It’s Going Down

I have a bit of an overactive imagination. I shared a bedroom with my sister when we were kids and she liked to take advantage of the fact that I was afraid of the dark. By the time she had fallen asleep each night I’d usually convinced myself (fuelled by her) that the giant teddy bear that sat in the corner of the room was actually a monster in disguise or some other random object was going to come alive to kill me, obviously I couldn’t get out of bed to put the light on to check because the floor was where the sharks were! I barely slept and that’s probably why to this day I don’t need much sleep. Although, I am a bit better in the dark these days, thankfully. Sharks though *shudder*.

There are no longer teddy bears trying to kill me, my fears have matured with me but that overactive imagination definitely still comes into play when I find myself facing fears. A big one, for me, is flying.

Here’s how my over active imagination worked on my most recent flight…

‘Right, you’ve got this’

2hours is nothing, you’ve been on longer runs, you’ve got this

Oh c’mon not the Safety Instructions they make me feel uncomfortable

Let’s be honest who even remembesr them, when the plane is going down, it will just be a crazy panic

Oh god, Oh god, Oh god I hate this part

Arrrgh we’re going up

Please stay up, stay up, keep going up

Oh god did we just drop

I’m going to die

Finally, flying altitude reached…..and chill…

But how does something this big actually stay in the sky

What if it falls down…

What are the actual chances… I wish I could google the stats right now

Oh god, turbulence, was that an engine failing

I’m quite lucky maybe I’d survive..who survives a plane crash?…I might though

Eek what if we crashed at sea, I’m not a great swimmer

Oh god, the sharks would eat me

I can see the headlines now ‘Woman survives plane crash, only to be eaten by great white.

You are flying from Scotland to Iceland you idiot, there are no great whites. How can you be sure though?

Why is my sister having a panic attack now?! I can’t help her, how can I help her. Ok we’re not going to die, we’re not going to die. Millions of people fly everyday!

Yes, can I have a double vodka, Thanks…

I’m not advising you to drink alcohol, but it definitely helps(me).

Oh the return leg (pun intended) had some added excitement too…

I slid on some ice the day before we flew back so I was taking a few souvenirs home in the form of a bruised hip, butt cheek and a sore knee.

What if the fall has caused a blood clot

Are my legs swelling up

I might be dehydrated, does that make blood clots more likely?

What is that bubbling sensation in my legs?

Oh god I’ve definitely got a blood clot

I’m going to die

Maybe I’ll go for walk, keep moving

Oh no, does walking make the clot travel

I’ll go to the toilet and check my bruises

Is that a lump?

Are my legs swollen or just fat?

Damn I should have asked Donna in here with me to check

Why is she having a panic attack? I can’t help her, I’ve got a blood clot! Arrrrgh!

Why do I insist on flying, I hate flying and now I’m going to die because of flying.

Are my legs bubbling again? What is that?

If it’s not blood clots do I have some neurological condition

I need to google this

I need medical attention

I’m dying

Yes, can I have water please, thanks…

I hope I’ve not put you off going on trips with me, I’m a hoot, honest!

Do you have anxiety when you fly?

What are you afraid of?

Thanks for reading😊

Have a great day❤️

Angela xo

14 thoughts on “It’s Going Down”

  1. There was a period of time where I was afraid of flying ans fidgetted the entire time. I have traveled so much now that I no longer fear it. Something to keep in mind is that flying is actually safer than driving, statiscally speaking, the probability of dying from an accident while flying is very low.

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    1. That’s the thing, I know this in my head and trust me with my driving standards its probably even higher risk. I fidget the whole time too, I don’t panic or behave like I’m scared (apart from the sweating lol) but I definitely think all these things, I have to keep finding things to occupy my mind!!
      Also more die every year because of cows than they do because of sharks but still… lol


  2. Hahahaha YES this is SO me! Also, the Air France plane that crashed was falling for THREE MINUTES from the sky. T.H.R.E.E. Ummm that is a LONG time to know you’re dying! I did do some research though and the sounds that the plane makes are very normal. There is a guy who does training for overcoming fear of flying but it’s like, $700 or more. So I’ll just take drugs instead, haha. I ALWAYS feel like the plane is dropping from the sky though. I used to watch the ground NONSTOP while I was flying, but I realized aisle seats are better for my anxiety.

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    1. I can’t even bear to think what those 3 minutes were like! Yeah aisle seats work better for me too! Drugs and alcohol help too haha!
      I feel so ridiculous because I know nothing is likely to happen!


      1. I know. My friend is a pilot and I messaged him before I went to Iceland freaking out about my flight and I had to tell him all of my irrational fears while he explained why my fears were so irrational, hah. But still, it doesn’t make me feel any safer being 35,000 feet off the ground!

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  3. Yes that sounds like me when I am flying – I like to name everyone I know that flies a lot who hasn’t been in a crash- like celebrities and stuff. Once my boyfriend caught me muttering names under my breath and he was like what r u doing!? And I couldn’t stop to answer him!!! Then I started blanking on names so I started panicking and saying “who’s that guy on the voice!? The cowboy guy!?!?” And he was like WHAT R U TALKING ABOUT!??? HAHHAA- so yeah- it works for me as long as I don’t get distracted and forget the names! 😂

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    1. Haha isn’t it funny how we develop coping mechanisms – I was trying to calm my sister down (although I was panicking too) and I said look how much the Kardashians fly and they’ve never crashed!!

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