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Past Adventures • What happened in Vegas?

The Mr is currently on a flight home from a stag party in Las Vegas, communication has been sparse over the last 6 days, yes 6 days for a stag party? Ridiculous right?  After the intial  ‘At hotel. Alive’ text to confirm they had a safe journey I heard nothing for 48 hours then received a random photo of his Ceasars Palace bathroom followed by one of his eggs benedict, steak, ribs , potato and melon breakfast, a day later one of the stag with a Mike Tyson-esque eye tattoo (apparently its henna) and another this morning of Mr himself at a gun range holding some sort of weapon of mass destruction.  I’m pretty sure I won’t get much conversation tonight as I imagine he will probably collapse into a coma for the next few days to recover from the lost of sleep and alcohol consumption.*

Since he has been gone I’ve found myself reminiscing about a trip we made to Sin City for my 30th birthday.  Now, I must confess, my previous past adventures posts have not been written entirely from memory, I used to jot things down in a journal because I have a terrible memory.  Vegas however, I wrote nothing.  Not. A Thing.  I must have taken that quote  ‘What happens in Vegas goes on Facebook stays in Vegas.’ quite literally.

Thankfully I do have some photos I was tagged in on Facebook to jog my memory of what actually happened in Vegas..

August 2013 

•Despite visiting Ireland many times and it being widely available here in Scotland, I had my first taste of Guinness in Las Vegas.

It wasn’t for me but that might have been something to do with drinking it at 8am.

•Came close to being frostbit 

•Travelled the world in less than a mile.

•Feared for my life at a shooting range.

I fired a Pink Hello Kitty AK47, a must have for any 10 year old girl!?!? What the.. only in Vegas…I hope!

•Took my first (and last) helicopter flight

•Partied like a rockstar princess

•Rocked out to Queen in Fremont Street

•Solved a murder

•Put it all on black…and lost.

Would you believe red 30 came out and we were all wearing my birthday T-shirts with a red 30 on them! 

Las Vegas hadn’t actually ever been on my wishlist, I’m too much of a beach lover, but I read somewhere that Vegas is the adult version of Disneyland and I had always dreamed of a birthday party at Disneyland so it seemed fitting**
The Disneyland comparison was practically spot on.  I realised this as I strolled up and down the strip in awe at the size of the hotels saying ‘wow look at that!’ every 20 steps, just like you’d do in the happiest place on earth.  There are even rides.  I unfortunately was too scared to take on any of the rides at the top of the Stratosphere, the Slotzilla zip line in Fremont Street hadn’t opened yet nor had the High Roller at the Linq but I did brave the old faithful yellow cab rollercoaster in New York New York, with a hangover may I add.  The monorail was just as frightening and the incline elevator in the Luxor was more likely to make you throw up (I could not get used to that thing).  If like me you are boring not much of an adrenaline junkie you could opt for a relaxing ride in a gondola in the Venetian, but I’d recommend you go for the indoor option, we didn’t and it was HOT out! 

You might not shake hands with Mickey Mouse (actually you might) but you will see lots of familiar characters.  In fact one of my memorable Vegas moments was seeing a fight break out between Michael Jackson and Big Bird from Sesame St, I wish I’d stuck around to see who won, although I heard Batman swooped in to sort the situation out.

So you see it’s a lot like Disneyland if you just turn a blind eye to the gambling, alcohol, nightclubs, strip shows, hookers and so many naked people.

It’s a fun, wild and crazy place!  After a day or two you become immune to the Vegas craziness, sitting at a slot machine with Elvis to the left and a newlywed bride in full bridal wear to the right becomes completely normal.  As for the nightclubs we quickly caught on to the fact that girls recieved preferential treatment, bait to get guys in I guess.  We were a group of 3 girls and 3 guys and us ladies got in to all the clubs for free and most places offered us free drinks, the guys had to pay to top dollar… I felt guilty about that…for a second.

If celebrity spotting is your thing, you might be in luck.  One Direction had a show when were there and we spotted them on the way back to our hotel one afternoon, they were hard to miss as there was a mass of screaming teenagers around them. Less conspicuous, Pharrel Williams was partying in Pure at Ceasars Palace, Donna spotted him as we headed to the rooftop in a glass elevator.  Donna and I also went to see Bruno Mars in concert (that’s where I became a fan) we were hoping to go to the after party he was attending but it was our last night in Sin City and we reluctantly headed to bed after the show admitting defeat. Vegas always wins.

And that’s what happened in Vegas.  We weren’t too wild (not sure I can say the same for Kevin’s recent trip)  I didn’t get married, apparently I did make a marriage proposal to Kevin as we strolled passed the chapel in our hotel at 5.30am… too much tequila, obviously.  We didn’t trash our room, steal a tiger or inherit a baby and there was no memory loss, well maybe a little fuzziness.

I can’t really make recommendations from (my terrible) memory but here are a few things I remember really loving.

Mon Ami Gabi – Paris Hotel

French restaurant.  We had our evening meal here the food and service were fantastic and sitting outside on the patio we had an amazing view of the bellagio fountains.

Papillon Helicopter Tours

We took the Grand Canyon Evening Celebration tour, a glass of fizz in the canyon and the sunset over the strip on the return. I was terrified but it was an amazing experience and our pilot was great.
House of Blues – Mandalay Bay

I can’t remember what the food was like but the live music was AMAZING and we got a free bucket of beers because it was Birthday!

YOLO – Planet Hollywood

The best frozen margaritas I ever had.

I really enjoyed reliving this, I don’t have this much fun anymore now that I’m old! Ha!

Have you ever partied in Las Vegas?

Thanks for reading 😊
Have a great day❤️

Angela xo
*I stand corrected, he didn’t stop speaking for nearly 2 hours.  I almost feel like I was on the trip with him (although I’m sure he missed some parts out).

**I actually don’t consider myself much of an adult and I don’t think Disneyland is just for kids (that is ageist) I’m holding out for my 40th birthday party there.

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Past Adventures • Tomb Raider


After I posted my NYC past adventure I planned on sharing more of my travel mishaps and social calamities – unfortunately they are a regular occurrence in my life – but being the awful blogger that I am, I forgot.  I was however reminded of this particular incident when Quinn posted about her trip to Cairo (Quinn, I just realised my trip to Cairo was probably just a couple of weeks before yours)


Kevin had booked for us to go on holiday with his friends and their little boy.  10 days All Inclusive in Sharm-el-Sheikh, Egypt.  Now, I’m going to sound like the most ungrateful girlfriend in the world but…  I know it’s great if you have kids or if you are the type of person who basically just wants sunshine (I’m from Scotland I get that!) but an all inclusive resort is really not my thing.  Sharing a pool with the same people you shared the flight with, Good Morning nods to the guy from seat 28E and battling it out for a sun lounger with the kid that took a flaky in the airport does not give you feel for a place, you don’t learn about the culture or history and most importantly you do not help the country’s economy.[RANT OVER].   Egypt, as you probably know, has incredible history and home to the most famous and extraordinary landmarks known to man.  There was no way I was lying on sun lounger, expanding my waist for the whole 10 days when I was so close to the last remaining wonder of the ancient world.

Firstly, lets talk about the transfer from the airport.  17 people from our flight were going to our hotel, we were picked up in a 12 seater minibus.  As usual, Shorty here drew the short straw and had to sit on Kevin’s knee (ok, maybe Kevin drew the short straw) in the front next to the driver, my face practically pressed against windscreen.  The driver was actually really lovely and talked about everything we were passing but OMG I felt like I was in a Mario Kart.  We dashed in and out of lanes in rush hour traffic, I never heard so many car horns blasting.  Kevin questioned why some of the lamp posts were lying at the side of the road.  The driver replied ‘look ahead the road is not finished’, he wasn’t kidding, we drove over sand for about half a mile before joining back onto tarmac.  I was more than grateful when we finally arrived at our hotel in one piece.

After a couple of days of chilling out, which I must admit was actually amazing.  Kevin and I headed off to explore Cairo and ancient Egypt for a few of days.  Our friends stayed at the resort.  They didn’t have visas to leave Sharm and although this was before the political unrest that it is now, Egypt was still very high risk for terrorist attacks.  I couldn’t blame them for wanting to keep their little boy somewhat oblivious in this sanctuary of water slides and free ice cream.


I’m not a great flyer but this was honestly the worst plane I have ever been on in my life, the only way I can explain it was an old military cargo type plane with actual bus seats stuck in, we even had to climb up the hatch/ rear door. NO JOKE

Thankfully we made it to Cairo without the back door opening, sprinkling us all across the Sahara.. that’s what I kept imagining the whole way…  I might have a slightly overactive imagination.


After an altercation with airport security and losing some clothes off our backs to beggars our first stop in Cairo was the Egyptian Museum.

Now is probably a good time to share that I get really freaked out by dead bodies, graves, ancient remains, supernatural, the dark.. in fact I’m scared of flipping everything…  a museum full of mummies was right up my street. NOT!  Alas, we were here for a history lesson so I sucked it up.  The Museum was actually phenomenal, even if I did walk around cowering behind Kevin holding onto his arm in fear that one of the mummified bodies would jump out of its glass case and kill me.  Thankfully they didn’t.

Most spectacular was the Tutankhanum exhibition.  Every item an absolute work of art. The craftsmanship and the extravagance of the riches found in his tomb were unbelievable for the time period which makes it even more heartbreaking to see the poverty and war across Egypt today.

With our minds blown we enjoyed lunch in a restaurant that sat on the Nile before being picked up for the next and most exciting part of our adventure… and the actual point of this post.  I need to work on my rambling.

On the coach to the pyramids our guide warned us about camel touts, people offering to take photos to extort money etc.  he also said the police that guarded the area were just as bad.  Everyone, except me, was excited that one of the Great Pyramids was open if we wanted to go inside.  HELL-TO-THE-NO!  I said to Kevin he could if he wanted but there was no way I was going into a tomb, the mummies in glass cases just scared the bejesus out of me… have you even seen the movie The Mummy!!! I was happy to marvel at them from the outside and get one of those obligatory tourist photos where you look like you are touching the top.

As we got nearer we could see the pyramids above the buildings.  Quite surreal how close the city is to them.   We were informed no photography was allowed inside the pyramid, it wasn’t allowed inside the museum either.  The guide also explained that the pyramids would soon be closed to the public as they are becoming badly damaged and so, Kevin convinced me to man up and go inside.  Holy sheeeeeeet.


Standing at the base of the pyramids was one of those moments where you can’t find words, you just stand in silence staring.  I still cant comprehend how they were built and how are they still standing all these years later.

I was so scared walking in, the passage was really narrow and small, Kevin had to crouch, I can’t remember if I did, probably not.  We descended for a bit and then changed to a climb before we reached the chamber.  It was much smaller than I imagined and hotter than hell.. imagine being inside a huge stone oven.  As I made my way to the middle of the chamber a ‘pyramid guardian’ tapped me on the shoulder from behind, I jumped out of my skin ‘Seriously dude I’m already having actual palpitations here!’  He said something like “10 dollars for photo” and made a hand signal that looked like clicking a camera in front of his face.  I must have just stared with a confused look, like erm, cameras are not allowed?!?  He grabbed my arm pulling me over to the other side of him saying ‘photo, photo, cheese’.  The next thing I knew I was lying inside the coffin on the floor of the chamber.  Petrified that he was about to close a lid over, I jumped out and grabbed onto Kevin.

There were a couple of other people from our coach there who had sneaked cameras in (we’re so nieve) so they stayed to pose in the coffin and take photos whilst I made a sharp exit running back through the passage way like Lara Croft, but not really like Lara Croft, she was badass I am not!  Kevin thought it was hilarious but I wasn’t ready to laugh, I was bloody traumatised and convinced I’d just been cursed by Pharoah Khafre for jumping into his bed.

I calmed down and eventually started to see the funny side as we wandered around outside the pyramids still not believing that we were here.  A camel tout asked if Kevin wanted a camel ride?  He declined the offer and was then asked …’What about your daughter?’  I burst out laughing as Kevin hastily, explained that I was in fact NOT  his daughter!! Haha

Thankfully the rest of the trip was less dramatic.  Well, there was one more.. I was tapped on the shoulder whilst sunbathing back at the resort.  I opened my eyes to a huge picture of a shark, and jumped 10ft in the air..I have a phobia.. ‘shark fishing ma’am?’ Snorkelling?  You want to try?’  Arrrrrgh!!

This is why I don’t do trip reviews, my mishaps make it hard to sell a place but I can honestly say that Egypt was and still is one of my favourite trips of all time.


Feel free to share your travel mishaps with me? Go on, make me feel kinda normal.

Have you seen the pyramids? How do you think were the made? Aliens, Magic?

Thanks for reading😊

Have a great day ❤

Angela xo

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Don’t grow up, it’s a trap!

Wow! November, where did you go?

I’ve had a pretty busy month.  Marathon training is in full swing.  Well I have a training plan and I stick to it, most days, kinda.

Anyway enough about running it’s my rest day!!!

If you’ve been reading my blog for a while you’ll probably know I’m a big kid, I read a quote somewhere once that said ‘Don’t grow up, it’s a trap!’ And I quite frankly live by it!

I’m the first to defend us thirty-somethings to the younger generations who think us over 30’s are old and boring and also to the older generation who think that we are too OLD to be going to Drake concerts **I’m looking at you Mum!

I have to admit it though, they might be right, I am known to now enjoy things that I once found ‘old and boring’, I probably can’t party like a rockstar anymore (well not for two nights in a row) and I’m pretty sure I’m going to be double the average age at the Drake concert in January.  I am getting older, I’m really not all that cool anymore(I’m not sure I ever was though. Ha) and there’s no anti-wrinkle cream that can stop it!

If I’m honest I think it’s been creeping up on me slowly without me realising it.  As I think back to just last summer, there was a time I would have felt I was too young and cool to do things like …. stay on a canal boat, but I did and I kinda loved it.  However it only really occurred to me that we’ve gotten OLD recently when some friends of ours invited us to spend a weekend in the Highlands in the North of Scotland at the start of November.

Now don’t get me wrong had my friends asked if we wanted to spend a weekend partying in Ibiza, I would have jumped at the chance, but they didn’t, they offered us hiking, possible snow, nights in by an open fire all the types of things I’d have felt too young and cool to do had my parents offered (and they did offer this on several occasions) and still I jumped at the chance, I needed a break and it sounded like bliss. Bliss? Really?! How did this happen, when did I get sooo old?!   Just to hold on to that slight glimmer of youth though, what actually sold it to me was the hot tub and champagne that was promised *winky face

Packing for a weekend in the North of Scotland in winter:  Forget those gorgeous fashionable winter coats, scarves and boots.  You need thermal underwear and warm jackets (the unflattering, sleeping bag type) and every other piece of clothing you own because you’ll need layers…lots of layers. Socks lots of socks.  Don’t even think about heels.  Sleep naked? Forget it! You would rather wet the bed than get up naked for an icy, cold toilet visit! **I am known to slightly exaggerate, it’s not quite as cold Antarctica.

We set off on Friday night after work with two of our friends, our other friends had left earlier in the day and were meeting us there.  So no scenery to admire on the journey, it was pitch black.  Kevin’s friend Mark kept talking about Jeepers Creepers and every other scary movie that involved people driving in the middle of nowhere with no phone signal at night. FYI.  It doesn’t take much to scare me.  We also realised about an hour in to the journey that there was a problem with the car on acceleration (Yes Kevin is a mechanic **rolls eyes) so we had to limit the speed which meant the journey was even longer.  Off to great start guys!!

Arriving at night when it was pitch black, we couldn’t really see much of the place so after a celebratory alcoholic beverage..or ten, we went to bed to explore in the morning.

No hangover, fresh air for the win, people! I got up at 8.30 and went for a run (marathon training doesn’t stop!!) it was a little icy but not bad there were no cars on the road, no people at all, it was so quiet.

I did bump into one local, not sure whether that’s an approving look or not?!

We stayed at Achaderry Farmhouse in Roy Bridge, it was gorgeous and one of the best equipped self catering holiday places I’ve ever stayed in. It sleeps 10 people (we were a party of 6 adults, 2 kids and a dog) and was super spacious.

I did not take nearly enough photos, our phones were barely touched all weekend due to a lack of service.  There was free wi-fi that worked in one room in the house but we were having too much fun to bother with it.  No social media, no phones, no Donald Trump chat (we did put the TV on for Music channels only)

You can’t really see it here but the hot tub was in a sun room that had amazing views of the snow capped Nevis Range.

Most of the weekend we spent at the farmhouse in the hot tub, drinking, eating and chatting, or walking around on the woodland grounds with the dog.

We did venture out on the Sunday.   We took a cable car up the Nevis Range and then had a small hike to a viewpoint. We weren’t equipped to hike Ben Nevis and we had the kids with us…who am I kidding we were slightly hungover and probably too unfit!!!

It’s started snowing while we were up there.  It was so pretty and so peaceful.

Only girl in the world!

We got some gorgeous sunshine for the journey home so managed to catch some of the scenery.

It was such a good weekend, with great friends even if I have officially become old!

Before you write me off completely though.  The following weekend was spend with another group of friends trying out some new bars in town.

A chilli challenge for Kevin..

Chilli Burger, chilli dog, chilli cheese fries and an Oreo cookie milkshake with 15minutes to complete.

A challenge he failed.  Although in his defence I had one chilli cheese fry and I thought my tongue was on fire it was so hot!!!

The boys also fell for a marketing scam when they were promised an all singing, all dancing, flame throwing, exploding cocktail that didn’t really meet the hype….I’ve watched this video so many times! Haha!


Eating, drinking, laughing till it hurt and dancing with my bestie…there’s still life in this old dog yet 😉
Do you enjoy doing things you thought were boring or uncool when you were younger?

Have you ever attempted an eating challenge?
Thanks for reading❤️

Have a great day😃

Angela xo

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Past Adventures • Airport Dash

My sister reminded me this morning that exactly 8 years ago today we shared a memorable travel mishap.  Donna has a knack for remembering dates and random things (usually embarrassing things that you’d rather forget) but I have to be honest even for me and my terrible memory, this one was unforgettable!

The three of us were heading off on a 4 day sisters trip to the Big Apple.  Cheryl and I had been before but it was Donna’s first visit.  Excited was an understatement.

Being the oldest, Cheryl took charge as official trip organiser much to Donna’s dismay (Donna was at Uni studying tourism at the time, so, obviously that deemed her a professional traveller).  I was just glad I didn’t have to take responsibility for anything, just turn up and have a great time!

August 25th 2008

Mum was driving us to the airport when Cheryl put a pause on our shrieks of excitement and demanded we surrender our passports.   Stating that ALL documents should be in her possesion,  she had organised and labelled several plastic folders,  FLIGHT, HOTEL, PASSPORTS, EXCURSIONS & MAPS… OCD much?  Donna and I giggled in the back of the car as she checked through them all for the billionth time…

“Flight tickets …check

Hotel confirmation…check…”

We hadn’t left the country yet and Cheryl had already gained her nickname for the trip, ‘Drill Sergeant’

At the drop of point of Glasgow Airport we grabbed our cases, got hugs from Mum and waved her on her way, before trundling through the airport doors.  That’s when your trip officially begins, right? Once you are through those doors.  That’s when I get (even more) excited anyway.  I studied the screens to find our check in desk,  American Airlines to JFK

‘Cheryl? Are you sure it’s JFK and not Newark were flying to? I can’t see anything for JFK there!’

‘It’s definitely JFK!’she says proceeding to pull the plastic folders from handbag.

‘Haha, are you sure it’s leaving from here’ Donna joked.

‘Oh c’mon, I’m not that stupid!’ Cheryl was getting annoyed with us, still pulling the many plastic folders from her bag!

‘LOOK! JFK! She says pointing at the tickets now that they had been retrieved from the folder.

LOOK! EDI’ I pointed back at her! ….Those three letters practically jumped out the page at me as soon as I looked.  Donna was right, we were at the wrong airport, we should have been in Edinburgh.

Cheryl froze shouted some profanity,  dropped her bags, the many plastic folders and ran straight out the airport doors and right into a taxi that was dropping people off.

As Donna and I juggled pulling three suitcases, three handbags and the many plastic folders we could hear her pleading with the taxi driver to take us to Edinburgh as quickly as possible.

‘Oh, you know it’s rush hour now dear  and…’

‘Just go!! Just Go please, please just go!!!’

Donna and I jumped into the taxi and burst into hysterics laughing, Cheryl turned white ‘Stop laughing it’s not funny, this is a disaster!!’ Obviously this made us laugh even more.

Glasgow Airport to Edinburgh airport is roughly 50miles but with rush hour traffic surrounding both cities we were looking at 1hr30 to 2hr drive.  International flights require you to check in 3 hours before departure time (which we had arrived on time for in Glasgow) so Cheryl frantically called the airport from the taxi to make sure our desk would still be open, to be told ‘Unfortunately, dear it really is the airlines discretion when they close the desk’ which only added to Cheryl’s panic and our laughter.  Poor Cheryl, ha!

We passed Mum on the motorway she was stuck in traffic heading out of Glasgow, Donna and I were waving like mad women trying to get her attention as we passed (we didn’t manage) and Cheryl was slumping down in her seat to hide  ‘oh no,Please don’t tell Mum!’

Almost in Edinburgh, Cheryl realised she had also ordered her US dollars to be collected at Travelex in Glasgow Airport, Donna and I enjoyed yet another hilarious frantic phone call to rearrange it for Edinburgh. Everytime she said ‘wrong airport’ when explaining the situation we laughed even more.

Apart from the embarrassing phone calls Cheryl never spoke the whole taxi ride, she just sat staring out the front screen as if she was urging all the traffic out the way with some invisible force. Ha!

Kudos to the taxi driver though, who literally had the pedal to the metal the whole way.  Finally we arrived at Edinburgh,  Donna and I still giggling and laughing, Cheryl pouncing out the taxi before it even came fully to a stop and leaving me to foot the £130.00 taxi bill.

One final sprint as the desk was closing and we made it!

Donna and I had sore abs from laughing so much, Cheryl could now see the funny side of it and managed a smile…

Can you see the relief on her face? ha

I just read this back and realised it was one of had to be there moments. HaHa

•The sisters bought me dinner and cocktails when we arrived in NYC to cover the taxi bill. Winning!

•Cheryl got a mosquito bite and her leg ended up swelling up really bad on the flight home.  So we changed her name from Drill Sergeant to Cankle.  Poor Cheryl!

•We had the best freaking time.  I lost ALL my photos of the trip when my laptop died.  Gutted! I just realised I’ve been saying for 8 whole years that I must go back to NYC!! I must!


Stolen from Donnas Facebook….the only snap of me in NYC

Have you ever gone to the wrong airport, or had any travel mishaps?

Thanks for reading 😊

Have a great day ❤️

Angela xo

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30 SINCE 30

Last Saturday was my birthday.


 I don’t even know where the last 10 years have gone! OMG.. If I ever said anything that made me sound like my Mother, that was it!

In all honesty though, my age has never bothered me (I freaking love birthdays!) but I do know that the 30+ club gets pretty bad rep of being boring, I’m on a bit of a mission to clear its name, life is still awesome this side of 30!

Although they sound like great fun I didn’t do a 30 before 30 list. I have slight OCD so if I hadn’t completed it by my 30th birthday, I’d have been pretty annoyed with myself.

  So to mark my birthday I thought I’d do a list, but change it up a little (make it more awesome) and list 30 things I’ve experienced/done for the first time since turning 30, 3 years ago(but feels like 3 months ago).

Things I’ve crossed of the old bucket list

…30 SINCE 30

Disclaimer: Don’t expect any jumping out of planes though I’m not that adventurous…….yet!

1. Partied in Las Vegas 

2. Took a ride in a helicopter

3. Ran a half marathon

4.  Watched 24 start to finish

….because that’s an accomplishment and the world needs you right now Jack Bauer!!!

5. Walked the Hollywood Hall of Fame

These aren’t as glam as I imagined, I’m not sure why I imagined names on the street would be glam, but it was fun finding our faves amongst the stars!

6. Went out dressed as a famous landmark

Funny story: when I got to the fancy dress party my friend burst out laughing apparently when she’d asked what I was dressing up as she thought I’d said “an iPhone cover!” ….I’m the Eiffel Tower incase you are wondering!

7. Measured Marilyn up for size

FYI a perfect fit

 8. Started a blog

Well, hello

9. Fell in love with Santorini

It’s like, literally heaven!

10. Said YES

11. Gave blood

I couldn’t do this until 18 months ago as I was under the weight criteria (which is ridiculous, I’m small but have a healthy BMI), I’m so happy I can now…. Although I guess that means I also gained weight since turning 30 *oooops

12. Completed a zip wire assault course

13. Lived on a long boat

…..for a week.

14. Watched the most beautiful sunset.

I’m obsessed with sunsets since this one!

15. Ran 5k everyday for a whole month

16. Fired a gun

A typical bucket list item is facing your fears.  However, I’ll never willingly get into water with sharks so my next phobia is guns.  Turns out I have a pretty mean shot, even if I did mess my underwear…sorry!!!

17. Watched my little sister get married

18. Seen the Grand Canyon 

19. Went Vegan for a month.

My friend is a member of the ‘vegan police’ so I decided to give it a go.  Still can’t believe I managed a whole month without chocolate!!! I really only missed chicken, chocolate, cheese and eggs…which is basically my staple diet!

20. Tried wake boarding

Tried” being the operative word.  I still haven’t worked out how something can be so much fun when you are so bad at it!!! Note there is not a photo, that’s because I wasn’t on top of the water long enough for a photo!

21. Had a champagne picnic on the beach …in Scotland!!

Got Sunburn, windburn and rained on all in one day but it was a great day!

22. Took a random trip to a city I’d never visited before 

There were a few but Liverpool was the most recent

23. Learned something new

I took a make up artist course (I passed) it may not be a new language or a musical instrument but I can assure you contouring cheekbones and winged eyeliner takes skill!!

24. Paddled in the Pacific Ocean

My first and only time on the west coast, I really hope to go back soon and explore more places!!

(Santa Monica Beach, Los Angeles CA)

25.  Bought a stranger coffee

She actually screamed down the street after me… ‘Thanks but I can afford my own f***ing coffee’ . 

LIFE LESSON: you will never please everyone!!

26. Raised money for charity

Kevin and I raised £1000 for Leukaemia and Lymphoma research at the children’s hospital. after receiving sponsors to run a second Half Marathon.

27. Became a morning person!

I may not have a 100% record but I never imagined I would EVER get up at the crack of dawn to work out!


I can’t even explain how much I love boxing.  I’d advise everyone to try a sport they have never tried before. You might just surprise yourself!

29. Seen Beyoncé in concert

…..ok I may have seen her a few times, before I turned 30 too,  but it’s Beyoncé!  I did see Bruno Mars in concert…oh and BoyzIIMen after I was 30 though!

30. Became an Auntie

To beautiful identical twin girls 💗💗

I’m sure I’ve missed loads of other fun stuff but there you have it my 30 since 30!

Have you done any of these things too? Or do you want to?

What’s on your 30 before or after 30 list?

Thanks for reading 😊

Have a great day💗

(An older but not much wiser) Angela xo

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So, I should be in Ibiza!

Last week I had a much needed week off!

I will hold my hands up and admit I had become a bit, well let’s just say not my usual happy self and not much fun, the last month or so.

I was exhausted, I  always remember saying that to my friend, who gave me a death stare that totally screamed ‘You are not a parent so don’t even!!’ So I try not to use the word exhausted, but I really was!

I had been staying with my sister for the last 8 weeks.  Cheryl is pregnant with twins and a high risk of premature labour, her husband works night shifts and wanted someone with her when he was at work.  So I offered my services, well, cause I’m nice like that.  **straightens halo

The thing is I totally struggled to sleep there, they live next to a train line and I’m a really, really light sleeper. Not fun! I was having to miss my morning workouts and ended up going to work like a zombie most days.

Then my Mum fell and broke her wrist and couldn’t drive for 4 weeks.  She is my Dads main carer so that meant she needed help too.  Alas, my workouts after work were skipped so I could make dinner and run errands for the parents before heading to my sisters for the night. **polishes halo

I’m really not complaining, I don’t want to sound like a completely selfish bitch.  I’d do anything for my family but the lack of sleep, me time and missing my workouts turned me into a right little moody cow…poor Kevin was usually on the firing end, although he really didn’t help himself when we booked a week in Ibiza and he failed to tell me his passport had expired LAST YEAR AND he took the wrong week off work **rolls eyes

Anyway, I’m over it!!!!

Instead we had a spontaneous trip to Liverpool.

It certainly wasn’t Ibiza but we really had the best few days and I felt like we’d had a good break and some  much needed time together.

I’d never been to Liverpool.  Kevin was there in March on my Brother-in-Law, Graham’s Stag weekend and thought I’d love it, although it soon became apparent that he had spent the whole weekend pub crawling and possibly visiting a strip club. Not sure what made him think I’d love that? Haha!

We spent most of our time eating, drinking and shopping.  I’m always happy to participate in all of the above so all was good in the world! Ha!

Now, if I was at least a mediocre blogger or even a half decent tourist for that matter I’d probably have taken note of places we went, food we ate and you know all that stuff bloggers tend to blog about, but you know me! Apologies!

We stayed in the Crowne Plaza at the Princes Docks.  I’d highly recommend this hotel.  Location was great, room was great, food was great AND this made me so happy..

A runners station. Providing runners with 3 awesome routes (2,4 & 6 mile) strawberry filtered water, towels and apples. I think ALL hotels should have one of these!! In fact I think my gym should have one!! It’s the little things, guys!

Our trip began with some cocktails..

Have you ever tried a Mexican Bulldog? yum
I do love a Pornstar Martini

And as you can see pretty much continued that way for the next 3 days, I did occasionally take breaks between bars to do some shopping. The shopping is so good in Liverpool.

The docks area has recently been redeveloped and is very tourist friendly.

Random fact: Titanic was built in Belfast(I’ve visited the dock it was built in) and left from Southampton.  It was never actually in Liverpool, it was just registered there, that’s why it had LIVERPOOL on its bow.  Also, there was totally enough room for Jack to float on that door too, right?

Home of The Beatles and it’s obvious around the city that they take much pride in this.

The fifth Beatle, call me Yoko

We opted out of all The Beatles tourist attractions because, well, I’m not really that much of a fan…I know how very un-British of me.

That being said we did have a brilliant night in The Cavern Club, birthplace of The Beatles.  We only planned popping in for one drink and expected it to be quiet as it was Tuesday night but it was absolutely packed and everyone was having a great time, such a good atmosphere, naturally we stayed until closing time.  I can’t remember the singers name, perhaps because of too much gin, but he was so good and sung a good variety of covers and just enough of The Beatles (ok they do have some songs I absolutely love).

With The Cavern Club being a bit of a tourist attraction for Beatles fans and music lovers the place was packed with all nationalities.

I took a photo for a Spanish guy who had brought his Beatle mad Dad over to visit (it was his first trip out of mainland Spain).  We shared a table with 3 Korean ladies also Beatle daft, they actually made my night with how excited they got when the singer covered a Beatles number! A Canadian girl got up and sung Amy Winehouse’s Tears dry on their Own she was incredible and for me no-one does Amy like Amy but she really was awesome! There was a Brazillian couple who were also staying in our hotel, Dutch, French, Irish, American, English and I’m pretty sure we were the only Scottish.

I remember thinking what an amazing mix of people everyone smiling, singing and so friendly and the only thing to make that moment even better was when the singer sung John Lennon’s epic Imagine.  Amazing! I know, my sister cringes at me, I’m such a lover **makes peace sign

Before heading home the next day we randomly jumped on the open top bus to Anfield Stadium home of Liverpool Football Club.  Unfortunately the stadium is being renovated so we could only visit the museum but it was pretty good even if I do claim to be a bit of a Manchester United fan myself. Shhhhh!


On Thursday, Donna, our two friends and I went to see Beyoncé play at Hampden (two football stadiums in one week) she was amazing, what a show. Awesome, but I won’t lie we had a pretty crap view, being short at concerts isn’t much fun. Meh!

It didn’t stop us having the best night though!!

Where’s Wally…I mean Queen Bey?

Barman, doesnt he look like Captain Jack Sparrow?

Drunk in Love….and in charge of a camera

Queen Bey had a moment of silence for the recent murders of Philando Castile,  Alton Sterling and for all other victims of police brutality.
I couldn’t help but think about how only on Tuesday I was singing along to Imagine with complete strangers, a mixture of nationalities and races and here I was just two days later taking part in a moment of silence for people killed because of where they come from and the colour of their skin.  Beyoncé ended the silence with a goosebump raising, tear jerking acapella rendition of Freedom.

Donna and I stayed overnight in Glasgow and treated ourselves to an amazing spa day and afternoon tea on Friday at the gorgeous Blythswood Square Hotel.  I actually got some use out of my Beyoncé inspired bikini that I bought for Ibiza..


We decided to add a Rhassoul treatment to our package as they were doing an offer, basically we covered each other in mud, then washed it off.  My skin felt like I’d just been born when we were done! Heavenly.

On Saturday and Sunday Kevin and I just chilled out, watched Serena Williams (OMG I love watching Serena play) and Andy Murray take the Wimbledon Champion titles and had a couple of dinner dates.

All in all I had fun, consumed around 97543623 calories spent twice as much as I would have in Ibiza and fully recharged my batteries!

In other news:

Brexit! Wtf? We left the EU!! I don’t normally discus politics in polite conversation but I didn’t vote that way!**shock face

Snapchat! I kinda love it, I’m totally crap at it and most days I forget about it completely but I’m all for snapchat! Filter till you pretty!!!

Finally and most amazing of all..

I’m an Auntie: My sister had two beautifully, identical, little girls yesterday afternoon.  Amber and Harper Stewart Born early at only 30 weeks they are a tiny 2lb9oz and 2lb12oz.  I’m sure they will be little fighters and will get there with all the love that we all share for them. Unfortunately aunties are not allowed to visit in the neo-natal unit so I’m not sure when I’ll get to meet them in person but I love them already.
Is your gym time your time to yourself?

Have you ever had holiday plans thrown up in the air?

Thanks for reading☺️

Have a great day ❤️

Angela xo

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Santorini Blues | My Summer, Part II

  **WARNING** photo heavy blog post!!

Part II of my summer was supposed to be my annual trip to Scotlands biggest music festival, T in the Park, however I returned from the boat trip with a really annoying chesty-cough and was forced to give up my ticket, for the first time since I was 17.  I just calculated how many years that actually is and now feel a little old. Ouch!

Thankfully I felt much better a few days later and was able to take a trip to Greece with my sister.

I once read that the Greeks joke, Santorini has ‘more churches than houses, more donkeys than people and more wine than water’.  Why wouldn’t you want to go there?

Travelling with my sister, Cheryl is an experience on its own, she has a nack of getting into ridiculous situations. Our last trip together we ended up at the wrong airport. I will save that story for the book I will one day fill with her hilarious mishaps. However I’m pleased to confirm our trip to Greece was plain sailing, well flying!


when you’re 4ft11 and they offer extra leg room…YES!
cloud 9?
We stayed in Perissa as it was cheaper than the more popular towns of Fira and Oia and most importantly it was near the beach. I can’t explain how much I love to be near the ocean.



Cheryl is somewhat a sun worshipper  where I am more of an SPF 50+ fiend who gets rather antsy just lying around doing nothing,  while Cheryl sunbathed I’d spend my beach days people watching, floating around in the sea, taking far too many shameless selfies. walking along the beach and indulging of course on a few mojitos.  Perfect.



channelling my inner mermaid
 Perissa may be a budget friendly destination to stay in Santorini but for us it was the perfect base, just as beautiful as the postcard
perfect towns and (in my opinion)it’s where  you’ll find the best food on the island. 

We took a hike on Mesa Vouna and made it to Penagia Katefiani (a tiny chapel in the mountain) but abandoned the hike all the way up to the ancient ruins as it was really windy and I got scared. 

can you see the building half way up, we’re heading there!




what a hike…to church

what a view from church
While in Santorini  I celebrated my birthday, I’m 32 but in the words of Miss T Swift…”I’m feeling 22″
On my birthday we took a trip to Oia and Fira.Both towns more breathtakingly beautiful than I ever imagined.


In Love

We had planned to explore Oia in the morning, moving on to Fira -afternoon till evening.  

However two cruise ships had docked in the caldera for the day so both towns were very busy, making it difficult to navigate through the labyrinth of pretty little streets. It was difficult to take photos without having a group of other tourists in them and even more difficult to avoid ending up in someone else’s holiday album.  I lost count how many times I was (accidentally) poked with selfie sticks and slapped on the head with iPads. When it all got a bit too hectic we headed for some birthday.. ice cream.  Ice cream over cake always.


Took some more snaps ….


…before heading to Fira where we had a wander around in complete awe at more amazing views, we opted out of attempting to get down to the port and headed to a cocktail bar with a view for some birthday drinks. 





The owners of our hotel were so lovely we often had a drink and chatted with them at the bar before we went to bed.  On our last night they took us to Santo Winery where they said we’d have the perfect setting to watch the sunset. They weren’t lying. It was simply stunning.

On the way back to the hotel they took us to see the village that they live in out of holiday season. The beautiful and traditional town of Megalochori. I completely fell in love with its charm.





 And so our short trip was over we returned home, to miserable weather with a huge dose of Santorini Blues 😦 


Thanks for reading 😊 Happy Friday, have a fabulous weekend ❤️

Angela x

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