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2018 – Season Finale

With only 20 posts This year, I think its safe to say I slacked a bit when it comes to keeping the blog up to date, however, it was quite the year, maybe even the best one yet…

2018 was the year of spontaneous decisions which led to me getting married.. The first part of my year was taken up by trying to organise the wedding and on return from our honeymoon we spontaneously (kinda) bought a house, we just picked up the keys at the start of December so the latter part of the year was spent trying to organise and buy everything needed to make our house a home.

Fun things in 2018 – We enjoyed a romantic week in Italy for our honeymoon, there were snow days, hen parties, friends celebrating milestone birthdays and lots of memories made with friends and family. Amber and Harper (my twin nieces) turned 2 this year and are just so much fun right now, they had more understanding of Christmas so it made it such a magical time this year.

Run things in 2018 – I actually started the year off marathon training…well, I joined my friend on her training runs as she took on her first marathon, Parkrun became a more regular thing for me too this year but despite ALL the running, I actually only ran two races this year – Stirling Half Marathon where I finally snatched that sub 2hr half and Glasgow Half Marathon where I accompanied one of my best friends running her first half marathon so both races were memorable ones.


Thank You if you’ve stuck with me this year when posts were sparse it really was a whirlwind year.

Happy New Year to you- I hope 2019 brings you good health, love and happiness ❤️

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