Just Believe

I haven’t posted about running for a while. Last time I spoke to you about it I was frustrated with my pace* and the fact that I wasn’t going to smash my 2018 goal (sub 2hr half marathon) in my first try at it. Sometimes I forget I’m just a below average runner not an elite, haha, I’m not breaking any records, I just like to have a goal.

I received a comment on that last running post from Iain at runningbugweb

Has there ever been truer, simpler, effective advice? Not just for running but every aspect of life. Just Believe.

I’ve always had a hard time believing in myself, I’m typically pretty down on myself I don’t take compliments very well and I am almost always assuming failure before I’ve even tried anything, running has helped me drastically with confidence and this comment reminded me of that.

It stuck with me every time I put my running shoes on, instead of a whining and dreading ‘wonder how long this will take?’ I said in my head ‘I’m going to break my Local Parkrun PB’ and I did..everytime I’ve ran it since!

I was still not back to my pre marathon pace but I was definitely FINALLY improving.

Unfortunately, I didn’t break 2 hours at Alloa Half Marathon like I’d hoped… as the race was cancelled due to heavy snow making my first race of 2018 my hometown race the inaugural Stirling Half Marathon just 5 weeks later.

On Thursday, the sun was shining (first time this year), I had Iain’s comment in my head and was listening to the podcast Oprah’s SuperSoul conversation with Amy Schumer which ironically turned out to be about how ‘you become what you believe’ as I pounded the pavement for a last easy 5k before the race on Sunday.

Something clicked.

When I got home I realised I hadn’t looked at my Garmin the whole run and was surprised to see I’d ran my fastest 5k in a very long time and it was easy.

On Sunday though I was still a bit dubious. Ok I can maintain the pace over 3.1 miles but 13.1 is a whole other ball game. I was stronger and fitter last year and just didn’t get there. However, as I crossed the START line I kept Iain’s comment in my head, I kept Oprah and Amy Schumer there too and Kevin who had been telling me for weeks I could do it!

Guys I ran my flipping thighs off** and claimed a Shiny New SUB 2 PB of 1hr58 minutes and 28 seconds that’s 11minutes off my last PB!!

Thank You so much Iain! You were running in the opposite direction on Sunday and probably passed me at my mile 10 but you helped me cross that finish line and smash a goal I feel like I’ve been chasing since I started running in 2015!

*Ive been stuck at 10min mile pace since pre marathon LAST YEAR and gradually was getting slower instead of faster.

**I’ll explain in my race report..coming soon..

Thanks for reading 😊

Have a great day ❤️

Angela xo

19 thoughts on “Just Believe”

  1. Congratulations on meeting your goal, but even greater congratulations on defeating the negative voice that plagues so many of us. You’ve got to believe in yourself.

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    1. Thank You Anthony! I’m the first to tell everyone they can do it, when they doubt themselves, it’s just always a bit harder to do it for yourself, but it sure works wonders!

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  2. Ahhhh!! Ran your freakin’ thighs off is right! Badass girl! I am so proud of you. It really shows how mental this running game is, right? So happy for you! Also, our 1/2 PBs are only 6 seconds off from each other’s–that’s kind of awesome ;).

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    1. It’s definitely all mental with a little running added in!!! Thanks Cat, I sure did and was so ecstatic crossing that line! What’s the chances of our times being so close 🙌🏼 awesome!

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  3. Firstly, huge congratulations on achieving a long term target – that’s awesome! Secondly, this made my day! I’m delighted I was able to help, even in a small way – I didn’t expect this when I left that comment and I’d actually forgotten all about it but I’m glad it stuck with you and helped you get your mojo back! Are you still doing Alloa? I am hoping to, even though it’s only a week after Edinburgh. If you are there, we should try to meet in person! Well done again.

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    1. Thank You!!! It’s so funny you’re comment is exactly what I would have said to anyone else that was struggling, I guess I’m just not as good at taking my own advice and needed to hear it from someone else so I’m so glad you left that comment 😊
      I can’t manage the 3rd June I’ve had to defer Alloa but now that my mojo is back I’m sure we’ll be at the same event at some point! In fact I’m cheering on my friend at Edinburgh, I’ll keep an eye out for you!! Thanks again!


      1. Ah I’ve just seen this – I am glad I left that comment too! I assume you didn’t see me on Sunday? I’m still doing Alloa but not sure how I’ll get on – starting to feel tired now!


  4. AWESOME. Well done you little trooper. This was an inspiring read. 🙂

    I’m going to go 5k (jogging / walking, with my mum and sister-in-law) on July 1st to raise money for Cancer Research. I’m dreading it, but rather than walking on the treadmill waiting for it to be over, I’m going to try and shift my mindset to be more like ‘think of the people this 5k will help’ and see if I can get my butt moving any faster!

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    1. Aww thanks!
      Is it a Race for Life Run? If it is, You have no need to dread they are such good fun and no pressure, I walked all of my first one and had a great day, it makes you feel fantastic doing something for such a great cause! Good For You xo


  5. Congratulations! What a wonderful thing to do – believe in yourself. So simple, yet so difficult. Cheers to you! .xo.


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