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So, I should be in Ibiza!

Last week I had a much needed week off!

I will hold my hands up and admit I had become a bit, well let’s just say not my usual happy self and not much fun, the last month or so.

I was exhausted, I  always remember saying that to my friend, who gave me a death stare that totally screamed ‘You are not a parent so don’t even!!’ So I try not to use the word exhausted, but I really was!

I had been staying with my sister for the last 8 weeks.  Cheryl is pregnant with twins and a high risk of premature labour, her husband works night shifts and wanted someone with her when he was at work.  So I offered my services, well, cause I’m nice like that.  **straightens halo

The thing is I totally struggled to sleep there, they live next to a train line and I’m a really, really light sleeper. Not fun! I was having to miss my morning workouts and ended up going to work like a zombie most days.

Then my Mum fell and broke her wrist and couldn’t drive for 4 weeks.  She is my Dads main carer so that meant she needed help too.  Alas, my workouts after work were skipped so I could make dinner and run errands for the parents before heading to my sisters for the night. **polishes halo

I’m really not complaining, I don’t want to sound like a completely selfish bitch.  I’d do anything for my family but the lack of sleep, me time and missing my workouts turned me into a right little moody cow…poor Kevin was usually on the firing end, although he really didn’t help himself when we booked a week in Ibiza and he failed to tell me his passport had expired LAST YEAR AND he took the wrong week off work **rolls eyes

Anyway, I’m over it!!!!

Instead we had a spontaneous trip to Liverpool.

It certainly wasn’t Ibiza but we really had the best few days and I felt like we’d had a good break and some  much needed time together.

I’d never been to Liverpool.  Kevin was there in March on my Brother-in-Law, Graham’s Stag weekend and thought I’d love it, although it soon became apparent that he had spent the whole weekend pub crawling and possibly visiting a strip club. Not sure what made him think I’d love that? Haha!

We spent most of our time eating, drinking and shopping.  I’m always happy to participate in all of the above so all was good in the world! Ha!

Now, if I was at least a mediocre blogger or even a half decent tourist for that matter I’d probably have taken note of places we went, food we ate and you know all that stuff bloggers tend to blog about, but you know me! Apologies!

We stayed in the Crowne Plaza at the Princes Docks.  I’d highly recommend this hotel.  Location was great, room was great, food was great AND this made me so happy..

A runners station. Providing runners with 3 awesome routes (2,4 & 6 mile) strawberry filtered water, towels and apples. I think ALL hotels should have one of these!! In fact I think my gym should have one!! It’s the little things, guys!

Our trip began with some cocktails..

Have you ever tried a Mexican Bulldog? yum
I do love a Pornstar Martini

And as you can see pretty much continued that way for the next 3 days, I did occasionally take breaks between bars to do some shopping. The shopping is so good in Liverpool.

The docks area has recently been redeveloped and is very tourist friendly.

Random fact: Titanic was built in Belfast(I’ve visited the dock it was built in) and left from Southampton.  It was never actually in Liverpool, it was just registered there, that’s why it had LIVERPOOL on its bow.  Also, there was totally enough room for Jack to float on that door too, right?

Home of The Beatles and it’s obvious around the city that they take much pride in this.

The fifth Beatle, call me Yoko

We opted out of all The Beatles tourist attractions because, well, I’m not really that much of a fan…I know how very un-British of me.

That being said we did have a brilliant night in The Cavern Club, birthplace of The Beatles.  We only planned popping in for one drink and expected it to be quiet as it was Tuesday night but it was absolutely packed and everyone was having a great time, such a good atmosphere, naturally we stayed until closing time.  I can’t remember the singers name, perhaps because of too much gin, but he was so good and sung a good variety of covers and just enough of The Beatles (ok they do have some songs I absolutely love).

With The Cavern Club being a bit of a tourist attraction for Beatles fans and music lovers the place was packed with all nationalities.

I took a photo for a Spanish guy who had brought his Beatle mad Dad over to visit (it was his first trip out of mainland Spain).  We shared a table with 3 Korean ladies also Beatle daft, they actually made my night with how excited they got when the singer covered a Beatles number! A Canadian girl got up and sung Amy Winehouse’s Tears dry on their Own she was incredible and for me no-one does Amy like Amy but she really was awesome! There was a Brazillian couple who were also staying in our hotel, Dutch, French, Irish, American, English and I’m pretty sure we were the only Scottish.

I remember thinking what an amazing mix of people everyone smiling, singing and so friendly and the only thing to make that moment even better was when the singer sung John Lennon’s epic Imagine.  Amazing! I know, my sister cringes at me, I’m such a lover **makes peace sign

Before heading home the next day we randomly jumped on the open top bus to Anfield Stadium home of Liverpool Football Club.  Unfortunately the stadium is being renovated so we could only visit the museum but it was pretty good even if I do claim to be a bit of a Manchester United fan myself. Shhhhh!


On Thursday, Donna, our two friends and I went to see Beyoncé play at Hampden (two football stadiums in one week) she was amazing, what a show. Awesome, but I won’t lie we had a pretty crap view, being short at concerts isn’t much fun. Meh!

It didn’t stop us having the best night though!!

Where’s Wally…I mean Queen Bey?

Barman, doesnt he look like Captain Jack Sparrow?

Drunk in Love….and in charge of a camera

Queen Bey had a moment of silence for the recent murders of Philando Castile,  Alton Sterling and for all other victims of police brutality.
I couldn’t help but think about how only on Tuesday I was singing along to Imagine with complete strangers, a mixture of nationalities and races and here I was just two days later taking part in a moment of silence for people killed because of where they come from and the colour of their skin.  Beyoncé ended the silence with a goosebump raising, tear jerking acapella rendition of Freedom.

Donna and I stayed overnight in Glasgow and treated ourselves to an amazing spa day and afternoon tea on Friday at the gorgeous Blythswood Square Hotel.  I actually got some use out of my Beyoncé inspired bikini that I bought for Ibiza..


We decided to add a Rhassoul treatment to our package as they were doing an offer, basically we covered each other in mud, then washed it off.  My skin felt like I’d just been born when we were done! Heavenly.

On Saturday and Sunday Kevin and I just chilled out, watched Serena Williams (OMG I love watching Serena play) and Andy Murray take the Wimbledon Champion titles and had a couple of dinner dates.

All in all I had fun, consumed around 97543623 calories spent twice as much as I would have in Ibiza and fully recharged my batteries!

In other news:

Brexit! Wtf? We left the EU!! I don’t normally discus politics in polite conversation but I didn’t vote that way!**shock face

Snapchat! I kinda love it, I’m totally crap at it and most days I forget about it completely but I’m all for snapchat! Filter till you pretty!!!

Finally and most amazing of all..

I’m an Auntie: My sister had two beautifully, identical, little girls yesterday afternoon.  Amber and Harper Stewart Born early at only 30 weeks they are a tiny 2lb9oz and 2lb12oz.  I’m sure they will be little fighters and will get there with all the love that we all share for them. Unfortunately aunties are not allowed to visit in the neo-natal unit so I’m not sure when I’ll get to meet them in person but I love them already.
Is your gym time your time to yourself?

Have you ever had holiday plans thrown up in the air?

Thanks for reading☺️

Have a great day ❤️

Angela xo

4 thoughts on “So, I should be in Ibiza!”

  1. Liverpool sounds fun! I never knew that about the Titanic! Fun facts! Haha. And I used to get totally exhausted before I had a kid too, so you are STILL allowed to be exhausted too! Sometimes a trip is really all you need to recharge. Jon and I were just talking about Brexit the other day! I forgot how many blogs I read of British people. I’d be curious to read more of your insight!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It was such good fun, I’m definitely going to make an effort to go on more trips!

      I guess only time will tell what the impact will be but I was genuinely shocked at the result!
      I’m not big on talking about politics but maybe I should write a post on my thoughts about it!


  2. You are allowed to be exhausted and what you time.

    Your trip sounds great! Those drinks look so good! I never get mixed drinks because I could have two beers for the price, and I love beer, but those look awesome!

    Snap is the best, I definitely snap too much!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I know they are so expensive but I just thought ‘f**k it!’ Haha!
      Right, I think I like seeing other peoples more than I actually like snapping…I’m probably just nosey! But is so much fun!


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