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Notes to self…

•DO NOT take a 2 month break from exercise... the return workout will kill you HURT like a mofo. •When you struggle to run 4 miles without stopping on Wednesday DO NOT then agree to join the running group for a 9 mile trail run on the Saturday, especially when your current trail run experience… Continue reading Notes to self…

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The Realness of Concealness

Don't let social media fool you.  Have you heard the quote "Don't compare your behind the scenes to everyone else's highlight reel" It's true. The thing about social media is people only post the good bits or the good photos, the highlight reel.  In reality, the abs on that ripped goddess just look like rolls… Continue reading The Realness of Concealness

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The Office – Ep3- HIRED or FIRED

Monday came in like a naked Miley Cyrus on a wrecking was strange! My boss informed me yesterday that after 11 years and 1 month working in my current branch with the same colleagues for that whole time, that I'll be moving to a new branch next month.  Naturally, my colleagues are devastated and… Continue reading The Office – Ep3- HIRED or FIRED

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It's forbidden for staff to write anything about my place of work on social media... No, sadly it's not MI5, it's a flipping car dealership!? I know top secret, right?!? Company policy and all that jazz! The company I work for is named after its founder and (until recently) director, who sadly passed away on… Continue reading THE INTERVIEW

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Past Adventures • Tomb Raider

After I posted my NYC past adventure I planned on sharing more of my travel mishaps and social calamities - unfortunately they are a regular occurrence in my life - but being the awful blogger that I am, I forgot.  I was however reminded of this particular incident when Quinn posted about her trip to Cairo… Continue reading Past Adventures • Tomb Raider

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If you read my training updates you'll know the last few weeks have seen my legs tire and stiffen... a lot.. ..I've been running for bloody weeks now, I mean I kinda feel like Forrest Gump..except I go home and go to nothing like Forrest really, haha.  A combination of increasing the long run… Continue reading SPORTS MASSAGE