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Past Adventures • Tomb Raider

After I posted my NYC past adventure I planned on sharing more of my travel mishaps and social calamities - unfortunately they are a regular occurrence in my life - but being the awful blogger that I am, I forgot.  I was however reminded of this particular incident when Quinn posted about her trip to Cairo… Continue reading Past Adventures • Tomb Raider

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Run. Walk. Snap

You may remember I told you I had signed up to run my first ever full Marathon.  Although I'm not the best runner I had a full year to go and thought I'd have plenty time to get up to speed (pun intended) .Well, now I have around 8 months till marathon day and I… Continue reading Run. Walk. Snap

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Slow Down and Unplug | My Summer, Part I

I'll be honest when we booked to go on our canal boat holiday with friends back in January, I wasn't completely sold on it. I'm not sure what exactly was putting me off, the fact that summer in UK is never guaranteed sunshine and usually 80% chance rain even on really good days, the extremely… Continue reading Slow Down and Unplug | My Summer, Part I