Coincidence or Synchronicity?

Have you ever had a coincidence happen to you that made you feel like it was meant to be? A sign from the universe or some other higher power perhaps?

I had a situation like this recently and It got me thinking about some other coincidences I have encountered…

The numbers 11 11 and 16 07  frequently show up for me, usually  it’s the time I happen to look at the clock but they do pop up other places too.  My birthday is July 16th so I guess that’s why I notice 16:07 so much.  I was once told 11:11 has something to do with angels…maybe I have a guardian angel or maybe it’s because my name is Angela?

i always seem to text my sisters at 11:11


My family often comment that Kevin is really like my late Grandfather, I do see some similarities like being 6ft3, growing up on a farm, similar interests(CARS!!) but other than that I don’t really see it as much as they do…. Strangely enough they do also share a birthday.  Maybe its a sign from my Grandfather that he approves of Kevin? 😉


I was seated beside a girl I’d never met before at a wedding last year (the groom was my cousin, the bride was her friend) after chatting for a while we figured out that we had some mutual acquantinces.  My friend Kat is her husbands boss, my cousin from the other side of my family has been her  friend since pre-school, her in-laws live next door to Kevin’s best friend AND the biggest shock of all. One of my good friends was secretly dating her brother!!! Six degrees of separation? Or was I supposed to find out my friends secret lover?

table seating plan at my cousins wedding


Before she got married my sisters name was Cheryl Martin.  Our (Kevin and I) best friends are a couple called Cheryl and Martin! Meant to be?


Early last year a new girl started in our office, her name is Jane Martin, we share a surname but are not related. Bizarrely, my parents were actually going to call me Jane too, Rod Stewart’s Baby Jane was topping the charts when I was born…my Dad changed his mind at the last minute and randomly named me Angela instead! It soon transpired that it wasn’t just the surname Jane and I had in common though, both our Dads are wheelchair bound after being diagnosed with Primary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis in their 20’s and they are both the same age!!! No our Dads are not the same person! Ha!

jane, me, kirsten…office party


At the end of last year one of my best friends, Lynsay invited me on a day out in Edinburgh.  Lyns had arranged to meet up with her cousin Margaret who had travelled up from her hometown of Hexham with her friend Catriona to spend a few days in the Capital.  We had a fab day, shopping, lunching, chatting and of course no Edinburgh trip is complete without a few cocktails.  FastForward 5 months and I get a text from Lynsay…

my best friends cousin is best friends with my cousin?!?!?

…it’s true we’re cousins too and didn’t even know it!!


Most recently and the reason for this post.

My friend from work Kirsten is running a 10K next Sunday, she’s a newbie runner and was asking me for some tips about running…yeah ME, obviously she hasn’t read this blog lol!  During our chat she mentioned how she thought marathon runners must be off their trolleys, “I mean why would anyone would choose to run 26.2 miles?”

I replied ‘Its on my bucket list, I’d love to run a marathon one day!’  I’d never actually said that out loud before, I’m not even sure if I had even said it in my head before.  However when I opened up my Facebook for a nosey seconds after saying it the first thing on my newsfeed was this…

My hometown is hosting a marathon for the first time.  Ever.

Obviously that was a sign, right? So I pretty much signed up for the race there and then!

I keep telling myself I have a year to train but……eeeeek!  I HAVE SIGNED UP FOR A FULL MARATHON!!

Have you ever had any unusual coincidences happen to you?

Do you believe in synchronicity?

Thanks for reading💗
Have a great day 😊
Angela xo

9 thoughts on “Coincidence or Synchronicity?”

  1. One of my high school teachers believed in coincidences. He used to say that when we thought of a person, we send some type of waves to them and that’s why they tend to reach out to you.

    I remember when I was a child, I thought 14 was going to be the year. I mean, it’s the year when you start high school. Then my father passed away that year, guess that’s why 14 seemed so significant.

    I don’t know why but I think when I see a 3 with a guy, either phone numbers, age, or birthdays, I think this it, this is the guy. But it never is haha. Maybe I should stay away from 3 guys.

    Everytime I break up with a guy, there’s always something flashing their name or where they’re from. Like after Robert and I ended things, that weekend I saw a giant yellow sign with his name on it. Or with Mike, he was from Rockport and I found out after we stopped dating, that a movie I was fond of was filmed in Rockport.

    Coincidences happen all the time, maybe it’s fate.

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    1. where has your blog gone?
      that is weird, yeah people do say it is some type of energy from our thoughts! so bizarre I noticed even more after posting this!


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