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Fit Friday – Update

I’ve been loving working out the last few weeks, believe it or not I’m getting up every weekday to workout at 6am.  I wouldn’t say I’m a morning person but I do feel much better if I start the day with a excercise.

At the moment I have two gym memberships.
One at my local council run gym, which has excellent facilities, awesome gym equipment, full class timetable, 25m pool, ice rink, climbing wall and games hall.

The other is at a small, female-only fitness facility owned and run by personal trainer Fiona, Fee’s Fitness.  Although Fiona doesn’t have state of the art facilities her workouts are much more personal and I always leave feeling like I’ve worked as hard as I can.

The last two weeks I’ve been working out with Fiona 5 days a week and neglecting the other gym. I really want to keep both memberships going as I love both gyms for different reasons but I guess Kevin is right when he says I’m throwing my money away.  Did I just admit he was right?!

My goal for next week is to schedule workouts incorporates both gyms and hopefully also some running, which also seems to have taken a nose dive recently.   I’m thinking early morning morning workouts with Fiona and then gym or run after work… Perhaps I am being too ambitious but I’m feeling mega motivated at the moment!

Fiona is also starting a 12 week challenge with us next week.  I don’t have any details yet but I’ll be sure to share it with you guys!

Do you work out more than once a day? How long do you work out for? 
Thanks for reading♥️Have a great weekend😊
Angela xo

3 thoughts on “Fit Friday – Update”

  1. I don’t ever do two workouts in a day. I used to on my days off, but ended up with an overuse injury (I was also lifting heavy weights frequently). I work out 3-5 times a week. If I go to just a regular gym, I usually work out for about 30-50 minutes (depending on how I feel), or I do an hour if I do a ClassPass class. But one is enough! My body isn’t made to withstand working out twice in a day!

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