The thing About Me…

Until today if you clicked About Me at the top of my page you would have found this post... Bucket Lists are something I imagined you only think about near the end, like in the movie starring Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson. My life currently is nowhere near where I thought it would be at… Continue reading The thing About Me…

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Fresh Start

It's merely a month since Mr and I were saying our 'I do's' and already the wedding day is fading fast from my memory.  I am hoping we receive our official photographs soon so that I can relive the day through the images.  Ironic really, considering I wasn't even going to book a professional photographer. I have been… Continue reading Fresh Start


One Hundred

Today I had planned to be either road tripping La Cote d'Azur or signing the conclusion of missives on the purchase of a house... what was it Rabbie Burns said 'the best laid plans.... Instead, today I am at work, feeling a little miserable that my plans always seem to end up floating in the… Continue reading One Hundred


Just (NOT RUNNING) stuff..

I haven't posted anything non-running or training for a while so thought I'd share my recent thoughts in an update sort of way...who knows how this will turn out, I'm just winging it..... Kevin and I both fell in love with a house last month, it's the first time I've actually loved a place and… Continue reading Just (NOT RUNNING) stuff..