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Can I have this Dance?

I love music! I love how a song can transport you back in time through your memories and I love how someone’s singing voice can add power to your emotions.

I love all kinds of music. I currently have Etta James’ classic At Last spinning on my record player, less than 30 minutes ago I was pounding the pavement with the help of 50 Cent* and earlier tonight I smashed my workout listening to electric dance music.

I cannot sing a note, but I fully participate in car karaoke. Every. Damn. Day. I might be painfully shy and unfortunately NOT blessed with the gift of co-ordination but you can be damn sure that if I am at a party you can find me on the dance floor loudly exclaiming ‘I love this song!!’

More than my beloved record player, my iPod, the car-eoke and hitting the dance floor, I love seeing live bands, swing, jazz** blues, indie, folk, rock, pop, anything as long as its live, it’s my favourite way to enjoy music.

Now to the actual point of this post.

I may have mentioned that Kevin and I are currently planning our wedding. We decided we would hire a DJ to keep our costs to a minimum. It’s around £1000 cheaper to have a DJ than an actual wedding band.

I’m not sure how I found the website, Music for Scotland, it may have been recommended to us or it may have been because my phone stalks me and knew I was looking for a wedding DJ, regardless of how I came across the site. I found myself browsing there one Friday evening in January looking for DJs, then having a sneaky peak at the bands available, then “accidentally” booking one after watching a clip of them performing one of my favourite songs, Natural Woman. This is how quickly weddings can escalate people.

So after convincing the husband-to-be ‘when in our lives would we ever hire an actual band if not on our wedding day?’ we paid the deposit to secure them.

A few weeks later we were invited along to Music for Scotlands wedding band showcase at The Voodoo Rooms in Edinburgh to hear them in real life!

Now my ramble at the start of this post hopefully explained how much I love music, it makes me feel things, it makes me move, it makes me want to jump up and down.

The showcase was packed with young couples, some of them brought parents and friends. We had invited Kevin’s best man and his wife but they had a family emergency so it was just us. The ballroom was set out with rows of chairs facing the stage, much like a wedding ceremony, except much more cramped, my knees were hitting the chair in front and I’m small. Poor Kevin had just had his hernia operation a week before and was very uncomfortable, he ended up having to stick his long legs into the aisle, he has to do this on planes too, being short has its bonuses!!!

Anyway, we were squashed in but that wasn’t the uncomfortable part, the awkward silence motionless- ness of the audience was.

The first band started their set with an absolute party anthem Whitney Houston’s I Wanna Dance with Somebody, just as I was about to burst out of my seat I noticed that no one was on their feet, no heads bopping or toes tapping. What?! As the song continued I could feel all my happy/excited energy building up, my head was bopping my shoulders were popping and Kevin could see I was dying to jump up and throw some shapes which is probably why he gave me a look that I read to say ‘Please don’t!’

Our band were last to play, we had 5 other bands to get through without me jumping out my seat and embarrassing him. The whole evening was like some sort of torture method. Where they play the best party anthems and you have to try to not dance, like a reverse game of musical statues.  (FYI I was terrible at musical statues as a child)

Ok, you got through Whitney you can do this!

Oh god no, not Fleetwood Mac… You can go your own way…. don’t sing along that just encourages the legs. STOP!

Ok must not sing. Must not jump. Control yourself.

Stick to the toe tapping that’s good, keep it tame…what, no don’t pull Bruno Mars on me… who can sit still and listen to Bruno Mars?!

This is so hard. What is wrong with these people? Just Dance! No no no I didn’t mean Lady Gaga’s ok now I’m head bopping, shoulder popping and the guy behind me is laughing or he annoyed?

Did Kevin just draw me a look?

Ok calm.

Oh that’s better a traditional Scottish Band that’s not my ‘thing’, I can do this.

Wow, this dude with the fiddle is really going for it, whoop, are my feet are tapping? STOP

Caledonia. NO, I’m either going to cry or start swaying my arms back and forth.

Kevin: What are you doing?

Me: I’m trying to sway my arms without lifting them and attracting too much attention.

Kevin: You are waving at the floor

Half Time, phew, I’m sweating,. I feel like I’m in restraints, I need a wine.

Come on two more bands you’ve got this!

Maybe the wine was a bad idea now I’m clapping, head bopping and whooping to Galway Girl. Did that girl next to me just move to another seat?

Oh Lord not Beyoncé! Are you kidding me? Why?

BOOM I’m up, everyone is looking at me, Kevin is urging me to sit down with his eyes…..Got me looking so crazy in love uh oh uh oh

Someone else has got up, the girl behind me is up. Whoop whoop. Now all the ladies are up.

That’s me on my feet, I’m not sitting down now.

I love this song!!

I love this song!

Home time, Aww what? Already?

I had a great night… once I broke the restraints.

Kevin said our band played awesome, I unfortunately was too busy whipping my head back and forth and jumping up and down to realise they were playing. Oops!

*he was playing in my iPod not running beside me, just to clarify. Imagine 50 cent was my run chum! Ha

**which reminds me there’s a new jazz club opened in town I want to try.

Have you ever been wedding band shopping?

Or been at a gig with zero atmosphere?

Thanks for reading ☺️

Angela xo

13 thoughts on “Can I have this Dance?”

  1. Hi Angela – how behind the times I am – I did not know you were getting married – Congratulations – how exciting 🙂
    Am reading my fave bloggers to try get my blogging mojo back- and this is a fab post. I am totally with the socially awkward brigade- I do enjoy the occasional boogie ( but my OH does not dance ) and chair dancing is quite an artform.
    My musical taste quite eclectic – the benefit of having older brothers and adult children opening my ears to many genres, alas now I am ancient I can never remember the names of the artists – and as an aside – I rarely run with music …

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank You!
      Haha, I’ve not hugely advertised it, it was a sort of drunken decision at hogmanay, we’ve been engaged for 3 years and together for 10 so we weren’t going to bother but thought why not? haha!
      Yeah Kevin does NOT dance!!!
      I didn’t run with music at all when I was marathon training and running in a group but I’ve gone back to it now I’m solo running again 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Hahaha that’s funny! I think a band is better than a DJ, but if I ever get married, I would probably just hook up an iPod to a set of speakers lol. I’m not much of a dancer despite my latin roots. At least you were having such a good sign that you didn’t notice they were up, that shows how good they are!!!

    Liked by 1 person

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