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It’s all Ed Sheeran’s fault

Just before Christmas Kevin tagged me in a link on Facebook to Ed Sheeran's re-recording with Beyoncé of his song Perfect. I'm not a huge fan of ballad type love songs but I am a huge Beyoncé fan ( hence the tag) and let's be honest everyone has a soft spot Ed. I fell in… Continue reading It’s all Ed Sheeran’s fault

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The Office – Ep4 – The New Girl…. or Lady

Remember way back in July I mentioned that I was being moved to a new branch at work? Well it happened.  On the 4th of Sept 2017. I know, I know, I'm only telling you about it NOW but in my defence I was waiting until I had fully settled in to my new surroundings… Continue reading The Office – Ep4 – The New Girl…. or Lady

Season Finale

2017 – Season Finale

Wow what a year! I started 2017 blogging religiously, mostly about marathon training. Post marathon I completely lost my mojo and hit a bit of a writers block. Some of this years recap, I might not have written about on the blog yet, I haven't even mentioned Christmas in a post yet!!! The time has just been running… Continue reading 2017 – Season Finale

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Can’t cook, won’t cook

I am a self confessed foodie.  I LOVE food, I love trying new foods and I have a very long list of favourite's because I could never choose just one! Considering my huge love of food, I strangely don't like cooking.  I'm not terrible at it, but I'm not great either. I can follow a… Continue reading Can’t cook, won’t cook


Travel Adventures • All of the Lights

If you follow me on Instagram you'll know that last week I took a trip to Iceland, if you don't follow me on Instagram you might still know this because I've probably mentioned it in previous posts, however what you won't know is that I've already had THREE Christmas Dinners this week but let's not… Continue reading Travel Adventures • All of the Lights


Moving the damn wardrobe.

Winter, for me,  is like a huge, solid wood wardrobe has been strategically placed at the front door with its doors open ready to encapsulate all my positive vibes and energy before they have a chance to circulate the house spreading their magic.  What I'm trying to say is but I'm not good with metaphors… Continue reading Moving the damn wardrobe.


Great Scottish Run • A-Z of problems

On Sunday I ran Glasgow Half Marathon, part of the Great Run Series, I signed up for the race when I was in the midst of my Marathon training and loving running more than anything (even Prosecco) and I finally had a goal, other than just crossing the finish line, I wanted that sub 2hr!!… Continue reading Great Scottish Run • A-Z of problems