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Just a Little Chaos

I am a terribly, unorganised person.  It’s actually ridiculous the predicaments I’ve gotten myself into purely because I failed to prepare.

‘Fail to prepare, prepare to fail’.

I’ve turned up at a wedding without the wedding gift – so embarrassing,  I’ve also had to go to work wearing a sweaty sports bra and almost trainers too because I failed at packing my gym to work kit – also quite embarrassing.  Guys, I lose my keys and phone around ten times a day and I am late for almost EVERYTHING.  It’s not fun.

My mother is exactly the same (I’m being kind, she’s worse) so I guess I inherited my whirlwind lifestyle from her.  I used to try to justify it, make excuses for myself, often I’d even try to change but it doesn’t take long before I slip back into my old habits and laugh it off as ‘just the way I am’.

It’s become more of a problem recently and it’s really getting to me.

A few weeks ago Kevin and I were babysitting my nieces when he said to me ‘When is it we meet with the humanist again?’ I almost dropped the baby when I realised we should have actually been there, our appointment was THAT NIGHT!!

After several hugely, apologetic emails we rescheduled for a week later and I set 5 reminders on my phone so that we didn’t repeat the faux pas.  Thankfully, she was very understanding and still wants to marry us, phew.

So you’d think I’d learn better diary management after this incident but I just received an email confirming a 10k race I’ve entered on 10th June (in GLASGOW), which happens the be the day after I hike Ben Nevis (in FORT WILLIAM) with work and see Beyoncé and Jay-Z live (in GLASGOW) with my sister – ALL this while we are in the Lake District (in ENGLAND) for the weekend with friends…. how did I get it so wrong? Something’s got to give?

Tell me I’m not alone? Have I gone too long in life with no responsibility? Do you think hypnotherapy would work? Or any type of therapy? I need to get my sh*t together!!

I need help guys!!!

Thanks for reading❤️

Happy Friday, have a fab weekend 😊 … I can’t remember what I have planned for mine!!!

Angela xo

19 thoughts on “Just a Little Chaos”

  1. I am the complete opposite I think! I will write something down once and remember it forever, I am hardly ever late for things (unless I have my kidlets in tow and then it’s “guys! We are leaving in 10 minutes” and 30 minutes later the TV is still on and no one has showered). I am sooooo organized it might actually border on OCD a little bit with my day planner haha

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    1. It think when you are a parent or guardian it’s good to be organised I guess you have to be. I know with my sister and her twins – she runs a tight ship and everything runs so smoothly!
      I dread to think what chaos my life would be if I had to organise little people too 🤷🏻‍♀️

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  2. I had no idea what a humanist was, haha. I was like, this has to be the strangest translation thing. The person who marries you in the US is the officiant. I once showed up AFTER the wedding ceremony. Thankfully, it was during the wedding photos so everybody had left where the wedding ceremony was and was in the reception hall, but we had no idea. My husband and I couldn’t figure out why they were introducing the couple before they had the ceremony, and then the bride asked us why we weren’t there for the ceremony! (How did she even notice?!?!?!) I was SO embarrassed and felt AWFUL! And I was caught so off guard by her asking because we still hadn’t put it together that I don’t think I even explained that I thought the wedding was at 5:30, not 5pm. But that is SO not me. I’m always on time and organized but I messed it up on somebody’s most important day?!

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    1. Oh no!!! That sounds so awkward!
      We once turned up just before the bride walked in, when the doors opened EVERYONE turned around and looked at us, so embarrassing!!!
      Registrars (legally) marry people here, unless it’s a religious ceremony we chose a humanist because we don’t share the same religious beliefs and wanted something more personal than just a legal ceremony. I might do a post on it!


      1. I just couldn’t figure out the profession of a humanist until I kept reading. I was like, “WTF does a humanist does.” They’re all officiants here, I think, except that some are religious so people just say “My priest is marrying us” or whatever. We had just any old officiant marry us (he was actually our friend from the Army because we got courthouse married, so he wasn’t even a real officiant- but he did so great at our wedding that he became an officiant and married a bunch of other people). I want to hear all about your wedding stuff!

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  3. I think it’s most encouraging that you remembered everything so clearly to get a post out of your adventures. And a coherent one at that! Your organization will return as soon as you start to check a couple items off your lists and make a little extra room in your brain. But don’t quick to be discouraged if you become befuddled again. I’ve spent a lot of my life forgetting things even before I became an old man. In fact, there are probably things I’ve still not done because I forgot to do them yet somehow I managed to get this far along. You will also. Good luck!

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  4. Hahaha I feel you. I get locked out of my house CONSTANTLY. It was worse in college when I would get locked out in a towel and had to do the embarassing walk to the main office for someone to open up my room. I booked red eye flights before and had to change them last minute costing tons of money. I booked my return flight the day I was suppose to have a work meeting and cost some money to change it to the next day. Ive booked a hotel far away from where I was suppose to be working and had to get up early to make the long drive. Yep, I am the same way haha. Why I don’t do birth control pill because I can’t keep up with it.

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