One Hundred

Today I had planned to be either road tripping La Cote d’Azur or signing the conclusion of missives on the purchase of a house… what was it Rabbie Burns said ‘the best laid plans….

Instead, today I am at work, feeling a little miserable that my plans always seem to end up floating in the wind.

Mr was in Berlin on a stag party a few weeks ago, bored and home alone, I organised a trip and full itinerary road tripping in the South of France.  Unfortunately,  Mr returned with a hernia* and a workload that could crush Ser Gregor ‘The Mountain’ Clegane.  Even with ‘walk the Monaco Grand Prix race circuit’ highlighted in illuminous yellow on my itinerary I couldn’t get him to down tools and head to the airport.  After harassing a few other possible travel companions I admitted defeat and cancelled.  Self-employment SUCKS!

If you’ve read my blog for a while you might remember last year I booked us a week in Ibiza, Mr messed up his holiday dates and we ended up vacationing in Liverpool, ha!   I think I might start a series on here dedicated to him and the things he does that wind me up, is that cruel? Maybe that is a bit mean ..BUT did I tell you guys that he took the day off work for my twin nieces’ birthday, cute right? Except he has NEVER taken a day off for my birthday, EVER, in fact last year my birthday was spent watching him racing! Obviously my family all found this hilarious!

Last week, we found a house, THEE HOUSE, if you have ever been house hunting you’ll know how difficult it is to find one that ticks ALL the boxes.  Well we did. It was perfect.  It needed quite a bit of work but everything about it was exactly what we were looking for with the added bonus of an ensuite bathroom and a sunroom.  The location was smack bang in between both my sisters houses (who live one mile apart), perfect for sharing the hosting duties of Fajita Fridays!  The seller wanted a quick sale and with us not having a property to sell we were in a good position to seal the deal.  I didn’t totally set my heart on it as I’m used to things not going my way but I might have picked out bathroom tiles and found the perfect light fitting for the sunroom lol but yesterday our dreams were crushed when we were unfortunately outbid.  Mr is actually pretty upset about it and I fear he might want to just buy the next house he sees whether it suits us or not! Everyone keeps telling me that it wasn’t to be and we’ll find another one, a better one.  I want to lie face down on the floor kicking and screaming ‘BUT I WANT THAT ONE!!!!’  Adulting SUCKS!

This is my 100th post. Instead of just brain spew typing like I usually do, I wanted to write something thought provoking or meaningful, something deep.  I wrote a post on religion, or more my relationship with religion/God, it’s still in my drafts but I can’t bring myself to post it.  I’m sure a lot of people will relate to it but I’m scared it might offend people.  I am one of those people who avoid confrontation at all costs.  It’s a strange thing for me not to want to post something personal, I don’t usually have a problem sharing on here, its just a touchy subject one with which everyone has very STRONG opinions and I can’t adult in most situations so I’m not sure how to cope with the possible backlash.  Fear SUCKS!

And so my 100th post has become a bit of a moan, which if you knew me personally you would laugh because I rarely moan about anything!

Don’t worry guys I do have some good stuff going on.  For my birthday my sister booked us flights to Iceland in November so we are currently planning our trip.  Liz I hope your Iceland recaps are coming soon!!

I am back in the gym and loving it!  Yet to get back into running but I’m loving busting strength workouts at Fee’s Fitness and have been contemplating checking out Crossfit.

Game of Thrones is back!!  I am loving season 7 so far.  Let me know what you think if you watch too,  who is your favourite GoT character?

Some other things I’m excited about:  Finally catching up with my besties, new job, being bridesmaid.  I also must find my running mojo soon as I have some races coming up soon…eeek!

*he actually developed the hernia the night before his trip whilst moving furniture for his Mum, but coming home from a stag doo with a hernia sounds much more scandalous lol, don’t you think? Its proving difficult for him to ride his motorbike with it though so I kinda like it… cue evil laugh

How is adulting going for you right now? The good, the bad and the ugly?

Any Iceland recommendations?  

Cheer me up lets have some Game of Thrones chat..

Thanks for reading🤗

Have a great day❤️

Angela xo












28 thoughts on “One Hundred”

  1. You seem to indeed have had a couple bad breaks lately. Not to worry though because it seems you have some nice things upcoming. I’ve missed plenty of what should have been fantastic plans whether full blown excursions or simple weekend haunts and 40 years later I scarcely remember them. Same with a lost bid on a house I really wanted. The good thing to life is that there will be just as many unplanned good things as lost opportunities. Unfortunately, after 40 years I’ve forgotten many of them also. But life is balanced and continues marching on and as long as you can finish off a week and say “well, that wasn’t so bad,” then nothing is really lost. Except for perhaps your Mr’s pride now that we all know his hernia is the result of his doing something nice rather than an intemperate weekend.

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  2. That’s so true, it isn’t the end of the world! Losing the house means I have more spare cash for my trip… silver lining!!
    I won’t tell him I let you in on his secret if you don’t 😉

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  3. Love this Angela–you are always so honest and forthright which is why I’m always excited to see a new post coming from you. Kinda crazy–I’ve had a “God” post in my queue for a while now also. It’s a hard subject to talk about. I’ve slid a line in on another piece I’m working on that goes like this “I barely ever talk about God because i don’t want people to think I’m religious. Because I am not.” Basically my goal is to find a way to talk about a relationship with God that is clearly secular. I don’t want to turn people off (because I myself am often turned off if people are preachy or frankly if they sound religious at all.). You’re so right, very personal things and tough to bring out in in the open. I have no doubt you will find your way–as will I. Again, loved this. Good luck on that house search—YOURS is out there! x

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    1. Thank You so much, I always try to be as honest as possible, as one of my dislikes of social media is that fake perfection thing. Life is great but life is far from perfect 🙂
      I bet our God posts are pretty similar and I know a lot of people who share the same thoughts and feelings about religion as I do but its still scary to talk about such controversial topics. maybe one day we can share them… and maybe one day I’ll find a house!! Thank you again xo

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  4. Ooo congrats on your 100th post!! That’s super awesome!!

    Have you ever considered going on your France trip alone? I know it’s not as fun as with Mr or any other friend, but it does allow you to be selfish and only do the things you would want to do on a vacation hehe.

    As for the religious post, I say post it! Sometimes I get into a little bit of a “heavy post” thing too (it happens when you are a poli-sci and religion major) and I haven’t had any backlash on any of the posts. One post was me just complaining about church politics. Like really complaining and throwing some serious shade. Sometimes we just need to vent that sort of thing, and your blog should be a safe place to do that 😉 And remember: if someone posts a horrible comment, you can just delete it!

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  5. I did consider going solo but Mr reminded me that I usually need adult supervision in most of my ventures, I’m not very aware of my surroundings and have terrible sense of direction not to mention they drive on the opposite side of the road from us weirdos and my driving is bad enough here, haha!
    You are so right, I’m not sure why I am so hesitant, I don’t usually think about what other people think, I just post my honest thoughts and feelings!


  6. Angela: I have a post in my drafts that I started and said I’d never have the guts to post because it discusses abortions (I am pro choice and I have been on the table) which may even upset you so I apologize ahead of time. The point is- we all have our opinions and our beliefs and we are here because we have a voice. There’s nothing wrong with a religious post. Those who don’t agree, simply won’t respond. No
    One will confront this I guarantee it. Also- game of thrones character that’s EASY- ARYA. I mean. Tyrion. I kind of really love the evolution of Tyrion and pure his heart ended up being. I’m also obsessed with Missandei of Narth. Man I guess it wasn’t easy after all right?! Am I the only one who knows Snow is going to sleep with Dannaerys and then immediately find out he’s like her brother or something and it’s gonna get crazy?! LOL don’t even get me started!
    Also- I bought a house last year. I will never buy a house again. So much heartbreak in the process so I understand! Give it some time…. your house will be a gem that was meant only for you doll.

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    1. Arya and Tyrion are def my faves but I love Jamie too I’m sure he has a heart in there too!! That is so going to happen with Danaerys and Jon Snow, he is her nephew I think!? Who knows it’s GoT everyone is sleeping with their sisters and brothers it’s hard to work out family connections ha! It’s going to turn out Tyrion is her brother too, right?

      You are right, we shouldn’t be afraid to voice our opinions, I’ll post it… one day!

      No one tells you how tough house hunting is! Everyone just says ‘OOOOH house hunting how exciting!’ No, no it’s not!!!! I’m sure it will be once we find a home but for now it’s bloody awful!!!

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      1. Lol on the incest party that is GOT. And keep your head up- even when you get the house the stress has only just begun lol!! 1 year later- still fixing and remodeling and adding and inventin it never ever ends. But know that you are blessed to be in the process. Best wishes!

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  7. Oh man, I need to get on the Iceland posts. So overwhelming, haha. But HOW EXCITING! I’m sure November will be completely different though just because of the snow. I’m not even sure how that’ll affect it. How long are you going for? What are you planning on doing?! I also vote yes on checking out CrossFit! So much fun. Your house woes makes me dread house hunting again! Jon and I loved so many houses and we were ALWAYS outbid. Thankfully we just ended up moving out of state and never found a house!

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    1. We are only going for 5 days so a short trip and with little daylight but hoping to squeeze in as much as possible! I know, I was thinking about driving but not sure what that will be like in winter weather! I’ll have to investigate!!

      Yeah they are doing a free week for beginners at a local CF box and a girl I went to university with is a coach there so I might check it out next week, I’ll let you know how I get on!!

      I just feel so deflated I don’t even want to look anymore lol, I’m sure I’ll get over it soon! House hunting is just not as much fun as I remember it being!!


      1. House hunting is definitely not as fun when you really want a house. It’s fine to go look when you’re just dreaming. I know the northern lights in Akureyri are supposed to be awesome, and I hear it’s a short/cheap flight from Reykjavik to Akureyri. But the Golden Circle is really neat too, especially if you don’t drive the Ring Road. If you have time for the Ring Road, I think that blows the Golden Circle out of the water. But the Golden Circle hits all of the major cool things to see in the country in a small area. I definitely loved Jokulsarlon and the glaciers near there.

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  8. Walk the Monaco Grand Prix race circuit?? Can you take me with you?
    Congrats on 100 posts! I enjoy your honest banter and hope one day you’ll post that one about religion.
    Also, you commented on my blog a while ago that Ross on Friends is the worst. I didn’t know why at the time, but now I’m on season 3 and have hated him since the start of season 2. He is so annoying! And now he just cheated on Rachel. What a guy. Monica is also annoying – her dating that grandpa and all.

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    1. Sure, lets go walk this circuit, I was really looking forward to doing that!!

      I’m sure I’ll post it one day, I just never want to upset people, not necessarily on my blog but real life too, I’m always trying to please everyone, it’s my worst trait, my Mum will say my untidiness is but it’s not lol!!

      Haha I feel bad that I said Ross was the WORST haha he is really annoying though but I think it’s like real life friends sometimes they annoy you, ha! Joey is annoying sometimes too and yeah I totally agree about Monica!!!

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      1. Oh no need to defend Ross, he’s doing enough to be ranked #5 or #6 in the Friends character power rankings in my head. I don’t mind Joey. He embraces his stupidity.

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  9. Ugh that sucks about the break. Maybe Mr needs to start planning your trips so you don’t get your wires crossed… Or would that be an unmitigated disaster? 🤔

    Sorry you lost the house. I know how gutting that can be – but maybe the sale will fall through and they’ll come back to you?! You can always hold onto a glimmer of hope?

    I think I probably have similar feelings on religion as you… go for it. I wrote a super personal post (a while ago but was for a guest post so was posted today) and I’m not going to lie it’s TERRIFYING, but also…..

    Fuck it.

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    1. If I left it for him to organise I’d never go anywhere, maybe camping 🙄

      Yeah there’s always a chance of that I suppose, I’m sure we’ll find something, eventually!

      I read your post and I’m just about to comment on it, so brave ❤️ you are so right….fuck it!!!

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  10. I’m sorry about the house, and the plans falling through. Everyone does say the right house will come along, but I know devastation isn’t easy to handle & optimism is difficult to see when you’re sad. Keep your chin up! I have yet to watch an episode of GoT, but I’m glad it’s back on for you. I’m anxiously awaiting TGIT to come back – with Scandal & Grey’s Anatomy. (if you’re into that?).
    I moan way more often online than I do in person, so your 100th post sounds just great to me. Good luck with the running & have fun in the gym. Keep us posted on your house hunting. And remember, like most things in life, Do NOT Settle.

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    1. Thank You so much, you are right it’s hard to be optimistic right now even although I know we will find a place to call home when the time is right!!
      I LOVE SCANDAL! I actually don’t watch much TV but I GoT and Scandal both win for me, I have watched the occasional Greys Anatomy but I just didn’t seem to get hooked like everyone else did, I loved ER back in the day though lol
      Haha what would we do without online ranting!!
      Thanks again xo


  11. Angela, so sorry about the house. Try, to the extent you can, to concentrate on the positive things in your life and let go of the past… I know it’s hard. I’m going to remain positive (or maybe blissfully unaware) that this WordPress space is a safe place for sharing… so if you want to talk about God and religion, go for it! I will fully support your right to share. Heck, I may even pull my fingers out of my ears long enough to hear what you say… but only ‘cuz it’s you! LOL! 😉

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  12. That sucks about the house! Even if you don’t find the perfect one, you can always sell in the next to 5-10 years for it, they’re not permanent solutions.

    If I lived in Europe, I would totally go on those trips with you! Iceland sounds like a blast!

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    1. We might have to but I’d rather wait and get one that we could potentially stay in forever.. it’s not likely that will happen though! House prices are pretty high here right now and the next few years or so are pretty unknown economically with the whole Brexit thing so buying to sell in a few years probably isn’t wise…. ugh I hate adulting!

      I’m so excited for Iceland, although our summer has pretty much gone here so now I kinda wish we were going somewhere hot, haha!!


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