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Fit Friday -Week 4

I can’t believe it is Friday again, already!

This week was crazy busy.  I have end of month deadlines at work so the last week is always non-stop and caffeine fuelled.

I’ve had to work late every night which meant I didn’t manage to workout at all after work, even though we are currently having better weather than we’ve had all summer and all I really wanted to do was go for a run in the sun.

I did however make 6.30am Group Training at Fee’s everyday this week. It feels so good to get a workout in first thing it definitely sets me up for the day but I have to admit getting out of bed is a full blown struggle.  This is made worse with the fact that it’s now officially still dark at 6.30am! Ugh!

I haven’t weighed myself but I am noticing little differences this week, my legs, shoulders and back seem ever so slightly, more toned.  I also have started to notice my strength improving this week.

On the eating front, Monday till now I have been a strict clean eater and you have no idea how many goodies I turned down in the office this week.  The best part…I didn’t even want them, I didn’t miss them maybe I’ve finally beaten the sweet tooth out of me!

Homemade chocolate peanut protein ball for me…fudge donuts for everyone else!

Last weekend was a different story. Although my eating was still good I did join my sisters and brother-in-laws for a cocktail night.  Alcohol and sugar, oops!

This weekend may also involve some alcohol, it’s Kevin’s last race (car racing not running) of the season so celebrating is a given. The champagne is chilling already.

Sorry it’s a bit of a rush update I have really not had a minute. Next week I will try my best to document specific workouts I do…maybe some photos to prove that I do actually work out. Ha!

How do you fit in time to excercise when you have other commitments? 

Are you a clean eater but enjoy a ‘sociable’ adult drink?
Thanks for reading 😊 have a great weekend❤️
Angela xo

14 thoughts on “Fit Friday -Week 4”

  1. I’m not as clean of an eater while pregnant, but I NEED to get back to it! I definitely feel better when I eat clean! And I totally commend you for waking up early to work out! Who cares if you didn’t make it after work?! Once a day is plenty when you work full time! Don’t burn yourself out! Besides, it’ll be hard to make lasting commitments if you overdo it right of the bat. I tend to exercise on days where I don’t have other commitments. I don’t go to the gym on 12 hour workdays and if I have another busy day, I just call that a rest. I’m not training for anything (and probably never will be), so fitness is really just a lifelong goal for me. If I skip a workout because I’m having a good time with friends or have too much on my plate for one day, so be it. That one gym session probably isn’t going to add years to my life. Also, I almost never can resist donuts! Those donuts look SO GOOD! I want them now, haha.

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    1. I commend YOU for eating so well and working out while pregnant!! I don’t usually need much of an excuse to skip a workout and have a feeling that if I’m ever pregnant I’ll use it as an excuse to be lazy and eat ALL the donuts!!!!
      Yeah you are right, I worked out twice yesterday and my whole body is aching today so I’ll have to have a rest day!


      1. Well thank you! I just know myself and know that if I get out of the habit of working out that it will be REALLY hard to get back into it after the baby is born! And I do eat a LOT more junk than I did before, but I’m still trying to balance it with a fair share of healthy meals and I’ve been trying to really cut back on it lately.Working out twice in one day is hard on your body! I tend to enjoy my once a day workouts, otherwise I need to rest more anyway if I do two a days!


  2. I’m really not a clean eater, but I do love an adult beverage. We drink them after track practice on Wednesday night and call it a recovery beverage, though. I am grateful to work from home sometimes because I don’t have to turn down a lot of treats for the office, but I do eat a little bit of ice cream almost every night. That’s my one sugary vice!

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    1. I love the idea of a recovery beverage, I’ll have to discuss this with my gym buddies! Ha
      I envy you working from home and that you have ice cream every night, yum!!


      1. Working from home is a double-edged sword. I know a lot of people envy it, and I don’t blame them, but it has its own share of challenges too.

        Life’s too short not to eat ice cream. I haven’t been eating it as much lately though… mostly because I got some dark chocolate that I’m indulging in, haha.

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  3. I try my best to wake up early and work out before going to work, but lately I have been terrible about hitting the snooze button! I need to get into a better habit of going to bed earlier so that when the 5 a.m. alarm rolls around I can get up and hit the pavement!

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    1. This week is even worse for the snooze button it’s pitch black and freezing when it’s time to get up, I may have to stop the 6am starts until after winter!


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