Run. Walk. Snap

You may remember I told you I had signed up to run my first ever full Marathon.  Although I’m not the best runner I had a full year to go and thought I’d have plenty time to get up to speed (pun intended) .Well, now I have around 8 months till marathon day and I … More Run. Walk. Snap

Just be.

Unlike my sisters, I have never been career driven.  In fact in my final year of High School, had you asked me what I wanted to be, you’d have received a different answer depending on what day it was or whether I’d watched Ally McBeal, C.S.I or Sex and the City the night before. When … More Just be.

30 SINCE 30

Last Saturday was my birthday. Thirty-three.  I don’t even know where the last 10 years have gone! If I ever said anything that sounded like my Mother, that was it! In all honesty though, my age has never bothered me (I freaking love birthdays!) but I do know that the 30+ club gets pretty bad … More 30 SINCE 30