised and labelled several plastic folders,  FLIGHT, HOTEL, PASSPORTS, EXCURSIONS & MAPS… OCD much?  Donna and I giggled in the back of the car as she checked through them all for the billionth time…

“Flight tickets …check

Hotel confirmation…check…”

We hadn’t left the country yet and Cheryl had already gained her nickname for the trip, ‘Drill Sergeant’

At the drop of point of Glasgow Airport we grabbed our cases, got hugs from Mum and waved her on her way, before trundling through the airport doors.  That’s when your trip officially begins, right? Once you are through those doors.  That’s when I get (even more) excited anyway.  I studied the screens to find our check in desk,  American Airlines to JFK

‘Cheryl? Are you sure it’s JFK and not Newark were flying to? I can’t see anything for JFK there!’

‘It’s definitely JFK!’she says proceeding to pull the plastic folders from handbag.

‘Haha, are you sure it’s leaving from here’ Donna joked.

‘Oh c’mon, I’m not that stupid!’ Cheryl was getting annoyed with us, still pulling the many plastic folders from her bag!

‘LOOK! JFK! She says pointing at the tickets now that they had been retrieved from the folder.

LOOK! EDI’ I pointed back at her! ….Those three letters practically jumped out the page at me as soon as I looked.  Donna was right, we were at the wrong airport, we should have been in Edinburgh.

Cheryl froze shouted some profanity,  dropped her bags, the many plastic folders and ran straight out the airport doors and right into a taxi that was dropping people off.

As Donna and I juggled pulling three suitcases, three handbags and the many plastic folders we could hear her pleading with the taxi driver to take us to Edinburgh as quickly as possible.

‘Oh, you know it’s rush hour now dear  and…’

‘Just go!! Just Go please, please just go!!!’

Donna and I jumped into the taxi and burst into hysterics laughing, Cheryl turned white ‘Stop laughing it’s not funny, this is a disaster!!’ Obviously this made us laugh even more.

Glasgow Airport to Edinburgh airport is roughly 50miles but with rush hour traffic surrounding both cities we were looking at 1hr30 to 2hr drive.  International flights require you to check in 3 hours before departure time (which we had arrived on time for in Glasgow) so Cheryl frantically called the airport from the taxi to make sure our desk would still be open, to be told ‘Unfortunately, dear it really is the airlines discretion when they close the desk’ which only added to Cheryl’s panic and our laughter.  Poor Cheryl, ha!

We passed Mum on the motorway she was stuck in traffic heading out of Glasgow, Donna and I were waving like mad women trying to get her attention as we passed (we didn’t manage) and Cheryl was slumping down in her seat to hide  ‘oh no,Please don’t tell Mum!’

Almost in Edinburgh, Cheryl realised she had also ordered her US dollars to be collected at Travelex in Glasgow Airport, Donna and I enjoyed yet another hilarious frantic phone call to rearrange it for Edinburgh. Everytime she said ‘wrong airport’ when explaining the situation we laughed even more.

Apart from the embarrassing phone calls Cheryl never spoke the whole taxi ride, she just sat staring out the front screen as if she was urging all the traffic out the way with some invisible force. Ha!

Kudos to the taxi driver though, who literally had the pedal to the metal the whole way.  Finally we arrived at Edinburgh,  Donna and I still giggling and laughing, Cheryl pouncing out the taxi before it even came fully to a stop and leaving me to foot the £130.00 taxi bill.

One final sprint as the desk was closing and we made it!

Donna and I had sore abs from laughing so much, Cheryl could now see the funny side of it and managed a smile…

Can you see the relief on her face? ha

I just read this back and realised it was one of had to be there moments. HaHa

•The sisters bought me dinner and cocktails when we arrived in NYC to cover the taxi bill. Winning!

•Cheryl got a mosquito bite and her leg ended up swelling up really bad on the flight home.  So we changed her name from Drill Sergeant to Cankle.  Poor Cheryl!

•We had the best freaking time.  I lost ALL my photos of the trip when my laptop died.  Gutted! I just realised I’ve been saying for 8 whole years that I must go back to NYC!! I must!


Stolen from Donnas Facebook….the only snap of me in NYC

Have you ever gone to the wrong airport, or had any travel mishaps?

Thanks for reading 😊

Have a great day ❤️

Angela xo

Just be.

What is your passion? phrase handwritten on chalkboard with red heart symbol

Unlike my sisters, I have never been career driven.  In fact in my final year of High School, had you asked me what I wanted to be, you’d have received a different answer depending on what day it was or whether I’d watched Ally McBeal, C.S.I or Sex and the City the night before.  

That time I was recruited to be a CSI, ha

When I was choosing my final subjects at High School, my guidance teacher asked me what I wanted to be, I said a teacher.  I don’t know why I said that, I did not want to be a teacher it was just the first thing that came into my head that wouldn’t provoke disapproving looks from both him and my mother who sat next to me.  I still don’t know what’s wrong with wanting to work in the coffee shop I worked in at the time? Or being a roadie for 50cent?…. I can just imagine my mothers face if I’d actually said that. Haha jokes!  
I am by no means blowing my own trumpet but I left school with 6 Highers without trying, I barely studied, I failed to hand homework in on time, on occasion I skipped class.  I just was not interested in school at all!  My teachers and my parents would get frustrated with me, I guess they knew I could have done well if I’d actually applied myself. Sorry Mum!

From the subjects I studied at the time (Engligh, Maths, French, Chemistry, Music & Art) I said Art was my favourite, probably because it involved less concentration and effort which is why I ended up at University studying Interior Architecture (not teaching, lol).  I can’t really remember if I really wanted to go to Uni, if it was just because my friends were going or it felt like that’s the thing you do after High School but off I went.  I liked my course but again I didn’t really make as much effort as I probably could have.  I loved the social life at uni, I loved the class trips (Paris, Rome, Barcelona & NYC) and after 4 years studying…well not so much of the studying, I left with my degree.

 I sort of landed myself a job as an Assistant Interior Designer for a company in Edinburgh and it was there I learned how much I lacked that ambition that everyone else in the industry had.  The girls I worked with had a career plan they knew what they wanted and they were going to get it.  I just didn’t have that passion.  Don’t get me wrong I went to work everyday and did my job to a high standard but I wasn’t competitive enough  by nature to work in the design industry.  I was told this many times at University, I knew this already though.  I was never the kid that cried if I didn’t win because I honestly just didn’t ever care enough.  At work my boss would take glory for my ideas and it really didn’t bother me, I let her.  I hated being front line I’d much rather be a minion in the background.  I definitely am not one of those natural leader types.

When the company relocated to Hong Kong I didn’t jump at the chance to move with them like the others.  I quit.  I got a job in my hometown in an office “just until I found another in my chosen field”….except I didn’t even bother looking and I still work in that office now 10 years later.  I don’t love my job but I don’t hate it.  I work hard, I am a good employee (blowing my own trumpet again)but I’m really not passionate about what I do.  To me it’s a job, a way to pay the bills and allow me to enjoy my free time.

I’ve never been driven by money or success.  People judge me on this but I don’t care, people are genuinely shocked when I say I don’t have a 5 year plan, I never have.  An ex actually broke up with me for it.  He put his life on hold to prioritise and achieve his dream and couldn’t understand why I didn’t have the fire in my belly to do the same.  I guess we were both at complete opposite ends of the scale. Haha.

Money, possessions and success are not important to me.  I practice gratitude daily, not because I follow any type of holistic lifestyle but because I grew up living with with someone who has poor health and inturn a poor quality of life so it’s hard not be grateful every damn day and I believe this to be the reason I am happy to just be.   Gratitude is the key to happiness guys! 

Kevin on the other hand has his own business, since I’ve known him that’s what he’s wanted.  In his free time he drives a race car and I know that if money was no option that is what he would want to do every day.  He is so passionate about it that I know it’ll hurt when he has to give it up when we have a mortgage to pay.  As much as I sometimes complain that his race car is a time consuming, money-eating hobby, I do love to see how happy it makes him when he stands on that podium and takes his trophy.  

Just last week when we were discussing him giving up racing at the end of the season he said to me.  “Have you never had something you were really passionate about?” ……No, not really!

I laughed after I said no because it reminded me of when my friend was dating she would text me a colour based on her first impressions of her date. eg. Beige=Average,Boring.  Red=Hot, interesting.  Am I beige? Am I really not that interested in anything?

I know a few of the Olympians in Rio  with Team GB at the moment.  I wonder how they feel reaching goals they’ve been working for their whole lives and I honestly can’t comprehend wanting something so badly that you sacrifice so much of your life to achieve it. Kudos to them, they are all an absolute inspiration.  Side note: go follow Usain Bolt on snapchat he makes me smile every freaking day.

So here I am currently pondering all the things that I love, trying to find out if there is something that makes me tick? Something that could potentially become a hobby that I’m truly passionate about or a career that feels like my calling.  Am I missing out on things in life because of this lack of interest? I don’t feel like I am but how do I know?  I read everywhere about people who quit corporate jobs they have worked for years to become a yoga teacher, people who sell their homes and possessions to travel the world and let’s be honest social media is pretty much filled with cheesy inspiration quotes advising us to chase our dreams….what if you don’t have one? 

Or maybe I am I just reading too much into it all….


Do you have a career or hobby that you are really passionate about?

Did you aim to achieve goals from a young age? Or did you find your passion later in life?

Thanks so much for reading 😊

Have a fabulous weekend❤️

Angela xo

30 SINCE 30


Last Saturday was my birthday.  


 I don’t even know where the last 10 years have gone! If I ever said anything that sounded like my Mother, that was it!

In all honesty though, my age has never bothered me (I freaking love birthdays!) but I do know that the 30+ club gets pretty bad rep of being boring, I’m on a bit of a mission to clear its name, life is still awesome this side of 30! 

Although they sound like great fun I didn’t do a 30 before 30 list. I have slight OCD so if I hadn’t completed it by my 30th birthday, I’d have been pretty annoyed with myself.

  So to mark my birthday I thought I’d do a list, but change it up a little (make it more awesome) and list 30 things I’ve experienced/done for the first time since turning 30, 3 years ago(but feels like 3 months ago). 

Things I’ve crossed of the old bucket list 

…30 SINCE 30

Disclaimer: Don’t expect any jumping out of planes though I’m not that adventurous…….yet!

1. Partied in Las Vegas 

2. Took a ride in a helicopter

3. Ran a half marathon

4.  Watched 24 start to finish

….because that’s an accomplishment and the world needs you right now Jack Bauer!!!

5. Walked the Hollywood Hall of Fame

These aren’t as glam as I imagined, I’m not sure why I imagined names on the street would be glam, but it was fun finding our faves amongst the stars!

6. Went out dressed as a famous landmark

Funny story: when I got to the fancy dress party my friend burst out laughing apparently when she’d asked what I was dressing up as she thought I’d said “an iPhone cover!” ….I’m the Eiffel Tower incase you are wondering!

7. Measured Marilyn up for size

FYI a perfect fit

 8. Started a blog

Well, hello

9. Fell in love with Santorini

It’s like, literally heaven!

10. Said YES

11. Gave blood

I couldn’t do this until 18 months ago as I was under the weight criteria (which is ridiculous, I’m small but have a healthy BMI), I’m so happy I can now…. Although I guess that means I also gained weight since turning 30 *oooops

12. Completed a zip wire assault course

13. Lived on a long boat

…..for a week.

14. Watched the most beautiful sunset.

I’m obsessed with sunsets since this one!

15. Ran 5k everyday for a whole month

16. Fired a gun

A typical bucket list item is facing your fears.  However, I’ll never willingly get into water with sharks so my next phobia is guns.  Turns out I have a pretty mean shot, even if I did mess my underwear…sorry!!!

17. Watched my little sister get married

18. Seen the Grand Canyon 

19. Went Vegan for a month.

My friend is a member of the ‘vegan police’ so I decided to give it a go.  Still can’t believe I managed a whole month without chocolate!!! I really only missed chicken, chocolate, cheese and eggs…which is basically my staple diet!

20. Tried wake boarding

Tried” being the operative word.  I still haven’t worked out how something can be so much fun when you are so bad at it!!! Note there is not a photo, that’s because I wasn’t on top of the water long enough for a photo!

21. Had a champagne picnic on the beach …in Scotland!!

Got Sunburn, windburn and rained on all in one day but it was a great day!

22. Took a random trip to a city I’d never visited before 

There were a few but Liverpool was the most recent

23. Learned something new

I took a make up artist course (I passed) it may not be a new language or a musical instrument but I can assure you contouring cheekbones and winged eyeliner takes skill!!

24. Paddled in the Pacific Ocean

My first and only time on the west coast, I really hope to go back soon and explore more places!!

(Santa Monica Beach, Los Angeles CA)

25.  Bought a stranger coffee

She actually screamed down the street after me… ‘Thanks but I can afford my own f***ing coffee’ . 

LIFE LESSON: you will never please everyone!!

26. Raised money for charity

Kevin and I raised £1000 for Leukaemia and Lymphoma research at the children’s hospital. after receiving sponsors to run a second Half Marathon.

27. Became a morning person!

I may not have a 100% record but I never imagined I would EVER get up at the crack of dawn to work out!


I can’t even explain how much I love boxing.  I’d advise everyone to try a sport they have never tried before. You might just surprise yourself!

29. Seen Beyoncé in concert

…..ok I may have seen her a few times, before I turned 30 too,  but it’s Beyoncé!  I did see Bruno Mars in concert…oh and BoyzIIMen after I was 30 though!

30. Became an Auntie

To beautiful identical twin girls 💗💗

I’m sure I’ve missed loads of other fun stuff but there you have it my 30 since 30!

Have you done any of these things too? Or do you want to?

What’s on your 30 before or after 30 list?

Thanks for reading 😊

Have a great day💗

(An older but not much wiser) Angela xo

So, I should be in Ibiza!


Last week I had a much needed week off!

I will hold my hands up and admit I had become a bit, well let’s just say not my usual happy self and not much fun, the last month or so.

I was exhausted, I  always remember saying that to my friend, who gave me a death stare that totally screamed ‘You are not a parent so don’t even!!’ So I try not to use the word exhausted, but I really was!

I had been staying with my sister for the last 8 weeks.  Cheryl is pregnant with twins and a high risk of premature labour, her husband works night shifts and wanted someone with her when he was at work.  So I offered my services, well, cause I’m nice like that.  **straightens halo

The thing is I totally struggled to sleep there, they live next to a train line and I’m a really, really light sleeper. Not fun! I was having to miss my morning workouts and ended up going to work like a zombie most days.

Then my Mum fell and broke her wrist and couldn’t drive for 4 weeks.  She is my Dads main carer so that meant she needed help too.  Alas, my workouts after work were skipped so I could make dinner and run errands for the parents before heading to my sisters for the night. **polishes halo

I’m really not complaining, I don’t want to sound like a completely selfish bitch.  I’d do anything for my family but the lack of sleep, me time and missing my workouts turned me into a right little moody cow…poor Kevin was usually on the firing end, although he really didn’t help himself when we booked a week in Ibiza and he failed to tell me his passport had expired LAST YEAR AND he took the wrong week off work **rolls eyes

Anyway, I’m over it!!!! 

Instead we had a spontaneous trip to Liverpool.

It certainly wasn’t Ibiza but we really had the best few days and I felt like we’d had a good break and some  much needed time together.

I’d never been to Liverpool.  Kevin was there in March on my Brother-in-Law, Graham’s Stag weekend and thought I’d love it, although it soon became apparent that he had spent the whole weekend pub crawling and possibly visiting a strip club. Not sure what made him think I’d love that? Haha!

We spent most of our time eating, drinking and shopping.  I’m always happy to participate in all of the above so all was good in the world! Ha!

Now, if I was at least a mediocre blogger or even a half decent tourist for that matter I’d probably have taken note of places we went, food we ate and you know all that stuff bloggers tend to blog about, but you know me! Apologies!

We stayed in the Crowne Plaza at the Princes Docks.  I’d highly recommend this hotel.  Location was great, room was great, food was great AND this made me so happy..

 A runners station. Providing runners with 3 awesome routes (2,4 & 6 mile) strawberry filtered water, towels and apples. I think ALL hotels should have one of these!! In fact I think my gym should have one!! It’s the little things, guys!

Our trip began with some cocktails..

Have you ever tried a Mexican Bulldog? yum
I do love a Pornstar Martini

And as you can see pretty much continued that way for the next 3 days, I did occasionally take breaks between bars to do some shopping. The shopping is so good in Liverpool. 

The docks area has recently been redeveloped and is very tourist friendly.

Random fact: Titanic was built in Belfast(I’ve visited the dock it was built in) and left from Southampton.  It was never actually in Liverpool, it was just registered there, that’s why it had LIVERPOOL on its bow.  Also, there was totally enough room for Jack to float on that door too, right? 

Home of The Beatles and it’s obvious around the city that they take much pride in this.

The fifth Beatle, call me Yoko

We opted out of all The Beatles tourist attractions because, well, I’m not really that much of a fan…I know how very un-British of me.

That being said we did have a brilliant night in The Cavern Club, birthplace of The Beatles.  We only planned popping in for one drink and expected it to be quiet as it was Tuesday night but it was absolutely packed and everyone was having a great time, such a good atmosphere, naturally we stayed until closing time.  I can’t remember the singers name, perhaps because of too much gin, but he was so good and sung a good variety of covers and just enough of The Beatles (ok they do have some songs I absolutely love).  

With The Cavern Club being a bit of a tourist attraction for Beatles fans and music lovers the place was packed with all nationalities.

  I took a photo for a Spanish guy who had brought his Beatle mad Dad over to visit (it was his first trip out of mainland Spain).  We shared a table with 3 Korean ladies also Beatle daft, they actually made my night with how excited they got when the singer covered a Beatles number! A Canadian girl got up and sung Amy Winehouse’s Tears dry on their Own she was incredible and for me no-one does Amy like Amy but she really was awesome! There was a Brazillian couple who were also staying in our hotel, Dutch, French, Irish, American, English and I’m pretty sure we were the only Scottish.

  I remember thinking what an amazing mix of people everyone smiling, singing and so friendly and the only thing to make that moment even better was when the singer sung John Lennon’s epic Imagine.  Amazing! I know, my sister cringes at me, I’m such a lover **makes peace sign

Before heading home the next day we randomly jumped on the open top bus to Anfield Stadium home of Liverpool Football Club.  Unfortunately the stadium is being renovated so we could only visit the museum but it was pretty good even if I do claim to be a bit of a Manchester United fan myself. Shhhhh!


On Thursday, Donna, our two friends and I went to see Beyoncé play at Hampden (two football stadiums in one week) she was amazing, what a show. Awesome, but I won’t lie we had a pretty crap view, being short at concerts isn’t much fun. Meh! 

It didn’t stop us having the best night though!!

Where’s Wally…I mean Queen Bey?
Barman, doesnt he look like Captain Jack Sparrow?
Drunk in Love….and in charge of a camera
Queen Bey had a moment of silence for the recent murders of Philando Castile,  Alton Sterling and for all other victims of police brutality. 
I couldn’t help but think about how only on Tuesday I was singing along to Imagine with complete strangers, a mixture of nationalities and races and here I was just two days later taking part in a moment of silence for people killed because of where they come from and the colour of their skin.  Beyoncé ended the silence with a goosebump raising, tear jerking acapella rendition of Freedom.

Donna and I stayed overnight in Glasgow and treated ourselves to an amazing spa day and afternoon tea on Friday at the gorgeous Blythswood Square Hotel.  I actually got some use out of my Beyoncé inspired bikini that I bought for Ibiza..


We decided to add a Rhassoul treatment to our package as they were doing an offer, basically we covered each other in mud, then washed it off.  My skin felt like I’d just been born when we were done! Heavenly.

On Saturday and Sunday Kevin and I just chilled out, watched Serena Williams (OMG I love watching Serena play) and Andy Murray take the Wimbledon Champion titles and had a couple of dinner dates.

All in all I had fun, consumed around 97543623 calories spent twice as much as I would have in Ibiza and fully recharged my batteries!

In other news:

Brexit! Wtf? We left the EU!! I don’t normally discus politics in polite conversation but I didn’t vote that way!**shock face

Snapchat! I kinda love it, I’m totally crap at it and most days I forget about it completely but I’m all for snapchat! Filter till you pretty!!!

Finally and most amazing of all..

I’m an Auntie: My sister had two beautifully, identical, little girls yesterday afternoon.  Amber and Harper Stewart Born early at only 30 weeks they are a tiny 2lb9oz and 2lb12oz.  I’m sure they will be little fighters and will get there with all the love that we all share for them. Unfortunately aunties are not allowed to visit in the neo-natal unit so I’m not sure when I’ll get to meet them in person but I love them already.
Is your gym time your time to yourself?

Have you ever had holiday plans thrown up in the air? 

Thanks for reading☺️

Have a great day ❤️

Angela xo

Coincidence or Synchronicity?


Have you ever had a coincidence happen to you that made you feel like it was meant to be? A sign from the universe or some other higher power perhaps?

I had a situation like this recently and It got me thinking about some other coincidences I have encountered…

The numbers 11 11 and 16 07  frequently show up for me, usually  it’s the time I happen to look at the clock but they do pop up other places too.  My birthday is July 16th so I guess that’s why I notice 16:07 so much.  I was once told 11:11 has something to do with angels…maybe I have a guardian angel or maybe it’s because my name is Angela?

i always seem to text my sisters at 11:11


My family often comment that Kevin is really like my late Grandfather, I do see some similarities like being 6ft3, growing up on a farm, similar interests(CARS!!) but other than that I don’t really see it as much as they do…. Strangely enough they do also share a birthday.  Maybe its a sign from my Grandfather that he approves of Kevin? 😉


I was seated beside a girl I’d never met before at a wedding last year (the groom was my cousin, the bride was her friend) after chatting for a while we figured out that we had some mutual acquantinces.  My friend Kat is her husbands boss, my cousin from the other side of my family has been her  friend since pre-school, her in-laws live next door to Kevin’s best friend AND the biggest shock of all. One of my good friends was secretly dating her brother!!! Six degrees of separation? Or was I supposed to find out my friends secret lover?

table seating plan at my cousins wedding


Before she got married my sisters name was Cheryl Martin.  Our (Kevin and I) best friends are a couple called Cheryl and Martin! Meant to be?


Early last year a new girl started in our office, her name is Jane Martin, we share a surname but are not related. Bizarrely, my parents were actually going to call me Jane too, Rod Stewart’s Baby Jane was topping the charts when I was born…my Dad changed his mind at the last minute and randomly named me Angela instead! It soon transpired that it wasn’t just the surname Jane and I had in common though, both our Dads are wheelchair bound after being diagnosed with Primary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis in their 20’s and they are both the same age!!! No our Dads are not the same person! Ha! 

jane, me, kirsten…office party


At the end of last year one of my best friends, Lynsay invited me on a day out in Edinburgh.  Lyns had arranged to meet up with her cousin Margaret who had travelled up from her hometown of Hexham with her friend Catriona to spend a few days in the Capital.  We had a fab day, shopping, lunching, chatting and of course no Edinburgh trip is complete without a few cocktails.  FastForward 5 months and I get a text from Lynsay…

my best friends cousin is best friends with my cousin?!?!?

…it’s true we’re cousins too and didn’t even know it!!


Most recently and the reason for this post.

My friend from work Kirsten is running a 10K next Sunday, she’s a newbie runner and was asking me for some tips about running…yeah ME, obviously she hasn’t read this blog lol!  During our chat she mentioned how she thought marathon runners must be off their trolleys, “I mean why would anyone would choose to run 26.2 miles?”

I replied ‘Its on my bucket list, I’d love to run a marathon one day!’  I’d never actually said that out loud before, I’m not even sure if I had even said it in my head before.  However when I opened up my Facebook for a nosey seconds after saying it the first thing on my newsfeed was this…

My hometown is hosting a marathon for the first time.  Ever.

Obviously that was a sign, right? So I pretty much signed up for the race there and then! 

I keep telling myself I have a year to train but……eeeeek!  I HAVE SIGNED UP FOR A FULL MARATHON!!

Have you ever had any unusual coincidences happen to you?

Do you believe in synchronicity?

Thanks for reading💗
Have a great day 😊
Angela xo