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It’s all Ed Sheeran’s fault

Just before Christmas Kevin tagged me in a link on Facebook to Ed Sheeran’s re-recording with Beyoncé of his song Perfect. I’m not a huge fan of ballad type love songs but I am a huge Beyoncé fan ( hence the tag) and let’s be honest everyone has a soft spot Ed. I fell in love.

On Hogmanay at our friends party Kevin and I had a champagne fuelled, awkward shuffle around the room slow dance to my new favourite song, while everyone complained that it was now our 3 year engagement anniversary and they still hadn’t gotten a free meal out of us.

And so it started…

‘Lets just do it this year?’

We’ve been engaged for a while for a few reasons, mostly because we are lazy and can’t be bothered organising dinner never mind a wedding, obviously money is a factor and without a house we couldn’t really justify spending thousands of pounds on a party, additionally neither of us are very keen on being the centre of attention (infact it kind of terrifies me).  For that reason we thought when the time was right we’d elope just the two of us but for the last 3 years I’ve thought about not having my family (mostly my sisters) with me on my wedding day and I just couldn’t do it.  Also I don’t really care much about all the little details,  I’ve never really thought about my own wedding day, I would however like to be married on a beach because that’s my happy place but the weather here is much too crazy, I’d end up with snow in the middle of July.  I know what you are thinking, go somewhere exotic with guaranteed sunshine and honestly I would but then I’m back to the eloping/family situation because my Dad can’t travel.

So we couldn’t ever decide what to do and being married sort of became un-important, it’s just a piece of paper at the end of the day.

Well that was the case until Ed Sheeran decided to sing with Queen Bey and we had a first dance song that was much more appropriate than Kings of Leon – Sex is on Fire, seriously Kevin actually wanted that!!!!

‘Let’s just keep it small’. Immediate family and our very close friends. DEAL.

So off we went to look at a venue, a local restaurant that can hold small weddings.  The ceremony, wedding breakfast and reception all in the one place. Perfect (like the song).

Then Kevin decided* he wanted his Aunts and Uncles to be at the ceremony which meant I’d have to add mine because family wars isn’t really a good way to start married life.

Oh wait, the venue is a bit too small if all the Aunts and Uncles are to join us.

So now we’re looking at actual wedding venues, I’m trying on actual wedding gowns, there are bridesmaids, flower girls and best men and it’s all just grown arms and legs and spiraling rapidly in all directions, which is exactly what I imagined would happen and why I’ve put it off for years…

I just wanted my sisters there!

Oh and my fiancé obviously!

Damn you Ed Sheeran and your pretty little voice!

Angela xo

*decided = strongly influenced by an outside source

14 thoughts on “It’s all Ed Sheeran’s fault”

  1. At the end of the day you’ll be happy you took the time to plan a special day. As my mother told my then fiancee (now ex-wife so don’t put too much stock in anything I say), you only get married for the first time once.
    Congratulations. With an assist to Ed.

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  2. Hahaha I could have written that whole first paragraph about your feelings on weddings word. for. word.

    And here we are. Still haven’t looked at a thing! I should get on that… we’re thinking June next year maybe. That seems like a safe enough distance away to put off the planning a little longer?

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    1. I’m so glad you can relate because no-one else gets me!!!

      Yeah, maybe you should start thinking about it soon though! I’m getting grief for leaving everything so late!!!
      Why are people so organised? Our venue is already fully booked for summer weddings in 2020, what?!


  3. It’s funny how inspiration can come in many forms.

    So far, my wedding planning experience has been fairly painless. Once the guest list was decided, the venue, dress, officiant, photographer, have all fallen into place. We just need a musician and a caterer. 🙂


    1. Yeah its been painless for me too because I am not looking too much into things (limiting the decision process) I ordered the first dress I tried on!! haha!
      Its just the fact that two weeks ago we were barely having a wedding and now its a full blown family affair!

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  4. Yay! Our wedding wasn’t super expensive but also not super cheap (about $8k for EVERYTHING- dress and rings too). We talked about eloping and technically did get courthouse married, but I’m so glad we had a real wedding. It was so humbling to see how many people gathered in support of our marriage.

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