Season Finale

2017 – Season Finale

Wow what a year!

I started 2017 blogging religiously, mostly about marathon training. Post marathon I completely lost my mojo and hit a bit of a writers block. Some of this years recap, I might not have written about on the blog yet, I haven’t even mentioned Christmas in a post yet!!! The time has just been running away from me recently. Hopefully this year review will spur on some future posts…

2017 saw me being bridesmaid again, this time for Kevin’s sister, Lynne. Kevin became an Uncle to baby Michael making me an honorary auntie or as I like to call it fraudul-aunt. A change of job for me for the first time in 10 years. My beautiful twin nieces Amber and Harper celebrated their first birthday. My amazing friends and family helped me raise thousands of pounds for Multiple Sclerosis Society as I challenged myself to run…a really long way.

Sadly, 2017 was also the year I lost my last remaining Grandparent when my Grandmother passed away. This year also brought more difficulty for my family to face, in particular my big sister and brother-in-law, as my little niece Amber was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy. I’d like to add here that Cheryl, Gary and little Amber are incredible, I’m super proud of them all.

Fun things in 2017 included a trip to Marbella for Lynne’s hen weekend. A sister trip to Iceland for myself and the littlest Martin sister which included a bucket list ticking glimpse of the Northern Lights,. Gigs including Drake and Bruno Mars. Our friends Steven and Lauren’s beautiful wedding. This year Kevin got himself a motorbike (not sure why I’ve added this in fun things- I hate it). Not forgetting all the fun Misters and Sisters dates and catch ups with my fab friends to enjoy food, spa days, to run, or just to have a great time and laugh.

Run things in 2017 …Obviously I’ve already bored you all to tears with my marathon chat this year but I have to mention it again. It’s probably my greatest achievement and when I signed up on a whim on 25th May 2016 I had no idea of the journey I was about to embark. I had no idea I’d amaze myself with my capabilities and determination. I had no idea I would meet some of the loveliest, supportive people I’ve ever met, friends for life. I had no idea running a marathon would be life changing.

The Races

Alloa Half Marathon -19.03.17

Stirling Scottish Marathon -23.05.17

Run Mhor Hidden Glen 10k -16.09.16

Great Scottish Run (13.1) -01.10.2017

Strathcarron 10K -15.10.17

SuperNova 5k -10.11.17

The marathon was a big one for me (obviously) but I also have to mention the Great Scottish Run where I ran with three of my best friends it was just as memorable as the marathon and I still think back on that day and burst with pride for my friends.

More running things … I reluctantly took part in an interview about running at work as they collaborated with GreatRun which was used as a promotional video to get staff to sign up for GreatRun events (not embarrassing at all). I tried hot yoga for the first time and became familiar with sports massages but the icing on the cake was when my friends nominated me and I won an award at my local running shop for Most Improved Runner.

My running took a hit after the marathon and I wasn’t sure I would continue with it but I know for a fact I’d miss my run chums far too much and thankfully the new Parkrun in my hometown has ignited my love for running again, just in time for the New Year.

As you can see this year has been pretty epic but memories mean nothing without the people we share them with. To all my friends old and new and to my family… thank you for making this year so special for me, I love you all!

Thank You to all of you too, the people who read, like and comment who have supported me throughout my marathon journey and stuck around when the posts were sparse. You really are the best!!!

I’m so grateful to end another year Happy, Healthy and Loved ❤️

I’m going to a Hogmanay Hot Tub party this year, it’s -2c outside, I’ll feel like I’m back in Iceland!!!!

Happy New Year – I wish you all the very best, good health, love and happiness for 2018 – slàinte mhath

Angela xo

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