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I recently read a post about my hometown written by a travel blogger.  As much as I loved seeing the town through someone else’s eyes, it left me a little embarrassed that said travel blogger from the other side of the world knew more about the history of the town than I did, she even named some places of interest and restaurants that I’d never heard of in my 34 years living in the town.  I am a terrible local, I’m the person that gives out incorrect directions, I prefer spending time in other places so if you ask me for food or drink recommendations I’ll likely send you 30 miles away to my favourite spots in Glasgow or Edinburgh.  This past weekend though, I made a conscious effort to spend some quality time closer to home.


Plean Country Park – Parkrun

I’m still struggling with my running I’m not sure why, instead of getting faster I seem to be getting slower. It’s a tough route but I really love it.  If you are a runner and find yourself in the area (probably lost because your sat nav sent you the wrong way) be sure to check out Plean Parkrun (and wear trail shoes).

Lunch – Brea – Baker Street, Stirling

A well overdue catch up with my friends. The first time we’ve managed to get the whole group together for over a year. We headed to Brea in Stirling for lunch. I ate here with my running group to celebrate our marathon success and loved it on Saturday it did not disappoint. I highly recommend* it, it’s a traditional Scottish restaurant that boasts a menu filled with local produce. They also have several Vegan and Gluten Free options.

Haggis Bon Bons, neeps tatties and Whisky sauce
Grilled Halloumi Salad with red pepper sauce

Vanilla, Rhubarb & Ginger and Salted Caramel Ice Cream

Three courses and two bottles of no-so-Scottish prosecco later (it was a little early to be taste testing their extensive list of whiskys and gins) we headed out in search of cocktails. I have to be honest the town was lacking atmosphere, maybe it was the rain but every bar we went to was pretty empty, with the exception of Molly Malones Irish Bar which was overflowing with rugby fans we couldn’t get a seat in there so made a swift exit. We were happy to have a good chat and giggle in quiet bars, although things did seem a bit more lively by the time our bar crawl reached our final destination, Brewdog.

I’m not particularly a beer drinker but I found a favourite in Brewdog (which is fast taking over the world of craft beer) a ‘too easy to drink’ graperfruit based IPA named Elvis Juice.  Seriously though, is Scotland known for anything other than its alcoholic beverages?

Lynsay loving the portrait mode on iphone 8

Full of Caorunn gin and Elvis Juice, in true 30+ style we all headed for home around 8pm and I can confirm I was all tucked up in bed by 10pm having had the best day out with my besties.


Early bed on Saturday means fresh Sundays and the Mr talking me into going hiking with him. Thankfully, I managed to talk him out of a snow-capped Ben Ledi opting for an ‘easier’ walk at Bracklinn Falls in Callander.

Oh the backpack… that’s just our lunch!

We didn’t do the full circuit, instead we walked half way ate our sandwiches, then returned back the same way. After overdosing on fresh air, we spent the evening with family back home and I had the best sleep. EVER that night! Fresh air and tired legs for the win!

I actually had such a great, chilled weekend and think I’ll keep playing tourist in and around my hometown, maybe then I’ll actually have something to tell tourists when they ask ‘where’s good to visit/eat/do?

Do – Plean ParkRun

Eat –  Brea

Drink – Caorunn gin, Fever Tree tonic garnished with pink lady apple

Drink – Elvis juice at Brewdog

Visit/Do – Bracklinn Falls Walk – take a picnic and find our picnic table.

*I’m not a food critic, I never will be. Basically, I will eat absolutely anything and my opinions on food are either “that was really nice” or on very rare occasions “that was bloody awful”. I unfortunately don’t have the skills to tell you whether your prawns were caught in the North Sea 8 hours ago and breaded by hand or frozen 8 months ago and straight from the freezer in Aldi. Please keep this in mind when I give recommendations, although my friends thoroughly enjoyed Brea too so you can blame them if you hate it!!

Thanks for reading❤️

Angela xo

23 thoughts on “Angela’s guide to…”

    1. Fun fact: I’m terrified of bridges, I was going to add bridges to the comment I left on your post the other day about fears haha! This one wasn’t too bad though 😊 I actually quite liked it, it felt safe enough haha!

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank You! For years I preferred to venture further afield because I took home for granted or found it not exciting enough. I’m definitely learning to love and appreciate it more!


      1. After I commented, I was still left thinking about how I don’t know a lot about where I live. I know the places the cycling club goes to, but not much else.
        I am going to have to work on that.

        Liked by 1 person

  1. Tourists tend to do so much research when traveling to a place, I know that I don’t research my hometown as much as I did for the cities of Peru haha. I only know two places in my hometown, one a super hipster place to grab food and the other an Irish Pub. That’s all I know haha. I wouldn’t even recommend them, there’s far more authentic pubs nearby.

    Microbreweries and craft beers have been exploding in the US, so much that the best beers now come out of the US including the IPAs. I’m not a fan of IPAs but I’ve had a few with grapefruit and I actually like them. I much prefer the German wheat beers or beers with bourbon in them. I’m assuming you have beers with scotch in it? Whiskey and beer is such a good combination lol.

    That’s such a gorgeous view to have a picnic at! I would be taking advantage of that view all the time! Have fun exploring, from your pictures, its such a gorgeous town!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That’s true, I guess I wouldn’t ever have any reason to research my own town.

      Yeah microbreweries and craft beers have been exploding here too!! I know of a few whisky beers but I’m not sure how popular they are. I’m not big on beer, I like a few but I really don’t like whisky at all!!

      I know, we really do take it for granted I’m going to make an effort to go hiking with Kevin much more there are lots of local hills and I really enjoyed the downhill part, haha!!


  2. I love this! Your town looked SO cute when I googled it and I want to come visit so bad! My friend went to Scotland recently and it looked AMAZING! I found so many awesome hikes there when Jon and I were talking about going. Maybe we’ll take Jackson! That hike looks so beautiful! I want more posts about Scotland, haha!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. There are definitely lots of amazing hikes we just aren’t usually blessed with the weather to suit!!! I hiked for hours with Kevin once and we couldn’t se a thing just cloud and fog! We had clear skies on Sunday though it was absolutely freezing! Haha I’ll try visit more places around me, then you can feel like you are here without freezing or getting rained on yourself, haha!

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  3. Your hike looked beautiful! Also, about your pace…I’ve gone through a tons of ups and downs with my pace too. After my first marathon six years ago was the worst and seemed liked a 2-year struggle to get any semblance of my pace back! I’ve kept at it and it’s finally paying off!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I ran my first marathon in May last year I thought I’d have managed to shake the marathon pace off by now, it’s so frustrating my run buddies are all too fast for me right now!! I’ll keep trying, thanks I’m glad I’m not the only one!!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. It literally took me about 2 years to find my “pace.” The frustration I felt during those two years got me to a dark place with running. If it weren’t for the weight-maintenance benefits, I probably would’ve quit. But I got back. And last year, things really clicked for me. I feel like my pace is suffering a bit right now after my second marathon (nothing like after the first time) but I haven’t lost my love fun running this time!

        Liked by 1 person

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