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Fancy a coffee?

This space seems to have become a blog solely about running, more specifically a record of my sub par efforts at training for a marathon.  The problem is, my life right now is WORK, RUN, SLEEP, REPEAT. When I’m not doing that I’m thinking about running, having nightmares about running or watching and reading everything about running! Sadly, this leaves me with not much else to talk about, how dull!

I’ve just made myself a Nespresso so I thought we could have a coffee date.  Grab yourself a coffee, or tea, I love tea, so I won’t judge you for bringing tea to a coffee date, in fact if you’d prefer a wine be my guest (just don’t let me smell it, I’m still sober and could be very easily tempted) pull up a stool and let’s see what nonsense is rattling around in my head, I assure you in advance  this won’t be deep, meaningful or groundbreaking…

Firstly,  how is it May? Already? I feel like I always comment on how fast time passes.  I’m old!  Facebook Memories kindly reminded me that it’s been a year since my sisters wedding.  How has that been a whole year?

Anyway, how are you? What have you been up to?

Last Monday at work we were sent an email from the company directors informing us that the company are relaxing their policies with regards to Social Media.  Seriously!?  After me posting about the interview.  NOW we are allowed to share work related stuff?! This means that if the footage should ever make its way to our monthly newsletter my work ‘friends’ are now permitted to share my jittering, nervousness all over Facebook and the likes! Kill me now!?

Is that a coincidence?  I just wrote about company policy and they change it 7 days later? Maybe one of the directors reads my blog, ha, highly unlikely but if so, a pay rise and Fridays off would be fabulous **wink wink.   Perhaps my conspiracy theory that my iPhone is stalking me is true after all? Seriously though, how many times have you spoken about something and then it shows up on your phone via social media, advertisements or google?  They totally use the microphone for advertising purposes, right?  Also, WordPress keep suggesting sharks as a suggested tag search for me? I think that’s some sort of twisted joke because I am petrified of sharks!!

I watched the movie Snowden recently so I’m sceptical that everyone and everything is prying on us! I mean, I might have a slightly over active imagination but you just never know..

No Facebook, my friends do not want to know I’m at the gym!!

Speaking of work, on Friday we had a charity fundraiser cake sale and played Who’s Who?  We took in baby photos and the person to guess the most correct won.  I WON! A £25 voucher for a restaurant of my choice! That reminds me I still haven’t claimed my prize. It’s so good to do fun stuff at work and break the monotony.

Some of them were hilarious… No 11! No one guessed ME!

Did any of you watch Mind over Marathon? It was a two part documentary that concluded last Thursday it focused on 10 people with different mental health issues including OCD, PTSD, depression, and anxiety.  These 10 people were using running as a form of therapy.  The documentary followed their journey training for this years London Marathon.  Talk.  About.  Emotional!!

The Duke & Duchess of Cambridge along with Prince Harry, who are the spokespeople for official Virgin London Marathon 2017 charity Heads Together spoke to and supported the runners in the final episode. There was a heartfelt moment when Prince William spoke to one of the runners,  bereaved mother and widow Rhian, about his mother, Princess Diana’s death.  I’m not a huge fan of the Royals if I’m honest but I was so impressed with the way he spoke, so honestly.  As much as I cried my way through each episode, I think the documentary did an amazing job of raising awareness of Mental Health.   It even encouraged my friend who suffers with mental health to sign up for a half marathon that my friends and I are running in October, I cannot wait for us all cross the finish line!!! I’ve been fortunate not to struggle much with poor mental health but I fully understand how important it is to look after your mental health.

Do you do anything specific to maintain good mental health? Meditation, writing,

So I’ve basically just rambled about work and running, I told you WORK, RUN, SLEEP REPEAT.  I have a sisters and misters date on Saturday that I am really looking forward to, although I have nothing to wear. I may have to indulge in a little shopping spree. 

 Its been so long since I shopped for anything other than sports wear, I don’t even know what is fashionable right now. Ha!  Its also just over 4 weeks before I head to Marbella for a hen party and the following week I have my friends wedding.  So I’m in need of lots of new clothes and swimwear… wish me luck!

Anyway I’m sure your cups or wine glasses have run dry so I let you go and top them up.

Today’s post was fuelled by a Nespresso Roma capsule – If you have a Nespresso machine what are your favourites?

Thanks for reading❤

Have a great day😊

Angela xo

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Just (NOT RUNNING) stuff..

I haven’t posted anything non-running or training for a while so thought I’d share my recent thoughts in an update sort of way…who knows how this will turn out, I’m just winging it…..

Kevin and I both fell in love with a house last month, it’s the first time I’ve actually loved a place and actually imagined us living in it, it was perfect and ticked all the boxes so it was pretty deflating when we missed out on it and now I feel like there are none I even want to look at.

 House prices are creeping up and houses are selling FAST all the mortgage brokers and financial advisors are saying that when Brexit starts happening the market will drop again and we’ll go back into recession, the pound will be worthless and another referendum is on the cards..blah blah blah.. I’m not sure.  We actually watched a movie last weekend called The Big Short it was based on a true story about some dude who figured out the property market in the US was going to crash a few years before it actually did.  It was a pretty good movie (if you get past the Wall St jargon) but it really just reminded me how much the world revolves around money and how much power all the greedy bankers and businessmen/women have. UGH!  That’s another days debate, why do I always go off on a tangent…sorry!

I’m kinda obsessed with looking inside other people’s houses right now.. that didn’t sound stalker-ish at all, Angela!!!  I’m not sure if it’s because Interior Design used to be my forté or if it’s just because I’m nosy and like to see how other people live, either way it’s good fun!  I have come across some interesting interior decoration choices in the last few weeks… here  are a few things that made me laugh (almost out loud at viewings)*

Extreme floral print- I’m already a small person and felt as though I’d walked into the set of a Honey, I Shrunk the Kids movie!

 If you insist on having the tin man in your sitting room at least give him a chair so he’s not just creepily, standing at the back of your sofa? Wtaf?

Full blown disco ball walls?  This house actually had a glitter wall in EVERY room in EVERY colour.

Kevin and I are actually ‘living’ together this week at my sisters house while she and her husband are in Goa on holiday (I’m so jealous, I need some sunshine in my life, right now) Kev is currently cooking me dinner for what is the 2nd time in almost 10 years**!!!!  Well, unless you count disposable BBQ grilling he’s done that a couple of times when we’ve been away with the race car.  Did I say, he’s retired from racing and sold his racecar but is now taking motorbike lessons to get his bike license..rolls eyes..I hate motorbikes!

Pretty much nothing else has been happening recently because MARATHON TRAINING!!!

I haven’t even met up with my besties THIS YEAR which sucks, Lynsay has been moving house -I must pop up and visit her soon and (friend not boyf) Kevin sadly lost his Mum recently.  I did see them at the funeral but its not exactly catching up when its under such difficult circumstances. I’m not even sure what Kim has been up to because shes been quiet in the whatsapp group chat, Lyndsay lives pretty much across the road from me so we really should make more effort but she works full time too and has two kids… the days pass so quickly that the next thing you know its been weeks…months!  I’m going to whatsapp them now!

Oh also, I have booked to go to Marbella, Spain in June for Kevin’s sister Lynne’s hen weekend. She actually asked me to go to Marbella before she asked me to be her bridesmaid and I said No because I was saving…then she asked me to be bridesmaid two weeks later so I felt like I kinda had to go.  Awkward!!! Kevin’s Mum paid our flights and refuses to accept the money for mine (probably because I said I wasnt going because of money in the first place).  Awkward!! I don’t really know any of the girls going other than Lynne and I also had to turn down my friends hen weekend in Marbella as it’s the week before the Marathon, she doesn’t know I’m going for Lynne’s yet. 

I’m sure it’ll be good fun though and like I said I need some sunshine it’s a week after the marathon too, so I’ll be needing the break by then.

Kevin is going to Berlin for his future brother in laws stag weekend and VEGAS for his friends stag party.  I’m so sad/jealous he is going to Vegas, we went there for my 30th and I feel like it’s a special place to us so I’m gutted he is going and making Vegas memories without me Haha! I sound like a psycho girlfriend!!

I just read this back and everything I spoke about sounded like I’m totally miserable, haha. I’m not! I’m actually really happy, spring is just around the corner, although the monsoon currently happening outside says otherwise

*apologies if you are a floral print extremist , tin man hoarding, glitter loving home owner this was not intended to cause any offence.

**dinner was nice, chicken fajita pasta, not groundbreaking but I’m alive

Thanks for reading😊

Have a great day❤

Angela xo


The Office -Ep2 – Office against Humanity 

A while back I shared some of the conversation that happens in my office, sometimes it’s hilarious, sometimes friendly banter, sometimes argumentative and occasionally if you are sensitive it can be a bit, well..offensive.

I’m not sure if the office girls had all being playing Cards against Humanity over the festive period but the chat recently has seen more than a few controversial topics pop up.

**side note- I laughed so hard the first time I played CAH, then I found myself removing cards that I didn’t like, then removing ones I thought might offend people that were playing. Which kinda goes against the point of the game so now I don’t play anymore.

Here are some random comments that were made by my colleagues on a few of the topics.  This is just for a bit of fun and not intended to cause any offence.

Yup, we had the war on Christmas debate when one of my colleagues was upset when her granddaughter made a card at school that read Happy Holidays instead of Merry Christmas.

‘…but you’re not even religious so why does it offend you?’

‘Well I’m not religious either, does that mean my children shouldn’t get Christmas presents, should we just spend Christmas like every other day not do anything special?’

‘We are a Christian country so people should accept our traditions, belief and way of life!’

‘Let’s be honest it’s more about Santa than Christianity anyway!’

‘I don’t believe it’s atheists or non-christians that are forcing a change, my best friend in school was Indian and Sikh she loved Christmas time as much as me, she still does!’

‘Omg, who actually cares?

‘But there are other religions that have celebrations at this time of year too, so happy holidays covers them all’

‘Jesus wasn’t even born on 25th December’

‘Jesus isn’t real, neither is Santa!’

Next up was ASDA’s new toilet sign hailed by media for bringing awareness to invisible illness/disabilities.

‘I get that they are raising awareness but a disabled toilet is specific to a physical disability like a wheelchair user or someone who needs a carer, no?’

This comment was not received well by a Crohns sufferer in the office, we almost had a boxing gloves moment.

‘It’s just going to make more able bodied people use the disabled toilet, it’s not fair’

‘Omg, who actually cares!’

‘It demeans the wheelchair users disability’

‘As long as there’s not a wheelchair user waiting I sometimes use the disabled toilet, when you gotta go, you gotta go!’

MAC’s newest collaboration became topic of the week in the office, not the collaboration itself but Caitlyn Jenner and her transition.

‘She’s so brave doing it at her age and so publicly’

‘Do you think she really is any happier?’

‘I miss Bruce, he was my favourite in KUWTK’

‘I just don’t understand how you can feel that you are supposed to be a woman when you’ve never been a woman’

‘If she is sexually attracted to women is she straight or gay… so confusing?’

I wonder if she misses her penis, I missed my bump after I gave birth!’

‘Omg, who actually cares!’

‘Boobs, make-up and designer clobber doesn’t make you a woman’

‘Do you think she feels like a different person, like she’s lived two lives, like Bruce is not her, a brother or a guy she used to know?’

‘Do you think it’s because he’s lived with so many women?’  –  this made me laugh so much because my Dad had 5 sisters, then 3 daughters and now has 2 grandaugters. Girls, girls and more girls 😂

‘I say good on her, go Caitlyn’ 

‘But really, she won woman of the year award and she’s technically not a woman’

So there you have an insight into the conversation that occurs in my office.

Do you ever have discussions about controversial topics at work?

Have you played Cards against Humanity?

Thanks for reading ❤ I hope you haven’t been offended.

Happy Saturday, have a great weekend😊

Angela xo


The Office – Ep1 -Beehave

I work in an office with 4 other women, occasionally, our managers work from our office but for the most part it’s just the 5 of us.

Generally we get on really well but sometimes it can be hard work, working so closely with women, hormones, emotions and all that jazz.  I’m pretty quiet and tend to stay out of arguments or bitching sessions when they occur.  Like most work colleagues we probably spend more time with each other than we do with our families, its bound to happen from time to time.

Most of the time it’s enjoyable,  we laugh, a lot!! We talk about anything and everything.  There are some topics I believe shouldn’t be discussed in polite conversation but it turns out it’s ok to in our office…religion, politics, money, Sex…okay maybe not so much actual sex chat, two of the women are ages with my mother after all (cringe) but there’s definitely more than a few sexual innuendo’s thrown in the chats on a daily basis.  Mostly our chats are just the most completely random topics.

People from other departments are always getting caught up mid way through our random conversations which will either have them leave the office laughing or running out blushing.

Our google search histories (mostly mine as I’m the google queen)  is actually quite embarrassing.

How did we survive before  Google? Did we know nothing? <<< (we’re bffs if you just thought of Jon Snow).  Before Google how would you find out what was number 1 in the charts on the 19th August 1973?!

Here’s an embarrassing office Google search related story.  One of the IT guys logged onto my PC remotely when he was trying to sort something for me.  I’m not sure why he looked at my history, probably just being nosey, but the last thing I had ‘googled’ was can astronauts have sex in space?  I died of embarrassment trying to explain to him that the girls had been talking about Space Live a documentary that aired for a week live from International Space Station and we wondered if, you know the astronauts could get up to anything, six months is a long time!!

**FYI There’s no evidence that they can’t but apparently it would prove to be quite difficult (Newtons Law, gravity or lack of , blah, science stuff, blah…) I find it difficult to believe that no-one has tried it though, even if only for scientific purposes.

Recently things have been pretty stressful in the office, we actually do some work too believe it or not!   So the office banter has been kind of dull lately and I could feel a little bit of tension in the atmosphere between a few of the girls.

That is until I got this new shirt last week, which by the way I thought was really freaking cute.

A few people had said it was nice.  Then this one guy from the sales team came into our office and he said ‘Nice shirt Angela, did you get stung when you bought that?’ The office went into an uproar, the sales guy who said it was practically hyperventilating from laughing so much.  I laughed too it was funny but c’mon you don’t laugh at your own jokes, well not that much anyway.  Haha.  That was it for the whole day I heard bee joke after bee joke, I’m pretty sure he was googling them because there is no way he made them up by himself, it was just too funny.  He even made the Receptionist call me to ask where the hive was as pest control were in to remove it, she didn’t have a clue that it was a joke as she hadn’t seen my shirt.  EVERYONE asked if I was ‘buzzing for the weekend’.  We all laughed so much all day, needless to say I haven’t worn the shirt since. Haha.

It’s all good being laughed at though, it broke the atmosphere in the office AND I came in the next day to some treats.  Queen Bee socks and a peanut Lion Bar (because chocolate addiction) for my trouble.  Ironically I was wearing a leopard print top that day. Haha

Maybe I’ll start a regular post on our office chat of the week!

Anyone else had to stop using Google due to embarrassment? 

I’m going to Buzzzzz off now🐝

Thanks for reading 😊

Have a great day ❤️️

Angela xo

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Past Adventures • Airport Dash

My sister reminded me this morning that exactly 8 years ago today we shared a memorable travel mishap.  Donna has a knack for remembering dates and random things (usually embarrassing things that you’d rather forget) but I have to be honest even for me and my terrible memory, this one was unforgettable!

The three of us were heading off on a 4 day sisters trip to the Big Apple.  Cheryl and I had been before but it was Donna’s first visit.  Excited was an understatement.

Being the oldest, Cheryl took charge as official trip organiser much to Donna’s dismay (Donna was at Uni studying tourism at the time, so, obviously that deemed her a professional traveller).  I was just glad I didn’t have to take responsibility for anything, just turn up and have a great time!

August 25th 2008

Mum was driving us to the airport when Cheryl put a pause on our shrieks of excitement and demanded we surrender our passports.   Stating that ALL documents should be in her possesion,  she had organised and labelled several plastic folders,  FLIGHT, HOTEL, PASSPORTS, EXCURSIONS & MAPS… OCD much?  Donna and I giggled in the back of the car as she checked through them all for the billionth time…

“Flight tickets …check

Hotel confirmation…check…”

We hadn’t left the country yet and Cheryl had already gained her nickname for the trip, ‘Drill Sergeant’

At the drop of point of Glasgow Airport we grabbed our cases, got hugs from Mum and waved her on her way, before trundling through the airport doors.  That’s when your trip officially begins, right? Once you are through those doors.  That’s when I get (even more) excited anyway.  I studied the screens to find our check in desk,  American Airlines to JFK

‘Cheryl? Are you sure it’s JFK and not Newark were flying to? I can’t see anything for JFK there!’

‘It’s definitely JFK!’she says proceeding to pull the plastic folders from handbag.

‘Haha, are you sure it’s leaving from here’ Donna joked.

‘Oh c’mon, I’m not that stupid!’ Cheryl was getting annoyed with us, still pulling the many plastic folders from her bag!

‘LOOK! JFK! She says pointing at the tickets now that they had been retrieved from the folder.

LOOK! EDI’ I pointed back at her! ….Those three letters practically jumped out the page at me as soon as I looked.  Donna was right, we were at the wrong airport, we should have been in Edinburgh.

Cheryl froze shouted some profanity,  dropped her bags, the many plastic folders and ran straight out the airport doors and right into a taxi that was dropping people off.

As Donna and I juggled pulling three suitcases, three handbags and the many plastic folders we could hear her pleading with the taxi driver to take us to Edinburgh as quickly as possible.

‘Oh, you know it’s rush hour now dear  and…’

‘Just go!! Just Go please, please just go!!!’

Donna and I jumped into the taxi and burst into hysterics laughing, Cheryl turned white ‘Stop laughing it’s not funny, this is a disaster!!’ Obviously this made us laugh even more.

Glasgow Airport to Edinburgh airport is roughly 50miles but with rush hour traffic surrounding both cities we were looking at 1hr30 to 2hr drive.  International flights require you to check in 3 hours before departure time (which we had arrived on time for in Glasgow) so Cheryl frantically called the airport from the taxi to make sure our desk would still be open, to be told ‘Unfortunately, dear it really is the airlines discretion when they close the desk’ which only added to Cheryl’s panic and our laughter.  Poor Cheryl, ha!

We passed Mum on the motorway she was stuck in traffic heading out of Glasgow, Donna and I were waving like mad women trying to get her attention as we passed (we didn’t manage) and Cheryl was slumping down in her seat to hide  ‘oh no,Please don’t tell Mum!’

Almost in Edinburgh, Cheryl realised she had also ordered her US dollars to be collected at Travelex in Glasgow Airport, Donna and I enjoyed yet another hilarious frantic phone call to rearrange it for Edinburgh. Everytime she said ‘wrong airport’ when explaining the situation we laughed even more.

Apart from the embarrassing phone calls Cheryl never spoke the whole taxi ride, she just sat staring out the front screen as if she was urging all the traffic out the way with some invisible force. Ha!

Kudos to the taxi driver though, who literally had the pedal to the metal the whole way.  Finally we arrived at Edinburgh,  Donna and I still giggling and laughing, Cheryl pouncing out the taxi before it even came fully to a stop and leaving me to foot the £130.00 taxi bill.

One final sprint as the desk was closing and we made it!

Donna and I had sore abs from laughing so much, Cheryl could now see the funny side of it and managed a smile…

Can you see the relief on her face? ha

I just read this back and realised it was one of had to be there moments. HaHa

•The sisters bought me dinner and cocktails when we arrived in NYC to cover the taxi bill. Winning!

•Cheryl got a mosquito bite and her leg ended up swelling up really bad on the flight home.  So we changed her name from Drill Sergeant to Cankle.  Poor Cheryl!

•We had the best freaking time.  I lost ALL my photos of the trip when my laptop died.  Gutted! I just realised I’ve been saying for 8 whole years that I must go back to NYC!! I must!


Stolen from Donnas Facebook….the only snap of me in NYC

Have you ever gone to the wrong airport, or had any travel mishaps?

Thanks for reading 😊

Have a great day ❤️

Angela xo

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March Madness

Contrary to the title of this post, it has nothing to do with college athletics, apologies.

March was a hectic whirlwind of working overtime, DIY decorating, bridesmaid duties, hen partying, killer workouts and chocolate egg eating.
I felt like I wanted to write a post but I currently have the attention span of a goldfish, in fact that’s offensive to the goldfish. So I apologise in advance that whatever this post becomes it’s basically just my brain spewing.  I need a holiday! Like, desperately!

My little sisters wedding is in 3 weeks today, I’m so excited to be bridesmaid along with my big sister and the Grooms sister, who is also my good friend…We may have helped hook them up back in the day…Who needs Tinder when you have big sisters. Ha!

My bridesmaid duties so far have been, turning up to dress fittings, organising an awesome hen weekend and NOT getting pregnant.  My fellow bridesmaids failed at the latter, yes, both of them.  Baby Boom.

I played a little April Fool trick on the Bride yesterday…

She sussed me but admitted she did fall for it for a minute.  I’m so bad!!

Here’s a few snaps from the hen weekend, we stayed at lodges at Piperdam and had a great time we literally laughed for 3 whole days.

Donna’s best friend couldn’t make it in real life as she was travelling in Thailand but we made sure she didn’t miss the fun! Inflatable Cath!




I love being bridesmaid and I do love a good wedding.  All the build up is really making me think about my own wedding.  I’m not sure I really want the traditional big wedding.  I’m definately a no fuss kind of girl and the idea of being centre of attention, quite frankly frightens me.  I’m not a princess…well, unless I have too much prosecco, then I think I’m Beyoncè but I doubt anyone wants to see me dancing up the aisle to Crazy in Love.  We have talked about eloping but then I think I might regret not sharing the day with my favourite people.  This has always been my biggest problem in life, I’m far too indecisive, i can’t even decide what I want.  I actually annoy myself.

My bedroom is almost complete (finally), I still need to get some photo frames up on the walls and move the rest of my crap back in, I have no idea where all the crap was before?! Two bags for the bin, four for the charity shop and I still have too much stuff, turns out I’m a bit of a hoarder!!

I’m not sure if it is coincidental or not but since redecorating my bedroom I’ve been having really weird dreams.  Last night I dreamt I was on a roller coaster and the harness broke whilst it was upside down but I managed to hold on with my hands until the ride finished.  It was scary!…maybe its a sign to work on my pull ups at the gym today. Ha! I wonder if it’s with the clocks changing last week, it’s messed me up?  Or it could just be the paint fumes?!

I had my first experience of personal training with Fiona and still have two sessions to go. Oh My GAWD.  I like to think I work hard in class and in group PT but apparently not as hard as I can! I could barely drive home after and had to stop the car to throw up! I am planning on doing a post on my new weekly excercise schedule so I could talk a bit more about that then.

I just looked at my Instagram to remind myself what else I’d been up to recently.  My brain has officially given up.

I went to see Batman Vs Superman with my sisters. I liked it but I didn’t love it and I’m not sure why?  I love Batman and I love Ben Affleck but the two together, its just not right for me.

Have you seen it? What did you think?

Also £10.10 to watch a movie, WTF? I am by no means a tight ass with my money and I never complain but seriously £10.10 is kinda a lot, especially when you are so short that your feet don’t touch the floor so your chair is half folded up and swallowing you for the whole movie and someone behind you keeps kicking your chair and crunching nachos REALLY loudly.

Leave a comment saying how much it costs to go to the cinema where you live!!

What just happened, I just had a freaking rant? I used to love the cinema….I have become an OLD moan! 🙈
Swift subject change…

We got some new arrivals on the farm!

That face would just make you want to go vegan wouldn’t it, kidding!

I don’t actually eat lamb I don’t really like the smell of it. In fact I don’t really eat much red meat at all, I’ve never been much of a steak lover but I could eat ALL the chicken and fish.  I just went from sharing a cute lamb photo to what animals I like to eat, how inappropriate!

I better go before my brain explodes, the sun is shining I might skip the gym and go for a run instead, I haven’t ran in weeks.

I am going shopping for a wedding present for my sister later and tomorrow is Kevin’s first race of the season, he’s been up all night getting his car ready. I’m officially a race car widow. Fingers crossed the sun stays out!
A massive Well Done if you’ve made it to the end of this post…

Thank You so much for reading 😊

Happy Saturday, have a great weekend 💗

Angela xo

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First Time (update)

You may remember my ‘First Time’ post. I started that post off by stating my shock that we were quarter way through the year.  Well we’re now half way through 2015!!!! What!?! ..FYI, you know you are old when you feel like time flies by. Yes I am old.

Since that particular post I’ve been trying to make an effort to try new things, nothing life-changing but more to just move out my comfort zone, visit new places or try out new restaurants.  So I thought I’d share a few of those things from the last 3 months…

My first ever spa day
: Blythswood Square Spa, Glasgow

    I almost fell asleep in here I was so relaxed!

  Photos courtesy of Blythswood Square.   I  know I would have dropped my phone in the pool if I’d attempted taking any pics.  Sorry no bikini shots here 😉

The Thermal Experience is basically a sequence of heated rooms, saunas, ice showers, pools and jacuzzis! Ultimate chill out!

We also had the most relaxing facials.  Ever.

…and obviously no girly day is complete without cocktails 😉

Someone tell me why I’ve never had a spa day before???? Can’t wait to do this again!

Joining in with the family: Pony Trekking

Ok, first let me explain.  My Grandfather was a farmer, my Dad grew up on a farm and my sisters and I spent most of our weekends on the family farm, playing with kittens, feeding hens, riding horses, running in the fields it was magical…for my sisters.  However for me it was asthma attacks, itching and my face swelling up like I’d been 12 rounds with Mike Tyson…I’m the girl who is allergic to EVERYTHING so I couldn’t join in with all the fun!  Thankfully the allergies have died down a bit over the years so with a slight overdose of anti-histamine I decided to join my sister for a trek.  I know, I’m really living life on the edge these days. Ha


  We had such good fun and I survived, so I might give it a try again….might!

My new favourite workout
: Boxing

One of the Instructors in my gym invited my friend Kirsten and I along to a training session she was taking in a local boxing gym. We both love trying new workouts and hadn’t done any boxing training before.  It was a combination of some pad work, punching bags, weight training and core work.  It was so tough but such a good workout.  Loved it!

Facing fears: Go Ape,  Peebles

I’m only 4ft11, so this wasn’t just moving out the comfort zone this was facing fears.  Told you I was living life on the edge!! Go Ape is basically a zip wire assault course in the tree tops.  I was so proud of myself for completing it, even although I had a few ropey moments where I freaked out!

  I needed a moment….to pray!! 
I kept getting myself tangled, oops!
  Danger zone or comfort zone…you decide?

New favourite restaurant: Orrocco Pier, South Queensferry

I also had a lunch date with my Mum and found a restaurant with a great view and even better seafood.
  We got lucky it was a gorgeous sunny day.

There was also my Edinburgh Half Marathon in there somewhere too but I’m sure I’ll have a few more of those to bore you with in the future 😉

Have you tried anything new recently? Found a new hobby or restaurant you love?
Thanks for reading❤️ have a great day 😊

Angela xo