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The Wedding Diaries – Wedding Eve & Morning

The day before the wedding day was the first time I actually felt nervous or anxious.  Thankfully, it was nothing a phone call to my little sister and chief bridesmaid couldn’t sort out. After a quick call to her I was left excited for the wedding eve celebrations.

With the exception of painting my Mums nails and taking a trip into town for something(no idea what) I really can’t remember doing very much at all that day.

My bridesmaids and I had a proper girlie night in and stayed in one of the lodges at the wedding venue the night before.  We ordered a take away, chilled out in the hot tub, done some final wedding preparations like filling sweet jars, all whilst sipping champagne.  It was absolute bliss and very much set the mood for the next morning.

I’ve been lucky enough to be bridesmaid on three different occasions and of all three getting ready with the bride was one of my favourite parts of the day, my own was no different and filled with memories with my favourite girls I’ll treasure forever.

I was especially looking forward to getting ready as one of my bestest friends since forever, Lynsay,  was our make up artist for the day.  It meant the world to me, even although I was worried about her being exhausted, having the longest day ever as she was, obviously, also a guest at the wedding and had a very, early morning journey to get to us and had another early morning the day after.  She done amazing!!

In hindsight it would have made more sense for her to have stayed with us the night before?!?! Why didn’t I think of that before?

Our venue had a beautiful dressing room designed specifically for the bridal party to get ready in, I definitely want a dressing room in my house after seeing this.  I had the most chilled morning as I waited until last to get my hair and make up done.

I doubt the morning was quite so chill for poor Lynsay or Sophie our hair stylist who worked so hard to get us all done in time.

I gave them all personalised champagne flutes and dressing robes and wrote them all a little thank you for being by my side.

Between hair and make up we ate breakfast, sipped champagne, took delivery of the bouquets, took selfies, chatted and giggled until it was time to get me into the dress..

5 and a half hours of chill then 20 minutes of carnage to get dressed,  bridesmaids mixing up dresses, flower girls playing hide and seek, the page boy having a meltdown, yours truly forgetting to get the hairdresser to attach the veil.  Thankfully Donna was on hand to button me up the back and stab the veil comb into the back of my head. I knew I made the right decision choosing her as Chief BM!

Alison, the venue wedding co-ordinator was helping us out and giving us 5 minute countdowns to our 2pm deadline, she got my ladies in formation (Beyoncé pun intended) and suddenly we had a moment of calm where just my Mum and I were alone in the room*  I could feel her becoming increasingly, emotional and tried to make her laugh before Alison came back and guided to the top of the stairs where my Bridesmaids were waiting to go.


Florence & The Machine -Stand By Me started to play which was our cue to move

Cheryl started the procession carrying Amber.

Followed by Lynne with our young usher/stand in page boy Logan.

Donna followed carrying Harper who waved to my Mum over Donna’s shoulder as they declined down the staircase saying ‘Bye Nanny’ and ‘Teden Shhh’** before turning around to her awaiting audience with a huge smile, waving  ‘Hi’.

I love how kids can totally change the mood, as my emotional Mother was now having a proper giggle.

Before I knew it, it was time for us to go…

I won’t lie this was my biggest fear about having a wedding, everyone looking at me as I tried to carefully place one foot in front of the other, not easy for me on most days but adding heels, a floor length gown, an audience and professional photographers… I have no doubt in my mind that I looked more like a deer in headlights than a princess bride!

I did start to feel my bottom lip wobble as I noticed tears in some of my best friends eyes.  Mum and I collected my Dad at the bottom of the stairs where I suddenly felt control kick in, a symptom of my Dads MS is being unable to control his emotions and he was pretty emotional, which I think had triggered everyone else’s eyes watering (including all the guys) but for me it helped control my emotions as I tried to comfort and support him as we continued down the aisle towards my nervous but happy looking fiancé…

*just us and one of the photographers

**which translates to ‘Bye Gran’ and ‘Kevin shhh’ as she had been told to be quiet incase Kevin heard her, haha!

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