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Fresh Start

It’s merely a month since Mr and I were saying our ‘I do’s’ and already the wedding day is fading fast from my memory.  I am hoping we receive our official photographs soon so that I can relive the day through the images.  Ironic really, considering I wasn’t even going to book a professional photographer.

I have been pretty open about my thoughts on marriage and how it was never really a priority for me, I don’t think of being married as a life achievement and after already being together for 10 years I was under no illusions that a wedding and marriage certificate was going change anything of our lives together.

I know what you are thinking, why bother? Well,  it was important to Mr that we were married, obviously I love him and want to spend the rest of my life with him also we absolutely LOVE weddings(who doesn’t), my favourite thing in life is making memories with our family and friends, I mean when else would we have the opportunity to have all the people we both love in the same place at the same time?..  and of course I’ll always jump at any excuse to buy ridiculously expensive shoes [insert wink face]

Relationship wise, I was right, nothing has changed we were in a cute little ‘honeymoon’ bubble for a few weeks but I guess like any holiday ends and the routine of day to day life brings back normality…. maybe I do love him that little bit more?! There’s definitely a ‘fresh start’ sort of feeling around us and Of course there were some little changes, my surname has changed and my title has changed…  I do love being called his wife!

We had the most beautiful day and have both been absolutely, overwhelmed by the amount of love and generosity we have received from everyone.

I didn’t really post much about the wedding planning because, well, I’m not sure choosing the first item you look at or quickly emailing suppliers during lunch break at work really constitutes as “wedding planning” however I do have a few wedding posts I’d like to share before I forget the whole thing even happened, it really does go past in a flash!!

Wedding over, Honeymoon over what now?

Well… looks like we FINALLY have a house!!!!!!!! We were thinking about waiting until January to let our savings recover from the wedding, the property market had slowed down a bit too but one came up that suited us perfectly. Our offer has been accepted and our mortgage is in place. It looks like it will be the end of November before we will collect keys (finger crossed) it’s all happening!

In other news I have a half marathon in 2 weeks which, as per usual, I haven’t trained properly for. Why do I bother entering races? I’m heading out to a 10 mile run today and hopefully I’ll feel better about it after that!

I’m feeling motivated to run, to blog, to get stuff done so I’m just gonna roll with it while the motivation is here.

It’s good to be back!!!

Have you had any recent life changes?

Thank You for reading😊

Have a great day ❤️

Angela xo

15 thoughts on “Fresh Start”

  1. I love weddings too, but I think I like going to weddings rather than having my own lol. It just seems so stressful and unenjoyable as the actual people getting married. I LOVED your dress, it is stunning! Were the Valentinos’ the expensive wedding shoes? I’ve been drooling over those shoes for years now haha!

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    1. I made sure I enjoyed it as much as I would if I was a guest I was never off the dance floor but it honestly was the fastest day so I can barely remember most of it!
      Aww thanks, I wasn’t actually in love with my dress but looking at photos it looks nice…if that makes sense haha!
      Yes the Valentino’s were my wedding shoes, I had been drooling over them for a while too, Mr bought them as my wedding present 😊


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