Goals, a pep talk and a pervert dog

One of my goals for 2018 is to run a sub 2 hour half marathon. My first attempt is Alloa Half Marathon which is 5 weeks from now.

I really wanted to reach my goal at this particular race because a) Alloa Half was my first race also it was the reason I started running back in 2015 b) I really should have claimed that sub2 at Alloa last year but I had a shit race and I’m clearly still annoyed about that!

The truth is though, it’s not going to happen I’m still far too slow, in fact the last couple of weeks I’ve been even slower. I ran everyday in January to kick start my running after MONTHS off but I think that just made things worse as running in February so far has been nothing more than extremely fatigued legs.

I had a terrible run yesterday I was slow, I had stomach cramps, I fell twice and a random dog tried to hump my leg. Mentally, I ended up so frustrated with my pace, annoyed that I had even set myself a stupid goal and angry with myself for not training better (also felt slightly violated by random dog).

Hold Up! I run to clear my head not mentally torture myself. One thing I kept saying to myself when I was struggling to run was ‘How the hell did I run a marathon?’ and so tonight I decided to read back my training posts to find out.

I was instantly reminded of all the terrible runs (there were a lot!) of all the times my running group were so far ahead I couldn’t even see them (almost every week!) of all the aches and pains, highs and lows but mostly what stood out was that I kept showing up. I don’t think I ever stuck at anything or worked for anything as hard as I did for that marathon. Looking back I doubted myself every week but I did it.

I’m so glad I tracked my training on the blog, it was just the pep talk I needed. I definitely won’t get my sub2 at Alloa in 5 weeks but that’s ok, I can try again at the next one.

Just keep swimming

What do you do when you feel like a goal is not achievable?

Angela xo

19 thoughts on “Goals, a pep talk and a pervert dog”

  1. Ooooo I’m so glad that your blog offered you the pep talk that you needed! I think I need to start re-reading my posts just to experience them again. That’s so awesome! For unreachable goals, I just try to break them down into achievable parts and work from there.

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    1. Usually I’d go looking elsewhere, getting inspiration from other people but I found it quite cool that My own words helped me!!!
      Breaking goals down makes so much sense I’ll try that!!!

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  2. I echo what you’re saying. I haven’t had a PB in about 4 years in parkrun. I keep thinking I’m too old now to ever run faster. I tell myself it doesn’t matter though and just enjoy it anyway. Too defeatist?

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    1. Usually I’m the same, usually I’d just accept that this is my pace now and that’s ok and maybe it is but I set myself this goal because I was losing my running mojo so I best at least attempt it! Most of my running buddies are a lot older than me and a lot faster. Go on give a PB a try….just to prove you still can 😜

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  3. Haha so sorry about the dog! Most dogs hump for dominance and not sexual if it’s any consolation. I’ve been peed more than once by a random dog.

    Don’t get discouraged, you’ve come so far and many don’t run a marathon or close to it in their lifetime! You’ve achieved a great goal!

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  4. I’m so sorry that dog humped your leg and I am so sorry I laughed when I first read that. How awful!! I would have felt violated too. I posted yesterday about showing up and had a typo in the title. I felt so stupid. I told my friend and he said—that’s okay—don’t attach to the results, you still showed up! I had to laugh. He quoted my own blog! Sometimes we should read our own blogs and take our own advice! 😊

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  5. Just go for it Angela! The main part of the battle is in your head – if you believe you can do a sub 2 half then you just might do it. If you tell yourself you can’t do it, you never will. Alloa last year was a tough race due to the weather so it probably isn’t representative of what you can do. As you say at the end, you might not get it at Alloa, but it will get you back into it ready for the next one!

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    1. The simplest advice ‘believe you can’ but the most effective!! Thank you so much I needed this, I have had PBs the last two weeks at my local Parkrun because I was thinking about this comment and believing I could do better! Running is definitely a mental game!!! Thanks Again!


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