Running, The Journey to 26.2

Sunday Run Down #1 Running and Stuff…

I’ve been loosely following a beginner marathon programme already for months but didn’t want to bore you all to death with my running updates so now that it’s 16 weeks today (what?!? )I thought I’d start my weekly marathon training updates, to keep me accountable and take note of my progress.

Ironically, my first week documenting my training was a bit of a fail, I initially was going to leave it out and start it next week, but bad weeks are real life and my training updates would not be honest if I failed to include the lows, so here goes.

Monday -Cross train

Fail. When it comes to working out I swear by the mantra ‘Never miss a Monday workout’ well, I did just that.  Mondays, on the programme I follow, are cross training days so I had booked in to a boxing class at 5.45 then ended up late at the office till 8.30pm. Too tired and mentally drained to do anything, I headed home for an early night.

Tuesday – 3 miles

Treadmill, I’m still not a fan! It was made even more hell because I forgot my earphones but I done it.

Wednesday – 5 miles

My usual Wednesday run buddies are currently sunning themselves in Gran Canaria. Ugh, not jealous at all!  Kevin ran with me and I must add it was quite enjoyable even if he did complain that I was slow.  Whoever said ‘couples who train together, stay together’ obviously didn’t have to run with someone whose legs are twice as long as theirs. Ha!

Thursday & Friday

Both days were supposed to be 3 miles, both days ended in 8pm finishes at the office. So annoyed at missing these runs, I kinda wished I’d just gone to the gym and squeezed in treadmill runs after work but I was just wiped out!

Saturday – 9 miles (actual 8.6miles & 90mins TRX)

I had stopped going to the running club on a Saturday as I felt I was a bit off pace to stay with the group, but I went back last Sunday as I do really need a group run to keep me motivated on the long runs. Last week they seemed to go at my pace and I stayed mid group for the 7 miles and loved it.  This week however we seemed to start off slightly faster and by mile 6 I was falling behind.  Mandy who leads the group offered me 3 options; to continue on but I’d fall back further so essentially run by myself, run back to shop and end my run or continue running missing out a fraction which meant I’d meet up with the group again for the last 2 miles.  I went for the latter which meant I basically missed out a loop of the route before catching back up with them to finish. When we got back to the shop to stretch off I realised I’d only done 0.4mile less than the planned 9, I should have just stayed with them!

This week Mandy coached us on race nutrition, we all got a free gel to try I chose a Torqgel one in forest fruits flavour.

She said that taking a gel every 4 hours works for her but got us to take one at 2 miles and take note when we felt it kick in (I didn’t feel it at all, although I was a bit hyper and chatty after the run so maybe that was the guarana hitting me. Ha) and how it made us feel (upset stomach, etc) mine tasted like Calpol, sickly sweet but I quite like that, although it did make me feel like I had a full tummy for the rest of the run and I literally took tiny mouthfuls of it, it took me almost a mile to eat it, I also felt really thirsty towards the end but I don’t think that was the gel more me not hydrating sufficiently pre run.

Mandy’s marathon advice: granola bar or something similar at start, gel that works for you every 4 miles, last 4 miles chocolate or jelly beans for fast release.

Next week Mandy has organised for us to start and finish our run at Dunblane Hydro Hotel who are kindly letting us use the sauna and jacuzzi as a post run treat.  How fab is that? Unfortunately, I have to miss next week as I have bridesmaid duties, I’m being bridesmaid again this year, this time for Kevins sister!!

Before I’d decided I’d go back to the running group on Saturdays, I had booked myself into a 90minute TRX workshop at a new hot yoga and suspension training studio that’s opened in town.  I’d left for the run in a hurry (as per) and hadn’t had breakfast so grabbed a banana to eat on route to the class with the hope I’d have time to pick up something on route..I didn’t! I text a couple of my gym friends to see if they wanted to go to the workshop in my place but no one could make it so I just went along as I didn’t want the space and my £12 to got to  waste.

The class was actually really good but I had a little moment half way through where I was basically running on empty and thought I was going to faint (how embarrassing). I had a sit down for a minute or two then was fine, but the teacher who clocked my ‘whitey’ started talking about how if our bodies are not used to using certain muscles or high intensity workouts it can cause us to feel like I did.  I was too embarrassed to attract anymore attention and tell him about my fuelling fail and the 8.5 miles before class.


Total mileage: 16.6 miles

Total days sober: 14 and trust me the urge for wine after those late nights at the office was real!

I went to see the new Trainspotting movie last night and I feel like I’m speaking much more Scottish today if that’s possible, haha!

That’s my Sunday Run Down.  I’m currently contemplating going into the office to give myself a head start for the Monday carnage.  Anyone else have busy end of month deadlines at work?

How do you feel about gels or refuelling during races?

Are you training for anything and posting updates? Leave a link and I’ll follow you!

Thanks for reading 😊

Have a great week ❤

Angela xo

20 thoughts on “Sunday Run Down #1 Running and Stuff…”

  1. Wow, good job! Even a few missed days doesn’t make it a fail! Whoever comes up with training plans maybe doesn’t ever work late, haha. I never work out on days that I work until 7pm. I’m always too tired for it! The few times I have in the past, I never had energy anyway. 9 miles is a long run! I’m really impressed with your goal and the work you’re putting into it! I’ve never used a gel, but I don’t feel like I need to. Even hard workouts at CrossFit are like, 45 minutes long and the most I’ve run is 9 miles ever and I don’t even run anymore, so I don’t feel like I need it. I feel like I’d feel SO sick if I ate chocolate on a run though! I wonder if dates would be an okay alternative? I’ve heard dates with PB in them are good for running. Not sure how quick of a release that’d be though!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks, I’m really trying hard to keep focused on the goal!
      Yes I’ve heard other people use dates too and I’m a peanut butter lover so that sounds delicious!
      Yeah I’m the same, I can’t even drink energy drinks when I run without feeling sick. I took one gel at the half way mark in my first half marathon but I didn’t actually need it and it just made me feel a bit sick! I’m not the best at fuelling my body though I usually work out on an empty stomach first thing in the morning so I’m finding it hard to adjust to these long runs instead of a 45min class!


  2. I have absolutely nothing to say about running, since my experience with running so far has been strictly limited to running for the bus, which always leaves me feeling like I might vomit up my lungs.

    How was Trainspotting 2 though? Worth seeing?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah, its a lot different to the first one but I thought it was hilarious, def worth a watch!! Oh I was the same just a few years ago with regards to running…in fact who am I kidding, I never ran for the bus I just let it drive on by!!! xo

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  3. Great post- I love reading others’ training journeys. I’ve started posting my training logs for bringing down my 5k time, keeps me accountable for staying on track! I think as far as gels go, 4 miles is a good place to start, and it depends on your pace. I tend to go for one about every 45 minutes on my longer runs, but those are usually btw a 9:30-10:30 pace, so that recommendation jives with what I’ve been doing. I use the Honey Stingers energy chews, have for years, and I definitely feel the difference when I do and don’t have them on my longer runs.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks, that’s the pace I run on long runs too and I’ve been taking them between 4.5-5.5 miles since and that seems to be working! Posting definitely keeps me accountable, and I always get good feedback too that helps. I love reading others so I’ll check yours out too. Thanks for commenting!


  4. My goodness, how wonderful is the idea of documenting one’s hard work and success! I am proud of you. I started my daily exercises half a year ago and I am proud to say that I have lost 20 pounds, but it is not about what I have lost. It is about what I have gained. Yes, the muscles, but most of all – self-love, self-respect, better balance…. I am 47, and my two college students (children) are proud to see their mom back in shape. I am an new blogger. I am glad that there is an opportunity to share one’s experiences and interests with people of the same interests. I have an Instagram account (evaisco) and a Facebook page (Wise Living), as well as YouTube posts where I share my accomplishments and successes in fitness, and healthy living. I started meditating around 8 years ago. I read and studied many different schools and techniques, and I do practice mindfulness and pranayama. I practice yoga daily for half a year, and cooking vegetarian and vegan dishes. On my new blog I am sharing all this experience with everyone. I hope you can follow and find my articles honest and interesting. Thank you, and good luck.


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