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Up and running

In the usual January style, the gym is jam packed with all the new year resolutioners out in force.  Most of the regulars are complaining as usual but I am totally loving the buzz in the gym at the moment and let’s be honest we were all there once too.

In fact I have to admit I’m kinda one this year too,  in the month before the holidays I think I managed one group PT session and I hadn’t been running or in the actual gym for what I can only call an eternity!

In an effort to get my running mojo back  and to undo all the December indulgences, I decided I’d start the year by challenging myself to run 5k everyday in January.  Doesn’t that sound like fun **note slight sarcasm.

So in addition to my pyjamas, toothbrush and a bottle of Champagne I also packed my running gear to go to my sisters New Years Eve party using the fact that her house is exactly 5k from mine as a sign that I should take on this challenge and start on Jan 1st.

We rung in 2016 and partied Hogmanay style,  I think I eventually went to bed around 5am.


the only photo I took on NYE 😂

I got up around 10am feeling unusually fresh and got ready for my first run of the year.

We’ve had a REALLY mild winter so far so I was surprised to wake up on January 1st to a sheet of ice and an ever so slight dusting of snow but I had my running shoes on now so there was no going back.

I can’t even call it a run as the majority of it I was struggling to stay on my feet.

It turned out to be mostly a walk with the odd few minutes of jogging where possible which saved me from frostbite.

Day 2 the ice had melted, I got to try out my new trainers from Santa and I gained 2 running buddies.  Yahh!! Day 2 was a really good day.

Day 3 was with my beloved frenemy the dreadmill.  We had been at the gym playing badminton (random I know, but it’s Kevin’s new ‘thing’) and thought we’d just do it while we were there.

I was back at work by Day 4 and the rain was crazy at the weekend so it’s been treadmill 5k’s everyday since.  I would much prefer to run outside but I’m scared of the dark (don’t laugh) and work is just getting in the way of my daylight hours!

I have to be honest I struggled the first 5/6 days but now it has just become part of my day and I’m loving it.  I’m not putting any pressure on myself to run fast but just to complete the 5k everyday.

11 down 20 to go!

Tonight I also went back to my class at Fee’s Fitness for the first time this year then went to the gym and did my 5k so my legs are throbbing right now.  I’m currently lying on my bed listening to David Bowie, I’m so sad he’s gone, what a legend!

It’s really windy out and my bedroom lights keep flickering I think we might have a power cut on the way!! I got lots of candles as Christmas gifts so I’m prepared!!!

Also I am completely boring my Instagram followers everyday with my #5kaday posts but it keeps me motivated if I post it. If you want to check it out you can follow me here.

Have you taken on any January challenges? 

Thanks for reading 😊

Have a great day ❤️

Angela xo

9 thoughts on “Up and running”

  1. I treadmilled tonight too because I didn’t want to run and risk getting caught in the dark. We don’t have street lights here and you never know about drivers. I will run at night if it’s well lit and I’m with somebody, but otherwise it’s not something I do by myself. Better safe than sorry. I think you’ll get back into working out fairly easily because you seem dedicated to it!

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  2. Love the challenge!! Keep it up, your doing a fabulous job! My new year’s challenge was to get up and workout every day at 5am. That way it doesn’t get in the way of my day and I’m done before the chaos starts. It’s hard but haven’t missed a day yet!

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