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Mans best friend..

I'm not an animal lover. Apologies, that was a bit of a harsh way to open.  I like animals, giraffes are my fave, but I don't LOVE animals. We were a pet free family when I was growing up.  ' We can't get a kitten or a puppy, Angela's allergic!'.  I'm sure my sisters resented… Continue reading Mans best friend..


“So this is Christmas… war is NOT over..”

It' s Christmas Day on Sunday 4 more sleeps! I love Christmas, I get as excitied as I did when I was 5.  My Christmas parties are done and dusted, the tree is happily twinkling in our family room, my gift shopping is complete, I have eaten my weight in mince pies, drunk more gingerbread… Continue reading “So this is Christmas… war is NOT over..”