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Sunday Run Down #6 My Longest Run EVER!

I know, its Monday not Sunday.  I had no internet access yesterday, turns out I'd taken the plug for the Wi-Fi router out to plug in the vacuum.   Oopsie. MONDAY Nada. Zero.Zilch.  I'm getting so bad at missing Monday workouts but I ended up in the office until 7pm. AGAIN. TUESDAY My gym buddy (who is… Continue reading Sunday Run Down #6 My Longest Run EVER!

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Feminist Fitness

I haven't done any running for what feels like forever.  Running, for me, requires a lot mental strength, something I seem to lack completely right now.  I just can't seem to get in the zone at all.  Instead I've been loving  aggressive, adrenalin pumping, testosterone boosting workouts. Yes I said testosterone boosting and yes I'm… Continue reading Feminist Fitness

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Fit Friday -Week 2

I had great intentions of posting something non-fitness related midweek but Friday sort of snuck up on me quicker than ever this week...not that I'm complaining, It's the weekend!!! I'm really bad for not staying hydrated but Kevin's sister bought me this water bottle for the gym which I'm loving.  It's making me drink more… Continue reading Fit Friday -Week 2