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Throwback Thursday

Danielle: Ohhh Turn it up, I used to love Boyz II Men' back in the day. Angela(me): LOVE this song!!!!! A&D: Screking(our singing voices are not exactly enviable) lovingly into each other's eyes with dramatic power ballad hand gestures included...  'I'll make love you like you want me to and I'll hold you tight, baby… Continue reading Throwback Thursday

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I should have stayed in bed…

Firstly a 'Runners Knee' update: My physio advised that my runners knee could have resulted from my quads and glutes weakening after stopping working out to concentrate on running.  I've started working out regularly again and done a few short runs this week, all pain free. Yippee!  As of Monday I have been going to… Continue reading I should have stayed in bed…

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Reunited, Fast Cars and lots of Chocolate

Since I work for Scrooge McScroogerson I had to work Good Friday and on Easter Monday.  Which meant while everyone was enjoying family time and our glorious change in weather I was stuck at a desk.  Did that work? Do you feel sorry for me? Ha. It's not all bad we do get the holiday… Continue reading Reunited, Fast Cars and lots of Chocolate

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Alloa (My First) Half Marathon 

I woke around 6am, I say woke, I'm pretty sure I didn't actually sleep much at all.  I was buzzing with excitement but mostly nerves. Looked like the weather had gone our way. No rain!  I checked I had all my running gear and that my Garmin was charged, double checked, then triple checked. For… Continue reading Alloa (My First) Half Marathon