I intended a race report from Stirling Half Marathon but I’ve left it so long it’s practically a distant memory!

Obviously the PB is memorable and the chafing…oh the chafing…

…I was so excited to see sunshine (it’s been a long ass winter) when I woke on race day I swapped my running tights for shorts. A decision I regretted very quickly as I felt them chafe my thighs from as early as mile 1 OUCH! Guys, I had NO thighs left by mile 10 and my shorts were saturated in blood, pretty sure everyone thought I had my period, *face palm*

So strange though, I’ve never had chafing before, maybe once after a 20 miler I had a mark from my Garmin heart rate band but that’s it, even shorts, I’ve worn those exact shorts loads of times on long runs!?! I must just have thicker thighs this year *face palm*

Another memorable moment at the race was my little sister came out to cheer me on, she only ever came to one race before (the marathon) as she likes her bed on a Sunday morning (don’t blame her) I’m still deciding whether she came to see me or Sam Heughan the Outlander actor who was running the full marathon…let’s just say, she took more photos of him! Haha!

In other running related news, I entered the ballot for London Marathon, I know, I said Stirling was my first and last but EVERY runner wants to run London, right? Besides, the chances of me getting a place are very slim!

In non running related news, our wedding is 12 weeks on Friday and I’ve been slacking so much with the planning… I’m so lazy! *face palm*

Speaking of weddings… ‘wedding of the year’ is this weekend. I love Meghan Markle, I loved her as Rachel Zane in Suits, I love her style, but most of all I LOVED her gender equality speech at UN Women and if I’m honest, I’m a bit sad that she’s giving it all up to marry Prince Harry, but I can’t wait to see her dress!!!

Excuse the random post and the lack of posting recently. I really don’t have much to write about, or time to read all my favourites (sad face) if I’m not in the gym or running my head is swivelling between wedding invitations and deciding on things I really don’t care about like what type of cake or flowers to have?! Ugh, cake is cake, no? All flowers are pretty?!

I don’t do decisions!

Also quietly pondering what my bridesmaids have in store for the hen party….

Thanks for reading ❤️

Have a fab day 😊

Angela xo

9 thoughts on “Rambling”

  1. OMG, your chafing story made me screech! Ouch girl! You need some body glide or some vaseline pronto. I’m amazed that you had never chafed before that. If the run is long enough, I can chafe wearing full leggings as well (but I got them thighs, you know?!) I also chafe at times a little below my underarms, right above my sports bra–that one is the MOST painful when the hot water of the shower hits it!
    Happy planning hon (ps, i hated planning my wedding too!)x.

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    1. Yeah when I trained with the group they all complained about chafing and even blisters I never had any of that thankfully! However now I know how you all feel… OMGEEE the shower after the run!
      Almost all healed now, phew!

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  2. Owowowoww for the chaffing story. You poor thing!!

    About weddings; If you don’t mind about things, can you ask family to get involved and help? I didn’t have any strong opinions about my cake, so i asked my mother in law to be in charge of it. That way, she felt part of the wedding planning, and I didn’t need to worry. 😀

    For flowers, just look on pinterest, try to choose something that is pretty, but not to pricey. Or, if you can’t decide, ask around…I bet you have friends or family that have strong opinions about this kind of thing!!

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