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I was the first of my siblings to flee the nest.  Just four weeks after my 18th birthday, believing I was a fully fledged grown-up, I moved to a flat in the West End of Glasgow  where I went to University.

I loved it so much that even after graduating, my friends and I rented our flat for another year.  Eventually I made the move back to my hometown and bought a house with my then boyfriend of 4 years.  Unfortunately after less than a year we broke up and had to sell the house which left us both in debt and me renting a flat on my own.

When I met Kevin he was in exactly the same situation.  After dating and living together for a few years we found ourselves in a situation where house prices had rocketed, mortgages were difficult to come by and saving the required deposit while paying monthly bills was damn near impossible.  Kevin had also at that time quit his job to start a business with his brother, something he’d always wanted to do to.

After much debating and consideration we decided the best way to kick start our savings fund, pay off any debts we had and give Kevin time to establish his business was to…


..and so I became a ‘boomerang kid’.

Of course my parents welcomed me with open arms as I am their favourite daughter or I like to tell them I am (middle child syndrome is real)

The Relationship – Parents

I love my parents, obviously and I am truly grateful to have a family to turn to and rely on in situations like this.  My Mum and I have had our fair share of arguments in the past but I’ve learned when to bite my tongue and how to keep her sweet most of the time.  I guess at heart I’m a little bit of a Daddy’s Girl.

The Situation

My dad has MS along with other health issues and is fully confined to a wheelchair.  Although I don’t pay full rent the little I do pay is a help to them.  Also it means I’m usually around to help if my Mum needs some help or time-out.

I save money and help them out.

The Living Quarters

With my Dads disability my parents bedroom and bathroom is on the ground floor. I pretty much live upstairs where there are 3 bedrooms a bathroom and without a doubt it is much bigger than my first flat.

I save money and have lots of space!

The Relationship – Kevin

Kevin lives with his Mum and step-dad 10 miles away, he stays at mine at the weekends and on occasion a night during the week.  It’s tougher than imagined but I’d say for the most part it has been good for our relationship.  It’s definately made us appreciate the time we spend together.

The Saving Fund

I’ll admit it, we got off to a terrible start.

When I first moved home my younger sister was still there.  It was like returning home from a really long trip. We had a ball.  Long weekend trips to various cities across Europe, we’d go to the the movies (we went every night one week), shopped till we dropped and there was always some sort mid-week event for us to attend together.

At the same time Kevin and I would go out for dinner and drinks every weekend or book a hotel for the night here and there, before our social life had been pretty much …Netflix.  I had so much spare cash I would buy stuff I didn’t really need and Kevin was just as bad, we went on holidays that we wouldn’t have before.   It was 7 months before we realised we hadn’t saved a penny or put a dent in any of our loans.

Slow start but back on track.

The Plan

Initially our plan was to save a decent deposit for a house which we estimated to take a maximum of 2 years.  After a bad start to saving and not finding anything we really love, we’ve started to move the goal posts…if we stay here and save for longer we can save for our wedding too… A bigger house…or build our own.

The plan has been abandoned we’re just waiting to see who cracks first.

The Current Status

I think it’s going to be at least another 18months before we do anything about buying a home together.  Some days I’m ok with that and some days I feel like it’s forever away.

Future on hold.

Look out for my next post On Living with Parents -A day in the Life

Have you or could you live with your parents as an adult? 

Thanks for reading ❤️ Have a great day 😊
Angela xo

8 thoughts on “Home?”

  1. I only temporarily lived with my parents when I was 20. I decided to work as a dental assistant and go to school part time, so I lived with them for about a year. Other than that, I stayed with them for about a month before and after my deployment, but since I moved out for good at 23, I haven’t been back yet! We’re planning on a temporary move in with them for about 3-4 months after we sell our condo, but I decided to push that off too. I just don’t know about it quite yet. But their two extra bedrooms are huge so it’d be like having way more space than we do now! It’d just be hard to adjust to sharing the kitchen for me, really. My parents and I eat totally different! I just spend all my money traveling, but I would probably have done the same thing had I moved in with my mom and dad to save (if I wasn’t married). I’d have gone out and lived it up! I want to read your next post on actually living with them, haha!

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    1. Oh the kitchen sharing and eating habits are definitely difficult!! Kevin joked that if we stay for long enough we’ll have full time babysitters when the time comes! You should consider it, haha!


      1. Oh trust me, we have already thought of that! But then again, the stress of being around them ALL the time AND having a new baby would be rough too, so I don’t know if it’d be worth it, haha!

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  2. I lived with my mum from Mon-Thu when I got a job at another city and it would’ve taken too much time to travel there every day. I spent my weekends at my boyfriend’s apartment. It was really nice as I’ve always been close with my mother. I miss her now that we don’t see each other that often.

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  3. It’s great to have supportive parents you can count on during tougher times! I miss mine and totally would live with them if I could 🙂 Solid parents are so awesome and I feel like that becomes more apparent as you mature and grow. Of course, living alone does have its perks! Good luck with the living situation- sounds like you’re figuring it out.

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