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FIT Friday -Week1

Happy Friday!!

I have been much better this week with regards to my fitness levels. See, a problem shared is a problem halved!

The mornings have still been a bit of struggle so I’ve been excercising after work during the week.

I stuck to eating clean for all meals but struggled towards the end of the week with my terrible sweet tooth. Chocoholic. Like, really bad, I ate 2 Reese’s Peanutbutter Cups after breakfast this morning…then felt sick all damn day.  I used My Fitness Pal all week (yes, I even put the chocolate fails in) but I’m really not enjoying counting calories so I might give that a miss next week.

I still haven’t managed to get my body fat calculated, my gym has just started a new membership incentive so it’s like the New Year boom all over again. I’d still like to get it done but for now I’ve just been weighing myself.  Although I’m not big on weighing either as my weight tends to fluctuate 2/3lbs day to day.

Difference: -2lb

Saturday– 60mins BodyAttack Class

Sunday– 5k run (slow)

Monday-45mins spin class & 45 swim breaststroke (really slow)

Tuesday-60mins BodyAttack class

Wednesday-60mins group training

We done a tabata style workout and then some core work.

Thursday-REST- dress shopping should qualify as cardio, if only we hadn’t stopped at Starbucks.

Friday– 60mins group training

Today’s training session was tough but I really liked it.  Fiona our trainer used a deck of cards.  Each suit was a different excercise-kettle bell swings, press ups, squat jumps & burpees. When she turned each card over we had to double it (4 diamonds = 8 burpees). Face cards were 10 sit ups and ACE was whatever she decided.

Loving being back into a routine and feel like I’m getting my excercise mojo back.

Plan for the week ahead…

Ignore the chocolate cravings – It’s getting ridiculous.

Morning workouts – I want to try at least 2.  I prefer morning workouts I just also prefer bed. A lot.

5 workouts, minimum – A combination again but I’d like to get more running in this week.

How do you measure your progress? Scales, photos, measurements or just how you feel in clothes?

Thanks for reading 😊 have a great weekend ❤️
Angela xo

9 thoughts on “FIT Friday -Week1”

    1. Thanks! Wow, I just read you are doing 3 FULL marathons within 2 weeks. I recently started running and done 2 halfs this year so all I can say is. RESPECT!! Now following you!

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  1. Dress shopping can totally qualify as cardio!!! Don’t discount it just because a latte got in the mix 😉
    Sounds like you’re doing well though! Keep it up!
    I generally jump on the scale every few days just to keep things in check. Also fluctuate 2-4lbs depending on my last meal! Haha
    Great post 🙂 have a good week!

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  2. I don’t weigh myself often (unless I’m at my parent’s house and happen to use their bathroom- they keep their scale out- I do own a scale but never take it out from under the cabinet). I tend to just tell by looking in the mirror, but my weight doesn’t fluctuate much. I’m usually between 98-101lbs. I LOVE chocolate! I only buy one kind of chocolate chunks (Enjoy Life), but I eat 1-2 handfuls every day pretty much. Good job working out! You did a ton this week! I can’t wake up that early to work out- I definitely like my bed way too much! Anyway, way to get back in the swing of things 🙂

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  3. The cravings get me every time! I try to do a run before work and then weights after work, so that way if I’m tired after work and don’t want to work out, I justify it because I already got in some cardio that day.
    I do everything to track my progress…weight, measurements, but also looking in the mirror. I have so many before and after photos on my phone it’s ridiculous. I also measure my strength too. There’s somethings that I can’t do because I’m not strong enough, so after working out for awhile I try it again and see if I can do it!

    Keep at it girl! You got it!


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