Running, The Journey to 26.2

Sunday Run Down #4 and #5

I've not abandoned my training, I just didn't have much to post about last week.  Week 4 of marathon training involved 60 minutes hot yoga on Tuesday and 7.5miles on Wednesday an that was all! I even missed my long run which should have been 12 miles.  I was so annoyed at myself because I… Continue reading Sunday Run Down #4 and #5

Fitness, Realness

Feminist Fitness

I haven't done any running for what feels like forever.  Running, for me, requires a lot mental strength, something I seem to lack completely right now.  I just can't seem to get in the zone at all.  Instead I've been loving  aggressive, adrenalin pumping, testosterone boosting workouts. Yes I said testosterone boosting and yes I'm… Continue reading Feminist Fitness


First Time (update)

You may remember my 'First Time' post. I started that post off by stating my shock that we were quarter way through the year.  Well we're now half way through 2015!!!! What!?! ..FYI, you know you are old when you feel like time flies by. Yes I am old. Since that particular post I've been trying… Continue reading First Time (update)