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If you read my training updates you’ll know the last few weeks have seen my legs tire and stiffen… a lot.. ..I’ve been running for bloody weeks now, I mean I kinda feel like Forrest Gump..except I go home and go to work…so nothing like Forrest really, haha.  A combination of increasing the long run mileage and spending 9hrs+  completely sedentary in the office, throw in my lack of stretching/foam rolling…. stiffness is to be expected.

A friend in my running group suggested I try a sports massage, there’s a place in town doing a marathon runner package,  4 treatments for £100 – 3pre and 1post marathon treatment.  She’d had one and said she felt like she had been given new legs.   I decided to take her advice, because new legs!!!

After a couple of Facebook PMs back and forth… On Monday evening I found myself in the waiting area of SMART (Sports Massage And Remedial Therapy) in town.  It had a clinic crossed with a spa feel about it.  The walls proudly displaying awards,  certificates and pictures of Olympians and Commonwealth athletes who’d had treatments by the girls at SMART.   Actual athletes… why the hell I was here? I mean I’m barely even a runner…  just at that thought, Caroline, my therapist, popped out of her treatment room, apologised for running over her time and asked me to fill in a form with all my details, describing any pains or injuries.

Before I could change my mind Caroline was in the waiting area introducing herself properly and welcoming me into her treatment room where we discussed the treatments, my stiffness and any pains or niggles.  She had me do a couple of movements on the massage bed to test my hip flexor tightness, range of motion etc.  My hip flexors were TIGHT, desk job struggles!!

Caroline began by lightly massaging my hamstrings to warm them up before getting deeper and turning masseuse to masochist, haha just kidding but I won’t lie it was painful.  I think I have a pretty high pain threshold (I mean I smashed my face on concrete once and didn’t feel a thing!)

Every muscle was really tight (according to Caroline) and hurt when she tried to massage the deep tissue.  I could have asked her to stop but I guess I thought the firmer the better, no pain no gain and all that,  right?  My glutes, well,  I think they are actually dead, (I need a new job, the desk and chair is killing me!).  I can’t explain the pain of having an elbow pushed into your butt cheek with someone’s full strength but believe me when I say this…it hurt like HELL!!!  A forearm rolling pin run up your quad muscle, OUCH!  The strongest thumbs in the world flattening out your calves….my eyes were watering and my teeth were gritted but 15 minutes over the scheduled hour and Caroline was finished torturing me.


After the massage she explained some excercises for me to do and talked me through a few things she recommended I try with a foam roller.  Which she then also sent me via Facebook when I got home so I didn’t forget.

I drove home feeling like my legs had been brutally beaten up, does anyone tenderise their steaks with a mallet?…that’s what happened to my legs!

In bed that night my legs actually felt really loose, light and floaty.  Result!

When I got up in the morning though my legs felt badly bruised and sore to touch, there were actual bruises on my upper thighs on both legs (the photos didn’t do the bruises justice so I haven’t shared them).  I was advised not to run for 24hrs  (48hrs if I felt really sore) so I missed my 5 mile run on Tuesday.  On Wednesday though I met Mairi and Emma for a 5 miler and it was tough, my legs were aching so bad I had to slow right down at the end.
The bruising is fading and the my legs feel good today but I haven’t been for a run since Wednesday and I’m running a Half Marathon tomorrow, here’s hoping I feel the benefits to make the pain worthwhile ….eeek!

Have you ever experienced a sports massage? … please tell me you felt the benefits after the pain…even if you didn’t just tell me you did!!

Thanks for reading😊

Have a great day ❤

Angela xo

20 thoughts on “SPORTS MASSAGE”

  1. Someone once tried to give me a neck/shoulder massage. I felt like they were going to paralyze me and put and end to it after 3 seconds. I could feel the pain coming through your post, and yet I found it hilarious haha

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  2. A massage really shouldn’t hurt! Or leave bruises, ouch. However, the foam roller is for real. I use one almost every morning, even though I traded running for boxing. It works wonders! And there’s no bruising involved.

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    1. I’ve been using mine the last few days, so maybe I’ll stick to that!
      Some people I’ve spoke to said it shouldn’t hurt or bruise at all and others have said they found it really painful too!

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  3. I feel like maybe that’s not good if a massage is causing bruising? I’ve never had a sports massage but I mean, it just seems brutal. I foam roll and love it and I use lacrosse balls in my hips/glutes. Love them. I hate that feeling of being bruised from sore muscles though. My traps so sore right now and just touching the skin feels bruised.

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    1. Lots of people have said that, it actually takes a lot for me to bruise as well! She told me to use a tennis ball for mine but I haven’t done that yet as it was still a bit tender until yesterday but I’ll give it a go! She says if I foam roll and do the exercises it won’t be as difficult for her and painful for me at the next treatment…I’m not sure whether to go back but I’m interested to see if it does make a difference!


      1. Jon is always massaging me and I definitely felt like when he was more consistent about it when I was pumping, that it really helped loosen everything up. So I bet if you continued it, it would definitely help. I love foam rolling but I just never do it. We have one at our house but it usually just stays in the closet! I need to get better about going my legs more.

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  4. Sports massages are the only ones I ever get even though I do no sport! I get such brutal knots in my back that it’s the only thing that works. Hurts like a MOTHERF*CKER but really feels so much better once the bruising has gone down. I swear!

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  5. I’ve had a lot of sports massages and the only time I’ve ever had bruises was from cupping. I had a knot in my calf and my massage therapist used that to get it out. Even then, the bruises disappeared pretty quickly- as in, later that day. I realize some people bruise easier than others, though.

    You CAN foam roll and massage too hard and cause bruises. When I was out with ITBS I used the Roll Recovery R3 on my leg and bruised up my entire IT band. It didn’t even help the pain.

    I miss getting sports massages but I only get them when I’m training, so yeah. Hopefully someday…

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    1. I am going to be more strict with my stretching and foam rolling I’m not great at doing it, so I’m working on that! I’ve had IT band issues in the past and foam rolling hurts so I’m not surprised you had bruises there!
      You’ll get back to it, I know you will, stay positive 😊


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