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My Girls…

I feel like I’ve started every post this year by apologising for yet another blogging hiatus.  Honestly, I haven’t even logged on to WordPress even to say Hi or show some love to my favourite bloggers. Can I even still call myself a blogger? …was I ever really a blogger?

Speaking of favourite bloggers, two of mine,  Katie  and Cat were visiting Scotland (not together) from the States this summer,  I knew they were visiting, I had planned to write them both a list of restaurant recommendations (fellow foodies) and see/do lists with the hope of perhaps meeting up with them to do some sightseeing – except like I said, I didn’t log on to WordPress in forever and before I knew it they were both posting Instagram photos not too far from where I live, all whilst I was in the midst of a chaotic work deadline and wedding planning became a crazy MUTHAF….  I confess I am a terrible blogger friend! I’m so sorry girls, I wish I had planned things better, would have loved to tourist with you!

Thankfully,  I must be a much better ‘real life’ friend as recently my favourite girls got together to share a day with me to celebrate my hen party.

The bridesmaids Donna, Cheryl and Lynne had kept the planning all very hush hush but a few weeks before told me I was going to Ladies Day at Musselburgh races, it’s a pretty glam event so the advance notice was essential so that I could find a suitable outfit!

Having been blessed with unusually gorgeous weather, it was just our luck that as we headed towards Musselburgh the clouds got darker and by the time we arrived the heavens opened up. Luckily the bridesmaids had booked us into the racecourse restaurant for lunch where we popped open the champagne, filled our tummies and gambled (sensibly of course) while sheltering from the rain.

Ladies day is infamous for its fashion stakes with prize money for Best Dressed and Best Hat. I don’t suit hats but trawled the shops for a fascinator with no luck, Donna assured me it was fine as I would be provided with ‘headwear’ which didn’t ring too many alarm bells as I did assume I’d have to sport the typical, tacky hen party veil.

Never assume..

No that’s not a veil…. Yes that’s a horse head and yes there’s also a tail pinned to my butt! Thanks for that one girls!

Side note –karma is a bitch!

The Bridesmaids made us all party bags, Beyoncé themed selfie props, ponchos, glow sticks, games, face jewels, a cocktail and a bar of chocolate. Best party bags. EVER!

After a great day at the races we were picked up and taken to Edinburgh for more fun, fizz and food. Ending our day dancing in a nightclub and possibly some very bad singing in George Street. The details are a little blurry.

We did great for a bunch of old chicks. I had the best time celebrating with my girls. Although I really wouldn’t recommend 16+ hours in heels… I’d rather run a marathon barefoot.

Have you ever planned or had a hen party/bachelorette? What fun stuff did you do?

Thanks for reading😊

I won’t leave it so long next time… hopefully

Have a great day❤️

Angela xo

6 thoughts on “My Girls…”

  1. Maybe this is a rough year for us “bloggers” – I have been so removed! I try to catch up on all of my favorite blogs (in my reader) before I allow myself to post, but I can’t catch up so I haven’t been able to write! 😦
    Anyway – It looks like you had a really great time at your Hen party! 🙂 I hope that you are truly enjoying wedding planning, and that you made lifelong memories with your girls!

    Liked by 1 person

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