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Can I have this Dance?

I love music! I love how a song can transport you back in time through your memories and I love how someone's singing voice can add power to your emotions. I love all kinds of music. I currently have Etta James' classic At Last spinning on my record player, less than 30 minutes ago I… Continue reading Can I have this Dance?

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Song Roulette

I stole borrowed this idea from Paul, although in my defence he did request his readers do the same, to give him ideas for new music.  This was right up my street as I am aiming to run a marathon this year, I am always looking for new music to add to my playlist, just imagine… Continue reading Song Roulette

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Throwback Thursday

Danielle: Ohhh Turn it up, I used to love Boyz II Men' back in the day. Angela(me): LOVE this song!!!!! A&D: Screking(our singing voices are not exactly enviable) lovingly into each other's eyes with dramatic power ballad hand gestures included...  'I'll make love you like you want me to and I'll hold you tight, baby… Continue reading Throwback Thursday