Running, The Journey to 26.2

Sunday Run Down #4 and #5

I've not abandoned my training, I just didn't have much to post about last week.  Week 4 of marathon training involved 60 minutes hot yoga on Tuesday and 7.5miles on Wednesday an that was all! I even missed my long run which should have been 12 miles.  I was so annoyed at myself because I… Continue reading Sunday Run Down #4 and #5

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HOT Yoga

I've been to the odd yoga class here and there, I've tried so hard several times to properly get into Yoga and as much as I love meditation and stretching nothing I tried ever seemed to click, either I wasn't feeling the love for the space or for the teacher or I just felt really… Continue reading HOT Yoga

Running, The Journey to 26.2

Sunday Run Down #2

Monday I missed boxing class.  Again.  Thankfully a very busy January and our end of month deadlines at work are over, I really wanted to celebrate this with a large bottle glass of Pinot and and even larger slab of Galaxy chocolate...instead I had a chai tea, lush bath and an early night. Tuesday 60mins… Continue reading Sunday Run Down #2