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Can’t cook, won’t cook

I am a self confessed foodie.  I LOVE food, I love trying new foods and I have a very long list of favourite’s because I could never choose just one!

Considering my huge love of food, I strangely don’t like cooking.  I’m not terrible at it, but I’m not great either. I can follow a recipe easily enough but I also once put a pizza in the oven with the polystyrene base still on it and one time when I was making a pot of soup, I turned it down to simmer but actually turned it up full and went off and watched TV… it burned right through the pot and almost set the kitchen alight. Other than those incidents though, I’ve been ok, I just don’t enjoy it and because I (still *eyeroll*) live with my parents I don’t have to do it very often. Win win.

Last week my Mum was busy and asked if I could make salmon fish cakes from a recipe she found online she had already picked up the ingredients. I love salmon and the recipe was simple enough, so I have to admit I was actually quite excited about making this dish.

Just reading the ingredients made my mouth water, freshly squeezed lime juice, lemongrass, chilli, soy sauce, garlic, spring onion, honey, coriander, to name a few.

I thoroughly enjoyed chopping and preparing all the ingredients, smashing them all together and rolling them into balls ready for frying.

Cooking them was my favourite part, watching them transform from balls of goo to perfectly golden little patties. I ‘m being honest when I say they looked even better than the ones in the photo at the top of the recipe.

I was so impressed by how they turned out that I could picture myself cooking again, perhaps even make it a new hobby. I was wrong! Cooking is fun and the best part is, you have awesome stuff to eat when you are done and let me tell you, I was beyond excited to eat these fishcakes.

Then I took a bite and it tasted… well, it just tasted like salmon. Just Salmon, just plain salmon. What did I do wrong? Where did all the flavours go, all that chopping and squeezing and for what, what a waste of ingredients? All that effort for..

THAT my friends is why I hate cooking.

Damn Fishcakes!

36 thoughts on “Can’t cook, won’t cook”

  1. Aww. That shouldn’t happen. I feel sorry for you that it did. You should have gotten to enjoy the results as much as you anticipated them. I think it was a glitch in the recipe. As one who loves to fiddle in the kitchen with new flavors and techniques I want everyone to share my excitement there but if it’s not for you and your excitement comes at the table instead of the stove, well the world needs eaters too!

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  2. I’ve always liked food, but I’ve never been an adventurous eater until I met my fiance. He’s a chef and because of him I like so many more different types or food and vegetables. My mom, she tried to cook (although now that I’m grown, she’s a decent pinterest cook) but growing up, we didn’t have the stuff now to get recipes. I’m so fortunate that I found a great guy who can cook because cooking is super tough and I have no desire to do it!

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  3. I’m with you. I actually did enjoy cooking for awhile, but now that life is so hectic, it’s just last on my list of things to do. I can think of a million other things I NEED to do so I just make super simple things. I forget that I’m boiling water a lot and end up burning my pot. Okay, not a lot, but I think 3 times. And I’ve used flour instead of powdered sugar. Oops.

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  4. oh no!! I was so happy to read this post and then the end was so sad. I’m lucky that with my work I only have to cook dinner for myself 3 nights a week. And lunches are just super easy I don’t classify them as “cooking”. But I do enjoy cooking. Hate having to go shopping for ingredients though.

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  5. Hi Angela – shame that your fishcakes did not live up to expectations. Sad times. I do like cooking and baking, even if cooking regularly for a family can suck the joy out of it.
    But I think when you are not a fan of cooking, or just starting out, you tend to follow the recipe religiously ( I notice my daughter doing this ) rather than tasting and adapting as you go – and that can make all the difference.
    Don’t give up over a sub-optimal fishcake – there are a gazillion other things to try! If you want to of course 😉

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    1. Yeah I see my mum cooking, she never measured anything she just throws things in and it always turns out great! I guess that comes with practice!
      I’ll keep trying, I better get some dishes mastered before I get my own house, the alternative is letting the Mr cook and he can probably only stretch as far as an omelette!


  6. I love cooking. I don’t like being *expected* to cook, but I love cooking for other people if that makes sense. It relaxes me! Having said that I did once start a small kitchen fire because I left a tea towel on a lit hob ring. And I’ve had many, many, MANY disastrous kitchen nightmares. Doesn’t stop me! Sometimes things go straight in the bin and that’s fine too. I think I just enjoy having ingredients at my disposal. I think I enjoy cooking so much I’m not sure that the end result always matters to me all that much!

    Unless it’s something I’m obsessed with in which case it needs to turn out perfectly so I can eat it all as quickly as possible.

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  7. Yeah that makes sense! I really loved making these, I think I could enjoy cooking I just love food too much for it not to taste great too haha! I think I’d stress too much cooking for guests though, have I under cooked this or over cooked that!!
    Glad I’m not the only one who has experience with small kitchen fires, here’s to surviving them 🙂


  8. Hahaha some recipes just suck. A good thing to do is to read the comments for pointers. Also, letting the meat sit with the herbs for at least an hour before cooking lets the flavors set in. I also like to season the bread crumbs. I never cooked fish though haha.

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  9. In college, I baked a frozen pizza with scissors underneath it (the scissors somehow ended up there after I cut the pizza’s totally unnecessary protective plastic cover off *shrugs*). The scissor’s cheap plastic handles melted clear off and completed ruined the pizza and the pan as well. Boo.

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