One Hundred

Today I had planned to be either road tripping La Cote d'Azur or signing the conclusion of missives on the purchase of a house... what was it Rabbie Burns said 'the best laid plans.... Instead, today I am at work, feeling a little miserable that my plans always seem to end up floating in the… Continue reading One Hundred

Adventures, Running

Run. Walk. Snap

You may remember I told you I had signed up to run my first ever full Marathon.  Although I'm not the best runner I had a full year to go and thought I'd have plenty time to get up to speed (pun intended) .Well, now I have around 8 months till marathon day and I… Continue reading Run. Walk. Snap



As my half marathon training is on hold for the time being I thought I'd do another currently post.  I find these posts a bit like a coffee and catch up with some friends which is always good, right? Here's what I'm currently... WATCHING Game of Thrones.  I insisted for years that this show was… Continue reading Currently…