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The Wedding Diaries – The Dress

Mr and I just decided in January that we would get married this summer.  From my extensive bridesmaid experience I already knew that a wedding dress can take roughly 6 months to arrive, leaving me with little time to find ‘the one‘.

By early February I had secured an appointment at a local wedding dress boutique just to try some on so I could get an idea of what styles suited me.

I’m not the girl who has dreamt of her wedding day since she was little (or ever for that matter) and dress shopping for even the smallest of occasions is absolute torture for me.  I don’t suit long dresses, I don’t suit most patterns, I don’t do strapless, I’m 4ft11 with average length legs and an extremely short body, I’m petite but curvy and my top half is 2 dress sizes smaller than my bottom half, trying on dresses and full length mirrors are my idea of hell…. dress shopping… such fun, eye roll.

Doreen, the store owner, asked me what I was looking for and feeling like the most un-bridey bride ever, I replied ‘I have absolutely no idea’ paused for a bit then proceeded with ‘I don’t like strapless, not too much fuss/detail and I think I’m too short for anything too wide or puffy!’.  As it turns out, knowing what you DON’T want can be more helpful than knowing what you DO want!

She pulled out 3 or 4 dresses from the rows of dresses for me to try, to find a starting point.

The first one I tried left me pleasantly surprised, I actually liked it, WOW! I honestly didn’t think I was going to like any of them on me, I loved it at the back and I loved the shape.  Dress shopping turned out to be great fun, I actually had such a good time trying on the dresses, who’d have thought?

I soon narrowed my choices down to two, a slim fitting one that I felt really pretty in and a lovely A-line one which did make me I feel more like a bride, I just had to decide what I preffered.. help!

Luckily I had brought some help, my sisters and Mum, but of course my mum preferred dress #1, Cheryl preferred dress #2 and Donna, well, she loved them both!! Sigh, thanks gals!

Doreen advised that dresses ordered this week would arrive at the end of June, adding on the time for alterations I had about a week to decide. Great!

Obviously, I could have gone somewhere else, there are loads of really, impressive bridal stores in Glasgow and Edinburgh, I could have also probably have found something ‘off the shelf’ that didn’t need to be ordered but I know myself well enough to know that the more dresses I look at the more difficult the decision making would become.  I found something I liked at a local store, lets just go with it.

Why does the dress get so much hype anyway?! (wedding pet hate #1)

A few days later after thinking about how pretty the back of it was I called Doreen to order the first dress I had tried on.  From then on quick, rash decisions became the theme of the wedding planning, which is so not me because I typically can’t decide on ANYTHING!

By the time the dress arrived at the end of June I had actually forgotten what it looked like so trying it on for alterations was like the first time again.  I loved the back detail even more than I had before, I liked the front but honestly I didn’t love it and when I tried it on with my veil my initial thought was that I looked like I was ready for my first communion, Ha! [short person problem #876591]

So I definitely, did not instantly fall in love with my dress,everyone said ‘I would know when it was the right one for me, I didn’t feel like it was ‘the one‘  –  Does that even really happen?Comment below if this did or didn’t happen for you.

Don’t get me wrong, I thought it was a beautiful gown, it suited my odd shape, my (lack of) size, I loved that by buying it here I was supporting a local business, most importantly it didn’t bankrupt me and on the wedding day with my hair and make-up done I felt a million dollars!

I might not have had that OMG this is the one moment but I have absolutely no regrets and to make my dress that little bit extra special I bought it with money that my Grandma had left for me when she passed late last year.

WEDDING ADVICE : Don’t let the dress cause you stress

15 thoughts on “The Wedding Diaries – The Dress”

  1. Perfection! I did have the ah-ha moment, but I knew exactly what I wanted going in and when I found it, I knew. I think that’s the key; if you’re not 100% certain what kind of dress you want, it’s probably harder to experience the ‘OMG this is my dress’ feeling.

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  2. I thought your dress was lovely, especially the back detail. My best friend made my wedding dress for me back in 19oatcake when I got married – it was a short dress in gold shot silk & she made it to match a purple velvet jacket ( with shimmering gold nap effect) I had bought from the Armani shop in Glasgow which was and still is the most expensive item of clothing I have ever bought £ 400 in 1992. There was a tiny part of me that would have liked a white dress, but we married in a registry office and I loved that the dress was made by my friend.

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