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Being Bridesmaid

According to society, including my family members and numerous other wedding guests I should have perhaps felt a little miffed that my little sister had “beat me up the aisle”(their words not mine)

Honestly, that couldn’t have been further from the truth.  I was bloody ecstatic that my sister was getting married.  I love her, I love my new brother-in-law, I loved being bridesmaid and I love a good wedding!

If anything I must confess, I was pretty miffed that they got to spent 2 weeks sunning themselves in Mexico and New Orleans, while I endured the not-so great, British weather…  Oh and that magnum of Dom Perignon they got as a wedding gift, kinda miffed that’s not mine!!

I’ve attended more than my fair share of family weddings over the past decade,  so I have become very familiar with the looks of pity followed by the words ‘You’ll be next!’  People actually take pity on you for being unmarried at my age(32).  It used to really irritate me but now it’s great, I’ve mastered the pathetic, poor me face and can usually bag myself a free drink out of it!

Isn’t it funny, for us ladies it’s like marriage should be our goal in life but for the guys, well they are encouraged to avoid it for as long as possible!! I actually witnessed Kevin get a high five for ‘dodging the bullet’ for so long!!! #equality

Anyway the wedding.  Ahh the wedding really was the most perfect, most beautiful, magical day, it really couldn’t have been any better and I honestly have no idea how our beloved Bride and Groom pulled it off.

I had severe reservations for numerous reasons….

Donna and Graham are (second to only myself) the most laid back people. Ever.

They didn’t have time to go to listen to the wedding band live but ‘they sounded OK on YouTube!’

None of the bridesmaids had a hair or make-up trial.  Thankfully the Bride had!!

Although neither of my fellow bridesmaids were pregnant when we ordered the dresses, on the day of the wedding one BM was 9 weeks post partum and the other was 19 weeks pregnant with TWINS….their fittings and alterations were (quite literally) squeezed in, the last few days before the wedding!!

The Groom and I commenced making 200 copies of the Order of Service with only 3 days to go.

The bridesmaid shoes!  Lets just say we have 3 pairs of fake Jimmy Choos from China, BNIB if anyone wants them.  Hahaha!

Midnight before the wedding our Bride was lying on her sofa with me at one end painting her toenails and Danielle(fellow BM) at the other plucking her eyebrows. She didn’t make an appointment because she wasn’t going to bother with ‘all that’ ….we insisted!

Finally and probably the most worryingly, our little Bride thought it would be a good idea to make her own Wedding cake….the day before the wedding…. something Danielle and I only realised after turning up at her house the night before the wedding with a bottle of prosecco anticipating a girlie night in, when she answered the door covered head to toe in flour pleading for our help!!! A bit of teamwork and it was beautiful until a 10.30pm car journey to drop it off ended in a cake smashing disaster.

Astonishingly the day itself was seamless, so relaxed and simply perfect.  The make up artists, the hair stylists even the florist dropping off our bouquets all commented on how calm we all were, if only they’d seen us the night before!!


I had the best day and night.  I wasn’t off the dance floor all night as the band were actually amazing.  Unfortunately my party feet made me a terrible blogger (even more than usual).  Had I been on blogging form I would have taken artsy shots of the beautiful table set up, her über Instagram-able candy cart and Polaroid photo booth and maybe even got a picture taken with my Fiancé!  Most of the night my camera was with Erin one of the flower girls. She took lots of photos for me, LOTS of selfies and a vlog, yes a vlog with an American accent that she’s mastered to a T, she is 6 years old and her favourite thing to do is watch YouTube videos.  Kevin and I were in histerics with laughter watching her video the morning!

I can’t believe it’s been 4 weeks already, can we do it all again sis?

Aren’t family weddings just the best?

Thanks for reading 😊

Have a great weekend💗

Angela xo

19 thoughts on “Being Bridesmaid”

  1. Beautiful pictures! I’m in the same boat with you (or at least, I was)- people used to shoot me the look of pity all the time. The good news is, once you get old enough, people stop even asking. I used to get “what are you waiting for??” all. the. time. Now I think everyone has just given up hope. haha 🙂 Nobody asks, nobody pushes, it’s like they know I’m past my prime and there’s just no point. I haven’t decided if that’s a good thing or a bad thing!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I do hope they give up on me soon! Haha!
      My older sister says it never stops, once you’re married, they ask ‘when will you have a baby!’ When you have the baby…’is it not time for another?’

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Lovely pics!! It really seems you’ve enjoyed your time and that’s the best thing!! 🙂
    I’ve changed the URL of my blog so if you still want to receive my post notifications please press the follow button here: 😉 (the old one will be closed soon!)

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  3. Awesome! Love me a good wedding. It reminds me a lot of my own with how chill and un-bridezilla I was. Good on your sister for keeping it real!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I sure love a wedding! She really just does not care (which I love about her) even when her cake smashed she was like ‘ugh I’m over it!’ …mother of the bride and mother of the groom have been having anxiety attacks on her behalf! Haha!


    1. Aww Thank You! The wedding was in Stirling, I totally fell in love with the church, its right next to Stirling Castle. The the reception was in the Albert Halls in Stirling too! Xo

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  4. Beautiful post, beautiful story, beautiful pictures and beautiful sentiment! that church omg amazing! and brides maid dresses that are actually quite stunning! i love it when that happens!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Wow you are lucky then hahaha! Everything looks perfect! as for those feeling sorry for you keep the drinks comin! ahhaaa! i feel excited for you! whether marriage is in the future or not you are only 32 years old!! and have a whole life ahead of you that is awesome! 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

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