Running, The Journey to 26.2

Sunday Run Down #2

I missed boxing class.  Again.  Thankfully a very busy January and our end of month deadlines at work are over, I really wanted to celebrate this with a large bottle glass of Pinot and and even larger slab of Galaxy chocolate…instead I had a chai tea, lush bath and an early night.


60mins Hot yoga – a whole new experience to me.  I might post about it!!


My Wednesday night run buddies have returned from the sunshine.  We clocked up 6.5 miles and I was so annoyed I forgot to charge my Garmin, however I doubt we broke any records my legs were aching from Yoga the night before.


3 miles.  I ran to my sisters house for dinner. I really do run for food!!! The legs felt better but I felt like the run was over just as I was getting in to the zone.  My brother-in-law had made an awesome Sweet Potato Coconut curry, I must get the recipe it was divine.


Babysitting duties so no running/excercise but I’d like to add that looking after twins is a workout in itself!!!!


I should have been running 6 miles with the running group and then chilling out in Dunblane Hydro’s pool, sauna and jacuzzi being treated to free tea and coffee. Instead I was bridesmaid dress shopping with Kevin’s sister and her friend/my fellow bridesmaid, as much as I was gutted to miss our run group treat, dress shopping and being bridesmaid again is good fun!!


A slow 6 miles….the result of spending a fab afternoon eating cupcakes and sipping tea during a long overdue catch up with my friend Anne-Louise and her two little boys.  I was struggling from mile 2, it was dark, I ran with Kevin but he was always about a minute in front of me which just kind of put me off.  I didn’t take my music because I thought we would chat but no,  I was left eating his dust!!! Not my best run and I seem to have developed a slight pain on the outside of my left foot, hopefully after a rest tonight it will be fine.

Total mileage: 15.5

Weeks until marathon: 15

Still sober…21 days!!!!

If you are training, how is it going?

Thanks for reading😊

Have a great week❤

Angela xo

6 thoughts on “Sunday Run Down #2”

  1. I just finished my first 5K run yesterday. It’s nothing compare to the distances your running but it’s still something (for me, at least). Hopefully, in the coming months, I can reach the distance your running. Good luck with your training. 😊

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    1. Well Done thats amazing, I find 5k really difficult, regardless of the distance it takes me around 5k to get my breathing right and get into the zone!! You’ll do great if you keep at it, my biggest downfall is taking months off at a time and having to start all over again!! Thanks xo

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  2. Wow that is good going! Well done! I can’t comment on the running since my week looked like this:

    Monday – no exercise
    Tuesday – no exercise
    Wednesday – no exercise
    Thursday – no exercise
    Friday – no exercise
    Saturday – no exercise
    Sunday – short five-minute walk

    Okay now I feel lazy af, but I look outside and it is sark and raining and miserable and there’s just no way I want to go out there in that… What was the hot yoga like? Did you feel like you were dying? Would you recommend it to someone with a minus fitness level?

    Also, this:

    “…instead I had a chai tea, lush bath and an early night.”

    …sounds AMAZING!

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    1. Haha thats how I kinda wish my week looked!!!!! I am awful at yoga ..something I only discovered mid-class, I felt like I’d been locked in an oven at some points but yeah I think everyone should try it at least once!! Thanks xo

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