2018 Goals

I’ve never been big on resolutions. I’d make them, knowing full well I’d be over them a week in, quickly reverting back to the same old procrastinating, chocolate munching, gin sipping, telly addict I was the year before… I may or may not currently be lying on my bed in the room I’m supposed to be cleaning, eating the remains of a Reece’s selection box whilst binge watching Peaky Blinders. New Year, Same Me!

You definitely won’t find me, cutting back on the chocolate (although I probably should) or upping my gym game(should probably do this too though)  just because January 1st graced us with its presence.  That being said, I do have a few goals for 2018 that I hope to achieve..


• Buy a house – This has been on the cards for a while now but house hunting is HARD we’ve not hit the jackpot yet but I’m sure Our House is still out there.

• Run a sub 2 half marathon – There I’ve said it!!! I’ve always been scared to put a time on my race goals, in case I failed miserably but I feel like I can’t get away with ‘crossing the finish line’ as a goal anymore. I need to put on my big girl pants and just get it done.

• Visit somewhere new – my recent Iceland trip definitely re-ignited a love for exploring new places. I’m dusting off my Dora the Explorer hat and backpack!

Do you have any goals for 2018? If you have resolutions how are they going?

Angela xo

24 thoughts on “2018 Goals”

  1. These are great goals! I WHOLEHEARTEDLY SUPPORT THEM! Also once I got into Peaky Blinders I watched all the way through to the end of season 2 and then, for no particular reason, just…. stopped. So. Have to get back into it soon. Watched the third season of Lovesick in between as a palate cleanser. Is Luke the best character on TV? Potentially.


    1. Thanks, hopefully sharing them makes me accountable for achieving them!
      I have never heard of Lovesick? Is it on Netflix?
      Yeah I do that with lots of shows too, I never ever watched the last season of Dexter, or the recent seasons of Scandal, Blindspot, The Blacklist…so many, I guess I over watch them and get bored! Did you watch Power?

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  2. Angie your Iceland trip WAS LIFE. Officially on my top 5 to do before I die lost. I suppose that would be a bucket list right?! I just hate that it’s a bucket so I never say that lol. Anyways, I believe in you girl! Do the damn things! All of them! They’re all so realistic. You got this! Also I’ve never heard of this show! Always looking for new stuff!

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  3. Good luck with your list! I am excited to see what you accomplish, and what you accomplish in the midst of trying to reach your listed goals :)! I am trying to be on my phone less when I’m in meaningful company, and just enjoy life’s moments instead of worrying about what could or might or probably will go wrong. Easier said than done, but maybe if I blog about it enough – I’ll improve! LOL PS. No chocolate giving up for me either. Never! .xo.

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    1. Erm…everywhere!! If I buy a house this year, it will affect my travel plans as i’ll probably stay within Europe rather than expensive long haul trips!


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